Do you like Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage twist in TPK?


Thapki Pyaar Ki started on Colors on May 25, 2015. Thapki stammers constantly while conversing with other people. Her parents worry about her marital prospects. After a filmy style marriage proposal from Dhruv to Thapki, her family members are all set to marry off Thapki to Dhruv. Vasundhara became aware of Thapki’s stammering problem, she gets adamant on breaking Thapki’s marriage to her son. She does not directly oppose to their marriage. Vasundhara who has been attempting many tactics to stop Dhruv and Thapki’s marriage is desperate to call off her son’s marriage, Vasundhara takes some extreme step. Vasundara created hurdles for the marriage as she would want the best match for her son. Though there will be pre wedding rituals at Thapki and Dhruv’s home, finally during the marriage, Bihaan will take Dhruv’s place without Thapki’s knowledge.


After the garlands exchange ritual, Vasundhara plans to light a fire in the mandap. Bihaan reaches the place at the nick of the moment and stops her. Bihaan goes to stop Dhruv from marrying Thapki. He hits on Dhruv’s head. Dhruv faints. Vasundara looks at an unconscious Dhruv and requests Bihaan to marry Thapki. Bihaan who has always longed for mother’s love and attention swaps place with his brother and thus agrees with his mother’s conditions. Bihaan wears Dhruv’s clothes and goes in mandap. The wedding takes place and Bihaan secretly marries Thapki. Bihaan will get married to Thapki, while Vasundhara will ask for Aditi’s hand from Thapki’s parents for Dhruv. This will be interesting to see how things change after Thakpi and Bihaan’s wedding. This incident will start a new relation between Dhruv and Aditi’s marriage. Do you like Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage twist in TPK? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. If this track is continue then it’s conform TPK drop it trp…….

  2. I hate bihaan and thapki pair.dhruv and thapki pair is super.bihaan and thapki then flop in trp congrats tpk

  3. No … I don’t like this thapki and bihaan relation. … Poor dhruv …see your mom she is the worst and cheapest mom in this world ….

  4. ya….I agree I never see like her any serial till how selfish nd rude mom :….dont like now this was my bestest serial bt now I can not see this cheap srory

  5. Stupid serial!

  6. No relation to what they say in the disclaimer. Ultimately turns out to be protraying that people with such weaknesses are seen with low esteem. I dont know but i strongly feel that its rather provoking people to reject there presence and their rights in the society! Instead of showing that good people how much ever they are pushed back by their weakness,they are appreciated by others, but they show bullshit and torture them.onscreen.especially the main always is seen as a miser!!

  7. All serials are the same ….
    All loving couples are parted at the time of marriage

  8. It’s so stupid such an awful mother who thinks she is always right & doesn’t care abt the others’ happiness

  9. I hate this twist..dhruv and thapki the best pair..

  10. Bihaan n thapki marriage is interesting. Yes she loves Druv but Bihaan has been there to help her and seems to be in heart a nice guy. He, like everyone, wants a family and mother’s love. Druv’s mom is the selfish one who wants everything her way. And there are a lot of mother-in-laws who want things the way they want it. Not all mother-in-laws- but many I have seen.

  11. Seriously!
    Isn’t this similar to Uttaran where Tappu marries Veer … OMG! This is the last thing I want in these serials! How can the makers even think that people find this interesting *puke*

  12. it is rubbish how u people can separate dhruv and thapki like this dhruv and thapki pair is osome but not the pair of bihaan and thapki

  13. Typical hindi serials…. If Thapki is going to marry Bihaan i think almost all the fans will stop watching this serial. Once thapki pyaar ki used to be the best serial in colours but nw it’s the worst serial.

  14. But bihaan is a good guy he will love thapki and she will also fall in his love right

  15. Stop making fun of marriage
    they only bring marriage scene to awake interest and then they don’ t let marriage happen
    so its a request dont bring marriage scene

  16. I like Bihaan but not Aditi…She is marrying our sweet Dhruv.That’s make really stupid…

  17. Waste serial how could they do separate Dhruv & thapki I hate dis serial I won’t watch dis non sense any more

  18. Y is dis happening dhruv and thapki suited the tpr make the audience happy and then instantly shatters Dem who would have thought aditi and dhruv is it goin in the same route as uttaran and bodyguard

  19. Think out of box…. Fedup with same story lines… Show her as strong with or without a partner

  20. Come on writer I will tell u what ur next level of episodes is going to be.. Bihar will forcefully marry thapki, aditi will be convinced in a manner to not to let shame befall on dhruv and his family and will be made to marry. Aditi will be I matured and throw tantrums , while thapki and Bihan will slowly understand each other and fall in love and thapki will get to know that bihan didn’t cheat her rather sacrificed for vasu…. And soon or later vasu will realize that his sons life has been shattered by making him marry aditi, while thapki will become an inspiration for bihan for his new career . They both though have lots of struggle and insults faced in d past it would be like that they will be more successful with all d lag lagging behind them..

  21. I Hate the current track of tpk… I used to watch tpk daily,but after Vasundara’s evil plan i hate to watch tpk…Please try to change the twist..

  22. well bihann is obedient and love to family after marriage he will mend his ways where he going by thapki so no more condemn it.

  23. Noi…that’s really insane….marriges are not fun and by showing this you instigating wrong things towards ppl with some drawback….plz don’t do this…let dhruv and thapki marry

  24. no its really shame marriages are not fun . please dont do this lets dhruv and thapki marriage.

  25. no no no nooooooooooooooo….
    don’t ever ask this question… kyonki hamare na kahne se kaunsa writers dhruvki pair ko wapas laayenge….
    and of course not liking this forcedly made pair

  26. Interesting!

  27. Super twist pa its going to be a best serial in tv super super

  28. mujhe sab se syaada gussa a raha hai.don’t know why.i love bihan’s charactor.but not the actor on the role.he’s n’t handsome as i don’t se bhi syaada gussa aditi-dhruv ke shaadi sunkar ho raha’s the same plot of uttaran.

  29. All serials r going on same track all the loving couples r getting separated lots of negativity n how can dhruv marry aditi its trp will go down sure

  30. rita mukherjee

    yes, I like the twist. becoz now thapkii &bihaan getting marraid. So dhruv also setting down with another person. best jodi _bihaan & thapki.

  31. interesting…..

  32. the story should inspire.dnt make it like other sametrack serial.thapki marriage is a scam.that was nt marriage plz dnt give a awful logic any religion marriage with cheating is not thapki as a strong character who fights aginst this cheating.

  33. I don’t like thapki and bihaan and the serial has become totally boring .

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