Do you like the current track of Piya Rangrezz?


Sher surprises Shraddha by organising a party for her and shares his feelings for her. Vikas succeeds in wining Sher’s confidence while Sher appoints him as the manager of Shraddha Construction. Shraddha gets suspicious of Vikas’ intentions. Under the guidance of Bhanvari and Munna, Vikas sets out to spy on Sher. Bhanvari plans to ruin Sher’s business. Sher assures Shraddha of protecting their construction project. Shraddha learns that Bhanvari is planning to destroy the bridge and rushes to inform Sher. Shraddha sustains severe injuries when Vikas blasts the bridge. A shocked Sher rushes to get Shraddha treated. Shraddha’s condition is critical; Sher strives to get her admitted to a hospital. Bhanvari is happy seeing their plight and celebrates with Aditya. The police arrest Sher for not completing the construction work. Bhanvari gets Sher released from jail.

Sher manages to get Shraddha operated by threatening the doctor at gun point. The doctor declares Shraddha to be out of danger. Sher pays his gratitude to Bhanvari and surrenders before her. Bhanvari helps him financially to get Shraddha treated. Bhanvari is elated to win Sher’s confidence and motivates him to rule the world with guns. Sher will now return to his old avatar for his mother. He tells Bhanvari that he has realized she is right, and nothing can be achieved by leading life honestly. He takes her side and takes the evil path guided by her. He treats Shraddha as her loving husband and takes care of her post her accident. Sher pretends to be the bad guy in front of Bhanvari just to take revenge for harming Shraddha in the accident. The show will be taking an interesting turn when Sher gets switching between his evil and good sides. What do you think about the current track of Piya Rangrezz? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion in comments section below.

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  1. I absolutely enjoy watching this show, it is different from many other show currently running with the same copied paste cconcept of cat n mouse game between husband n wife.

  2. Its an awesome serial. Im a very big fan of piya rangrezz. Its going well but sometimes get bored of that aditya. Serial is far better with only sher,shraddha and bhavri. No need of that aditya. Pls remove him from d serial before he becomes too irritating. All d characters r fully justified by all d actors here.All the best. Come up with new interesting scenes.

  3. Yeah its so irritatng to see aditya liking bhanvri n dat too in a different manner….its disgustng….howevr hpe to see more tussle b/w da son n mom…

  4. if u like this show then u will love badtamee dil that comes on starplus at 8:30pm. Its absolutely amazing. The leads a gr8. So are the tracks and it has original music. Can tell u hw good it is. Do watch x ??


  6. I love dis show instead of chatting wid ma friends ven m free I watch this show.. I love d way e they express their love…I wish I had a husband like Sher..

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