Do you like Swara v/s Kavya track in Swaragini?


Colors’ Swaragini is known much for many entries. The leads get added and then the vamps/villains too keep coming in between. The show introduces many characters all of the sudden when things get fine in leads’ lives. Well, the show needs to extend track by getting some shocking entries and twists, viewers get bored of same repeated things.


We earlier posted a poll about Kavita’s entry. Even after that, the vamp Urvashi Maasi made an entry followed by Swara’s jail track. Now, the most recent one is Kavya’s entry. Kavya got married to Laksh by a shocking twist. Laksh has cheated Ragini to take revenge from her for all the past doings. Ragini who has changed positive now turned into a pathetic one. The limelight of the show now is Swara.

While Swara and Kavya’s tashan is full on seen these days in the show, we want to know the viewers response for the current track. Do you wish to see more of Swara and Sanskaar’s romance? Or do you think show has done well to turn Swara into a savior lead than bringing some light and hearty moments between the leads? Swara and Kavya’s catfights will be seen in the show, as it focusing on dramatic inlaws and their super smart bahus. What do you think about this Swara v/s Kavya track in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ragini should become a star ? singer or actress ? and then compete with Kavya…. That would be more interesting……. That’s my opinion….. Anyone supporting me?????….. And yes we want more swasan scenes!!!!

    1. I think Ragini ko aab kabhi vamp nahin ban na chachiye aur swaragini ko us kavya se badi singers ban jana chahiye.And Ragini ko aakele famous nahin hona chahiye kahin phie se arrogant ban gayi toh.Swara actually is more deserving but Ragini ko depreesion se bahar niklne ke liye kuch toh karna hoga.So,I want both the sisters to become famous like Arijit Singh in the show.

    2. i support u riya .. nyc idea

  2. And what if ragini gets hurt because of kavya ? I think swara is the best to fight kavya . And I also want swasan but you all should wait .

  3. Yes I love ragini and laksh but I just hate this kavya if I would be there in ragini s place I will be killed this kavya before itself even

    1. I also love ragini but I think ragini can’t fight alone because she a bit comesore . But I think one more thing that may be both should fight .

  4. you are not showing any romantic scenc of Swasan,there are very cute couples,,every time getting involved in problems,there need some space and start there married life happily

  5. I will not support this girl I mean Rita . I also think that ragini vs kavya is good and I also want swasan romance

  6. So you support others not Rita am I right ? Well I support Rita . I think she is right .

  7. Oh di I always support u but not this time because I think Ragini vs Kavya is nice and I also want swasan . Do anyone agree with me ?

  8. Leave it we will not fight but I just want ragini and kavya is good .

  9. well i feel rags VS kavya shud happen n swara who is always there wid her sis has olrdy motivated her to be self dependent , she made rags a strong grl … i thnk rags is capable to fight kavya n give imortance to swasan also yr

  10. No I think swara is the best to fight ragini . Why don’t you people understand this ?

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