Do you like Swara v/s Kavya track in Swaragini?

Colors’ Swaragini is known much for many entries. The leads get added and then the vamps/villains too keep coming in between. The show introduces many characters all of the sudden when things get fine in leads’ lives. Well, the show needs to extend track by getting some shocking entries and twists, viewers get bored of same repeated things.


We earlier posted a poll about Kavita’s entry. Even after that, the vamp Urvashi Maasi made an entry followed by Swara’s jail track. Now, the most recent one is Kavya’s entry. Kavya got married to Laksh by a shocking twist. Laksh has cheated Ragini to take revenge from her for all the past doings. Ragini who has changed positive now turned into a pathetic one. The limelight of the show now is Swara.

While Swara and Kavya’s tashan is full on seen these days in the show, we want to know the viewers response for the current track. Do you wish to see more of Swara and Sanskaar’s romance? Or do you think show has done well to turn Swara into a savior lead than bringing some light and hearty moments between the leads? Swara and Kavya’s catfights will be seen in the show, as it focusing on dramatic inlaws and their super smart bahus. What do you think about this Swara v/s Kavya track in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


  1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    want swasan romance but we want rags to fight against kavya…………..

  2. Riya

    They should make ragini-kavya face to face .
    Rather than this swara-kavya track
    It’s so boring and dragging.felt there is no importance for ragini and her feelings

    Sorry if hurted anyone.

  3. Tooba

    Actually again an again a new villian is coming which is really boring…….We want some happy movements between couples and for ragini thank god laksh left her because he is at worth for her love please please please make someone’s entry for her…….but I a little bit like this twist because the same dialogue, same drama happened when swara did fake marriage drama with sanskar and came mm to expose ragini……..old memorize came back you know 🙂 😀 🙂 😀 😛

  4. yashika

    serisoly i am bored by the prsent track so much nonsense drama i wish they bring ragini back in mm the show name is swaragini but no bonding b/w swara and ragini. Ragini turned positive but lucky ditched her what the nonsense the show makers r doing the ff r better than their show drama

  5. nehasuhana

    Yes we want swasan romance moreee because we are crazy on the cute pair bonding plsssss give more swasan romantic scenes plsss give cute vahe scenes

  6. Priya

    hi everyone. i think this time Ragini should take the stand. kab tak vo apni behen ke bharose baithe rehegi. Swara ko Sanskar ke sath apni aage ki life ke bare mein sochna chahiye aur Ragni ko Kavye se ladna chahiye.

  7. gayu

    I think it should be ragini Vs kavya and swasan as suppport to ragini. On the other side swasan romance should be there.

    But Cvs made it their mission to make swara mahaan and she will fight for and with everyone for her families.

    Pls cvs u have 3 more leads, Ragini went back to crying baby, laksh to useless puppet and sanskaar becoming typical male lead who stood by his lady love. Where is the sanskaar u introduced?

  8. Swara has already suffered a lot so let her rest n enjoy wid sanskar and ragini shud fight wid kavya….it will be more fun…n ya rags shud fight wid shekhar for behaving that way wid swara.
    And pls don’t let swasan relationship affectbcos of disdstupid shekhar n kavya

  9. pallavi

    hate ragini d most, for me still she is a vamp. And becauuse of her only everything is happeninig now, she only made laksh life hell and negative, she should be suffer more and more, let laksh be stoop more low , then only she deserve laksh, ‘ vamp wid a villain’ = ”raglak”

  10. Joona

    This serial is started with the concept of swaragini.. it is only swara…. Ragini also must get equal importance..
    I am sorry… I didn’t liked ongoing track.
    Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings…

  11. Now they should also show ragini as a self depended girl and she should fight as well as swasan romance because it’s high time . BTW I don’t like this kavya track….its becoming meaningless…how can laksh love someone so easily

  12. nidhi

    viewers like you are the only soul reason of ragini’s sorrow calling ragini pathetic sorry if i offend you but ragini is better than swara now she’s atking care of her father has accepted her mistakes and more of all she’s standing for swara !! so don’t call her pathetic . when she was traditional at the starting eople started calling her boring aunty types and swara was bold haan!
    when she stood up for herself with sanskar’s help she became buri and vam of the show
    now that she’s back to normal she becomes pathetic againi???
    you know swara was bold but without ragini she’s nothing she couldn’t even reunite shekhar sharmishtha at the start without ragini ! she became a crib first she loved laksh now she fell for sanskar pyaaar hai yea mazaak even i can bash swara all ragini fans can we were calm till now but it s too much
    sorry againi but please stop calling ragini something bad ragini fans have taken too much till now it’s enough now

