Do you like Thapki Pyaar Ki’s current track?


Thapki Pyaar Ki was highly interesting this week by Dhruv’s marriage track. Bihaan and Thapki joined hands to expose Shraddha. Thapki tries telling Dhruv about Shraddha. She tells him that Shraddha is not the right match for him. Dhruv gets adamant on his stand to marry Shraddha. He thinks his step will to force Thapki to reveal her love for him. Dhruv’s hope breaks.

Dhruv and Shraddha finally got married even when Thapki and Bihaan tried hard to stop the marriage. Thapki then exposed Shraddha’s truth to Dhruv. Dhruv is heartbroken that Thapki did not break her marriage with Bihaan, even after knowing Bihaan’s truth. Thapki kept the marriage to fulfill marriage duly for three months in order to file for divorce. Thapki pretended that she is happy with Bihaan. This made Dhruv move on and ended all the hopes. Dhruv decides to keep the marriage with Shraddha. He ends all the love memories related to Thapki.

Shraddha is determined to insult Thapki at every step. Bihaan finds this unbearable. Bihaan decides to bring out Shraddha’s truth infront of Vasundara even when marriage is done. Thapki does not try again to expose Shraddha after recalling Vasundara’s anger earlier. Vasundara is glad to do Shraddha’s Grah pravesh. Many twists will be coming with Shraddha-Thapki’s catfights, with Bihaan on Thapki’s side. Do you like Thapki Pyaar Ki’s current track with Shraddha’s entry in Pandey Nivaas? Let us know about your opinion. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. I thik its a nice serial.But,so much of dragging is the only problem of this serial.THAHAAN………..really superb.Eagerly waiting for the new twist and turns of TPK.

  2. Ranaji(narendran)

    I hate it pls unite dhriv and thapki

  3. no … not at all…. dhruv life spoiled …
    i just hate this serial..

  4. vasu truth should reveal soon …
    its 2 months since they r showing evil always wins…
    becz of vasu dhruv suffering alot..
    feeling sad for dhruv…
    now am not interested in watching this serial…

  5. Well..Well..Well.. This show is now became full hell… Only because of that brainless Thapki… I don’t know why she hurted Dhruv with her damm moral words… ”It’s sin to think of another man for a married woman”– Like really!!! Thapki said that, that’s mean she wants to forget all that sacrifices done by Dhruv… He truly loved her, he is the one who supported her when she came first on city from Agra…Now?? Everything is wrong… And when that Vasu’s truth will reveal?? Writers has made this show full stupid and useless… Only they show Thabi’s romance which is not inspirable in any ways… It’s not any romantic series, it’s inspirable show… I don’t know why they did so!!!!

  6. its so boring.pls unit bihan nd thapki

  7. Unite thahaan and expose vasu and shraddha soon… The serial is awesome…..

  8. Pl..expose vasu soon……..with very much anger and anger and anger in thapki’s face… No crying……pl……no crying…….
    Vasu should suffer a lot by shraddha……. She deserves….

  9. Nice. Dragging math kijia. Plz unite thapki & bihaan. Reveal vasu & shardha truth. Druvu character ko thoda change kijia kyomki hamesha rona achinahi lagthihe.
    Love thahaan & tpk.
    All the best. & hope interesting hoga.

  10. Infact I even donot like Thapki and bihan jodi…
    Dhurav and Thapki were nice couples…
    And sharddha and dhurav mother should be out of the show permanently..

  11. The actress who play the role of Shraddha is good. I wish she had a positive role in the show. Maybe her character may turn positive later. This would have made the show better. This track was not needed.

  12. After this track, I want a track where Thapki wants to fulfill her dream of being a journalist/reporter (if I m not wrong Thapki has came to another city to fulfill her dream) and Dhruv/Bihaan helps her realize about her dreams.

  13. The plot is bad now. They say people should get motivated from Thapki’s character but in reality she just disgusts you. She has a shortcoming and she got perfect guy who always looked beyond her shortcoming. But what are you really trying to show, a character who is ridiculed by everyone or someone who someone can look up to. From a career person she is stuck in a house because she is married to Bihaan. All her career aspiration is gone. Why can’t she take a stand, get a job, and break free from all this drama. Dhruv is her love and a go getter person like her has given up just because she is stuck in her marriage. Are TPk team wants to show a sissy for a lead character? And if that was not enough her sister is also stuck in a fake wedding and she being a lawyer can’t figure out how to fix diwakar issue. Men in this serial are spineless who just make faces when something bad happens. And seriously are you guys really trying to entertain people by promoting evil and mentally sick people? Ladies of Pandey Niwas just have one work, to screw up others life. No good energy in the house. How unfortunate. Audience liked the goodness of Dhruv, his positivity, and his stand for Thapki. It’s all ruined. If this was the intent why did u spoil the good work relation of Thapki and Dhruv. I’m disappointed and disgusted with the way the writer has wiped the real spirt if characters. Everyone is sad and all they do is plot against each other.

