Do you like SSEL’s court case track?

Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki running from June 9, 2014 is still going good. This show makes one wonder when will Yuvraaj’s Dadi get exposed. Dadi is the only player in the show who is most stable in maintaining her smartness. She is evil and did not change till now. Dadi’s helpers Rags and Menka are so negative. There is no chance that they get a change of heart. The current track shows how Suhani did a good deed to make Mili a Birla family member. Suhani gave Mili her identity of Gauri Birla. Now, Gauri has got angry and jealous of Suhani. Gauri fell in Dadi’s plans and assumed Suhani is her enemy. Gauri has forgot Suhani’s support and favors on her. Gauri who did not knew relations, now turned blind in knowing Suhani.

Poor Suhani is seen in trouble always. Even when a good track comes, Dadi ends their happiness. Gauri got normal and hurried for marriage. Aditya turned out to be a selfish greedy man. Gauri and Aditya married after all odds. While Suhani has hidden Aditya’s bank scam, even then Aditya did not change. Recently, Gauri’s molestation track and case filed on Suhani’s father add up to the evil winning again in the show. the court case on Pankaj is going on. Yuvraaj never acted smart till now. Even Suhani’s smartness and patience is tested in the tough time. The track went on dramatic till now. It would be good if Dadi and Aditya are exposed. Do you like SSEL’s court case track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I have quite watching this show
    Evil iis always winning

  2. It would be great if they end gauri’s track soon.we want to see yuvraj – suhani’s love track not gauri ??

  3. We r waiting for rohans re- entry through this track

  4. If court Drama can expose both Dadi and Aditya it is worth it that is my vote is yes. If not I will go for no

  5. Rohan re entrymakkes intresting..dadi has to be exposed and so gauri..bichari pankaj phas gaya…court part is intresting…nd the lady so the end she has to accept suhani is the best

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Infact I dn’t watch the show… as everyone is blind and do not see the reality of dadi, menka and rags

  7. Plss don’t drag dis court track too much…I thnk roman vil cum fr suhani ‘s dads rescue..Aditya should get tight slap from all…dadi n adis reality should be out n here aftr yuvraj must not believe dadi anymore. ..n pls bring romance to suhani n yuvrajs life…

  8. dadi and aditiya evil face will caught by everyone.gauri has to realise the mistake and ask everyone sorry to suhanis dad and suhanis family.bring the romance between yuvraj and will be interesting.its tooo bore.pls end soon current track.

  9. Whatever it is, ssel is my ❤

  10. Nice but I think it is draging day by day…..

  11. All the evil deeds done by Dadi, Adi, Rags, menka should be exposed in the court.
    When Dadi realises what she had done to guari was wrong &wants to mend it why doesn’t she feel the same for suhani?

  12. whatever be it,,,end this track soon and bring the truth out,,,fed up wid stupid Rags ,Menka and Dadi

  13. Quite interesting but missing yuvani moments…
    plz re enter rohan that was awesome to watch..
    hate gauris drama and also dadi

  14. Plz reveal soon the culprit other ways dnt bear controll
    plz dnt dragg to much

  15. It is high time Dadi Aditya and Dadi’s chamchi’s get exposed. It should be in a dramatic way to make it more interesting along with Suhani getting her life back on track

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