    • Siddhi

      The thing is swara always supported truth….does this really matter whether one is traditional or modern? Ragini tried to kill Swara…seriously? For a guy she tried to kill swara….and yes Swara is not a despo like Ragini was….WAS. Okay? Swara loved Laksh but after Ragini married him her feelings were gone maha likha hai ki pehla pyar hii saccha puar hota hai? Nidhi please don’t mind my words but the thing is if u try to bash Swara then Ragini Ko bhi bash kiya jayega aur woh bhi aur bhi bure tarike seh kyuki Ragini meh zada burai hai…if I start counting her mistakes then I’ll keep on writing….Ragini was the vamp..and u can’t deny is fact…wrong is doesn’t if the reason is right or wrong…and dear please don’t speak anything against the protagonist our Swara…thats a request…

      • nidhi

        well then you won’t get offended if i say ragini ki khud ki marzi se woh vamp nhi bani and as for swara she’s become a crib a cry baby i don’t think it ofend you now that my mahhan swara should now no that due to her mahaanta the show’s title should be changed into swara the mahaan i love swaragini!!!! not swara the mahaan or ragini the pathetic

  13. RSR

    I’m not a fan of serial but of characters. the present track of serial is something like dragging the show to unknown direction find its way to show the great swara once again. im not against it but the writter also need to give equal priority to both the lead actress. ragini became as a nameshake lead of serial where the whole serial is totally focussed on the one lead i.e. swara. its dissapoints a huge fans of ragini. i really felt that whatever serial goes through doesn’t justified the title of serial. its a heart breaking serial. wish to see new avatar of tejaswi but here spoiler spoiled the wish again. best wishes for serial n hope it will come to the right track someday…..sorry guys if my comment hurt anyone of u.

    • I think we should not tell bad about swara I know she is weak some time but its her duty to fight the person who hurts her sister ragini . SORRY IF ANYONE GET HURT BECAUSE OF MY WORDS . And if ragini with swara don’t have any objection then y u all ?

  14. tina

    no no no no no….just stop it yaar…how many times a new problem will come to swara and ragini??? they were just goin to start a new life but …this kavya comes and …just too boringgg.

  15. Shatakshi

    Actually d show started with d tagline swaragini in which both swara n ragini r the leads but as d time pass on d track has left ragini far behind n made her personality weak. Whereas day by day swara is in limeligh. Apart from it most importantly there is no refreshing track coming up. It dissapoints me a lot. Hope soon there would b any change rather than d same drama 🙁

  16. S priya

    Come on yaar I’m fed of seeing swara being mahaan….plz make ragini vs kavya…let her fight tis time y always swara…

  17. sravya

    we want swara sanskar romance and ragini kavitha should be interesting instead of swara.and swara sanskar supporting ragini

  18. Nishita

    I think its time for Ragini to fight for her love, Laksh. I mean….Swara is always helping everyone. It should be Ragini V/S Kavya…right? Afterall…Ragini is also one of the main leads of the show so she also should face and overcome DIFFICULTIES. And Swara..on the other hand, should enjoy spending time with Sanskaar. Actually, according to me, in their suhagraat..swara said to sanskaar that they will not consummate their marriage. According to me, Swara should enjoy wid Sanskaar and give this case to Ragini

  19. Shwetha

    Though seen in all serials,somebody from MM family ,may be Sanlak’s cousin (a new entry )better or equivalent to Laksh should enter ,fall in love with Ragini,should get engaged to her,DP n others should accept her to Maheswari family, let Shekhar n all sell house n go n Ragini stay back for a good job or something n reside at maheswari house, Laksh automatically will get jealous seeing Ragini n the new entry together,Rags new make over,simple but elegant, Swara in saree better than the other costumes.This has good scope for Ragini n Laksh track now, hope makers won’t ruin it and swasan they are eternal..their love also is.

  20. ravi

    Why everybody supporting Ragini. She is bad character. She first separated her sister and lover. Tricked Laskh in to marrying her, then made his family life hell when her real face was reveled and now is playing the victim card. Ragini is a vamp character. why everyone forcing Laksh to go back to Ragini when he doesn’t love her. Ragini loves him and tricked him and forcing to love her back. This is not correct. Laksh has full right to love the girl of his choice. Be it Kavya or anybody else. Bakwas serial. the heroine of the serial is vamp character. I hope this serial ends soon.

    • Sweety

      Just stop it…how can u judge like that….even though ragini faced problems.and she became due to laksh…only…who asked him to say he will marry her …and to do engagement…did u asked him to do it???

      Everyone has feeling…if we write anything on a paper 1st it will be like that only forever…just it is happened to ragini..her pure heart in which laksh name is written as engaged to her…but he fooled her 2times…now it is 3rd time

      • Kayra

        Sweety then can u answer my one question? Why did Ragini punish Swara for Laksh’s mistake? Ragini forced swara to accept laksh and then she tried to kill her…isbthatvwhatvu call love?