  14. From watching the serial I have come down to just reading the update.

  15. Unite thahaan

  16. Plsss unite dhruv nd thapki

  17. @ S I agree with you. This story should be more of how she gets her breakthrough in every hurdles of her life and career…. not marriage bondage who is stock serving pandey’s family like a slave… They can do all the dragging but story line should base on morals, hard work and perseverance, love. And not marriage bondage…

  18. and please there is something else I want to point out to the director,a lie is a lie no matter how small or you want to please someone. thapki has shown herself to be one. She lie about her marriage with bihaan because she want to please pandey’s family. This story is really disgusting. I have flaw like but I refuse to be like thapki. I am a goal getter. flaws but beautiful inside not as stupid as thapki who left her parents to be stranded but saving other pple’s home. charity begins at home. change the story line. Please

  19. No couple can be as good and compatible as dhruv and thapki are

  20. Unite thahaan

  21. Bihaan is the only person to save thapki every problems.So unite thapki and bihaan he need like good husbend as bihaan loving,caring etc

  22. Watch Thapki Pyaar Ki 08 Dec 2015

  23. I agree with u S…
    Show was all about struggle of stammering girl has now turned to saas bahu type…
    And I agree with those who want Thapki and Dhruv to be unite.. as he was the one who accepted thapki as she was and bihan to kaan ka kaccha h jo apni maa k baat me aa gya ..

    1. Even if they unite Thapki and Bihaan what is Bihaan’s character he is just a yes man of either Bau ji or maa. He is a goon and even he is has a good heart, is he really the right guy for a simple girl like Thapki. He openly says he will only do what pleases his parents so he doesn’t have any identity.

      1. S you have a good knowledge of this series. I always read your comments and totally agree with everything you’ve said. pple that love thahaan jodi didn’t really follow up front the beginning.

      2. Initially I really liked how they brought Dhruv and Thapki together. Dhruv’s character had poise and charisma. Thapki’s character was sloppy but tolerable. Now Dhruv’s is mute he has no importance in the show and whatever little humor they had in the show is replaced with cunning women who live in a God fearing household yet seek no bounds to do dirtiest of deeds. Why is entertainment dirty plotting in our Hindi serials. Can’t they show happiness, love, fun, humor to audience? Why does their TRP dependent on filthy mentally sick characters who just plot. I’m sure audience were enjoying harmless chemistry and love between Dhruv and Thapki. I think those episodes were best! These artists put so much of hard work to entertain audience, I really wish these directors, producers, and writers were more inclined towards showing rational stuff and a bit more ethical entertainment. Plotting has no end, sufferance rules the life of lead characters. Dhruv and Thapki look good when they smile and all you see them doing is cry. It’s like watching 30 min of suffering of people and then feeling awful about wasting you time watching such serials. I just hope these channels had some good serials which one could watch and feel good about it.

      3. Btw, I’m a Thahaan Fan

      4. I am not a Dhruv fan or anti Bihaan, but there are most certainly are better episodes with Dhruv which made the initial impact. His character was complimenting the show’s concept and message.

      5. @S i m happy that u r having a fair opinion on this shows. It’s not like I don’t like tharuv. By any chance, if tharuv reunites I won’t mind but I prefer thahaan it’s just my choice.

      6. On a lighter note I think the writer will introduce a third character to bring another twist in the serial 😀 coz I guess he/she loves to introduce new characters and keep the old one hanging.

    2. True. I have realized that most people who watched the show from the beginning liked tharuv Jodi . And those who watched the show later liked thahaan Jodi. I have been watching this show from day 1. I agree the fact that after thapki’s marriage the actual concept of the show is lost. Which maybe one reason why people admire tharuv Jodi
      They really need to change the current track.

    3. But writer will not change the track… as they write the story to change the concept from what they have shown in the begining to somthing else..
      And its not only about this show it goes with every show….

    4. Writer can do that… as they have introduced bihan which was unwanted … so they can do that also..
      And I think Dhruv and Thapki will not be united again as there as some examples-
      1. Thapki kravachaut ka fast nhi rakhna chahti thi usse rakhna pada.
      2. Fast indirectly hi sahi bihan k hath se hi khula
      3. Ab maine padha h ki tapki ki mang sindor s by chance bihan hi bahr dega..
      Iss tarha s or bhut sare examples hue jis se lgta h ki writers ne bihan and thapki ki jodi banna hi di hai..
      But meri favouirte to dhurv and thapki the…
      Isliye ab mujge iss show me jayda interest nhi raha h…

      1. I still wish they find a way to unite Dhruv and Thapki and not play on the plot where just because Thapki is married to Bihaan all universal forces are trying to ensure they and man and wife. I think hard work and willpower changes your destiny. I really really wish they change the track. At least Dhruv should also break free from his fake family’s drama. And pls expose his mom .

  24. show is getting poorer and poorer… disgusting track…. plz plz unite tharuv…

  25. and S said it all correctly….. thapki’s character should be made bold and should again go back to dhruv… current track is disgusting,

  26. It started as a career oriented girl to saas bahu type. Women in pandey house have nothing to do but just plotting against Thapki. Is that a normal life? thapki and dhruv in office were the best scenes till now. This serial is ruined. no matter how cute or good Bihaan is, you cannot deny what he did to thapki and Dhruv was totally wrong. Dhruv character is mere guest appearance nowadays. better shut the show.

  27. @S, actually that would be fourth character as I remember that diwakar was suppose to be the lead when the show started(thank god he is not the lead anymore), . At least Bihaan/Dhruv is better than Diwakar 😛

  28. Writer can do that… as they have introduced bihan which was unwanted … so they can do that also..
    And I think Dhruv and Thapki will not be united again as there as some examples-
    1. Thapki kravachaut ka fast nhi rakhna chahti thi usse rakhna pada.
    2. Fast indirectly hi sahi bihan k hath se hi khula
    3. Ab maine padha h ki tapki ki mang sindor s by chance bihan hi bahr dega..
    Iss tarha s or bhut sare examples hue jis se lgta h ki writers ne bihan and thapki ki jodi banna hi di hai..
    But meri favouirte to dhurv and thapki the…
    Isliye ab mujge iss show me jayda interest nhi raha h…

  29. Please unite thappki and bihaan

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