Do you like Tashan-E-Ishq’s current marriage track?


Tashan-E-Ishq started on 10 August 2015 on Zee TV. The show narrates the love story of Yuvraj Luthra and Twinkle Taneja. According to the combined episodes of Tashan-E-Ishq and Jamai Raja, the show has got more interesting. Twinkle is given the responsibility of preparing the food for the guests of party held by Manohar Sarna. Leela offers help to Twinkle, but Twinkle refuses to accept any help. Yuvraj tells Twinkle that he loves her and was only trying to remind her of what Kunj had done to her. He tries reconciling with Twinkle. Kunj sees them together and warns Yuvraj. He leaves with Twinkle and Chinki. Yuvraj says aloud to Twinkle while she is leaving that Twinkle that she would have to choose one out of the two men, and decide who she would be marrying. Yuvraj lays a plan for Twinkle by connecting camera to TV, and wishes Twinkle’s family to watch. Twinkle confronts him and upsets Yuvraj.

Twinkle finds Leela to have spread the clothes all over the bed. Leela asks Twinkle to fold the clothes and keep them in the cupboard. Twinkle asks her the need to make her do such work. Leela tells her that she needs to learn this as Leela would not be with her after her wedding. Leela and Twinkle have an emotional moment. Leela hugs Twinkle and cries. Leela is glad that Twinkle is marrying Kunj. Next in the show is Twinkle and Kunj’s marriage. Wherein Yuvraj will be bringing twist by marrying Twinkle. Do you like Tashan-E-Ishq’s current marriage track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave an opinion in comments section below.

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  1. Too much dragging . For hell sake please let Twinkle hire a set of goons and give yuvi a good beat down till he is hospitalized . He deserves it.. such a dirty nasty disgusting man..

  2. reshma chippy

    super yaru pls join twinkle and kunji it will be so nice yaru

  3. Kunji and twinkle should get marry their look great plz yuvi should leave twinkle life

  4. Super duper hit hai kunj aur twinkle ki shadi.Kunj is my favorite.

  5. Serial started to potray the love story btw twinkle n yuvraj n how they succeed n story of their rival families.. I guess serial is deviating with the entry of kunj n yuvraj’s character has shown in gray shades…. I request the creative team to stick to original concepts n do justice to the characters….

  6. plz twinkle and kunjj together..ilve kunjj. Twinkle and kunj.. So swt pair..:)
    Love u kunjjj…
    kunjjjjjj and twinkle..:)

  7. shifa(shakira)

    super serial.twinkle kunj forever.m like zain but he palying negative role

  8. povuudri avdnn oole onakka seriel?

  9. poit luv u kunjj

  10. Lub yew kunjjj. Lifuuuuu??

  11. Lub yew kunjj. Lifuuu??

  12. pls twinkle and kunj be together they are good pair in the latest serials

  13. I read that twinkle will marry yuvi in desitvboc

  14. Not watchin it regularly though… But want twinkle outta problems! Yaar usse kyu beqaar mein hurt kar rahe ho?? Kunj bhi probs hai yuvi toh out of question!!
    But i like d actors’ acting…they r awesome… But ZAIN IMAM ROXZ!! Miss ur super positive abhi loads zain!! But hats off to u zain…ur transmission frm a damn positive role to this negative role is commendable!!! Ur journey frm ABHIMANYU to YUVRAJ is just amazing!! Keep rockin!!

  15. I like twinkle n kunj pair….please togather them

  16. Twinkle ur kunj ki shadi ho jayegi tho yuvi ka kuch kam hi nai hoga show mai

  17. Plzzzzzzz twinkle and kunj ko mila do
    And us yuvi ko hata do

  18. Plz get kunj n twinkle together….kunj is a gud guy…..respects women……yuvi is an idiot….

  19. I want kunj and twinkle together

  20. D shw startd wid luv story of twinkle and yuvraj… bt hw cn u chnage d track suddnly…itz becomn vry wud hv been intrstng if dey wud hv potrayd d luv story of yuvi n twinkle along wid thier famly rivalries…i dun watch d shw anymre since dey hv turned yuvi into negatve role…damn borng nw….luv zain imam-yuvi n his acting skills he rockzzz !!!!

  21. love kunj so much so twinkle kunj are the best love them

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