      • Can you please list problems that ragini had faced till now?
        Ragini jaisi vamp toh maine kisi bhi serial mein nahin dekhi jisne ek ladke ke liye apni bahen ko bhi marne ki koshish ki.Actually I think Swara bahut jyada aachi hai jisne Ragini ko jail nahin bheja.And aisa bhi nahin hai ki Laksh ko pane ke baad Ragini normal ho jayi ho.Usne phir se apni sacchai samne aa jane par Swara ko stab kiyya,thank God ki Knife nakli tha nahi to swara ka kya hota.Actually Ragini ko toh Sekhar aur Dadi ne sar par chadha kar rakha hai es liye woh itne crimes karne ke baad bhi khud ka samna kar pa rahi hai.Actually show ka naam to Swasan hi hona chahiye.Go ragini apna adhura kaam pura karo jaa ke mar jao.

    • Ravi tumne 100% sahi kaha.Yeh Ragini toh hai hi vamps ki sardar.Dayan le kar aayi thi Swara ko marne ke liye,idiot kahin ki.Serial ka naam toh yeh hona chahiye”Swara ki kahani Sanskar ki jubani”.No this title sounds somewhat weird so the serial must be renamed as Swasan.

  21. drama queen

    The tashan should be between kava and ragini. N laksh realising his mistake. Some swara sanskaar lovey dovy moments r also welcome.

  22. Nikita

    Actually I like swara kavya cat fight but I want my swasan also I want to see romantic scenes btw swasan & also want raglak confrontation its been interesting to see raglak convo. About all happens..& hope they will soon fall for each other again & we will able to see their love story again.

  23. divya

    they r many problems in swasans married life and kavyas entry is really boring and sad news for swaragini fans bcoz her entry is the reason shekhar not talking to swara and i think swasan importance in mm is reduced as lakshya blames sanskar and swara for kavya

  24. Mona (ash)

    It would have been more interesting if it was Ragini the one saving the family from Kavya and also if some space is given for swasan romance

  25. Sweety

    Swasan moments….pls give importance too ragini… Y no one loves ragini…she is looking too pretty….pls make ragini a singer&make a new entry …to love u ragini madly….swaragini means both should give importance…but y ragini character developed like a mad girl who always cry for laksh love…

  26. Ani

    Y always Swara is given importance.. Then wat abt Ragini even she is the lead… Instead of keeping the serial name as swaragini they could have kept as SWARA THE MAHAAN.. Dnt knw wen they r gonna end this Kavya track… Feeling irritated to see tat Aunty face… Want to see Raglak true love…

  27. Anjali

    Remove the title of the seRial and keep it as Swara y include Ragini when she has not been given screen space she is such a wonderful actress who can act in all shades modern to traditional and innocent to vamp .stop mahanatha of Swara and show Ragini beyond kitchen politics ,

    • Shraddha Sharma

      I like both but hmesha importance sawara ko milti hai vo pasand nhi aata.. dono ko equal importance deni chiye…

  28. Riya

    Ragini should become a star ? singer or actress ? and then compete with Kavya…. That would be more interesting……. That’s my opinion….. Anyone supporting me?????….. And yes we want more swasan scenes!!!!

    • I think Ragini ko aab kabhi vamp nahin ban na chachiye aur swaragini ko us kavya se badi singers ban jana chahiye.And Ragini ko aakele famous nahin hona chahiye kahin phie se arrogant ban gayi toh.Swara actually is more deserving but Ragini ko depreesion se bahar niklne ke liye kuch toh karna hoga.So,I want both the sisters to become famous like Arijit Singh in the show.

  29. And what if ragini gets hurt because of kavya ? I think swara is the best to fight kavya . And I also want swasan but you all should wait .

  30. mukti

    Yes I love ragini and laksh but I just hate this kavya if I would be there in ragini s place I will be killed this kavya before itself even

    • I also love ragini but I think ragini can’t fight alone because she a bit comesore . But I think one more thing that may be both should fight .

  31. dolly

    you are not showing any romantic scenc of Swasan,there are very cute couples,,every time getting involved in problems,there need some space and start there married life happily

  32. I will not support this girl I mean Rita . I also think that ragini vs kavya is good and I also want swasan romance

  33. Oh di I always support u but not this time because I think Ragini vs Kavya is nice and I also want swasan . Do anyone agree with me ?

  34. XYZ

    well i feel rags VS kavya shud happen n swara who is always there wid her sis has olrdy motivated her to be self dependent , she made rags a strong grl … i thnk rags is capable to fight kavya n give imortance to swasan also yr

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