Do you like Shritama’s entry in Tashan-E-Ishq?

Shritama Mukherjee is the new entry in modern youth love story Tashan-e-Ishq. Shritama is playing the role of Mahi, who has made a shocking entry. Mahi is Twinkle’s younger sister who returns from London, along with Yuvraj.

The show will get a fresh track with Mahi’s entry. Mahi is complete contrast of Twinkle. Her love story with Yuvraj will add a new angle to the story. Yuvraj plots this new love to make Twinkle hurt and take revenge. This new track will add more problems for Kunj and Twinkle.

Yuvraj and Mahi come from London and shock everyone by their relationship. Yuvraj and Mahi tell everyone that they fell in love in London. This shocks Twinkle the most. Yuvraj makes a rocking entry in the show, with bad intentions and motives again. Yuvraj uses Mahi against Twinkle and Kunj. Yuvraj is obsessive about Twinkle and can’t see her with Kunj. He wants to ruin Twinkle and Kunj’s relationship. Shritama Mukherjee was last seen in Star Plus’ Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan. She is surely got added as a big surprise for the viewers. Do you like Shritama’s entry in Tashan-E-Ishq? Let us know in this poll. You may comment as well.


  1. Aakanksha

    no I don’t like shritamas entry at all though she is a talented actress but her and rt’s entry was just not needed….btw why is no one credited for this…we would love to know who has written this

  2. tara

    are its featured so credit is nt given i mean must be sme admin of the website…whtever i just hate her entry in tei..i liked her 4m other serials..she is very good actress n talented as well bt i agree wid aakanksha..she n rt was nt really required..coz mahi’s char is totally bakwas..we want twinj..nd their scene..nt yuhi its a req stop all this..

  3. resha

    Actually her entry giving spice to story….uski entry ki vaje se hi twinj paas aayenge team honge and Milkar problems solve karenge toh ek dusre ka pyar bhi samaj aayega na… I very much liked her entry…. Serial chalna hai toh aise tracks laana hai na dosto so chill and enjoy the upcoming track and romance…. 🙂

  4. xavier

    Its good for a change. Atleast there are some different stories now and not the same shit in cycles over and over

  5. Ayushi

    No doubt that she is indeed a good actor but her role in tei is just not gud i mean how can a person be so dumb and behenji type like cmon she came from london, she has no style at all mahi’s character is very dumb and she cries at small things lot of melidrama is there because of her but u know what ppl they just want extend the serials so they need to add more charaters s to make it interesting for the viewers so i hope twinj confess thier love and this mahi uv problem gets solved fast

  6. Cutie pie

    I kust hate coz og her overacting specially mahi character she is modern dat to frm london in bhenji or u cn say tradtional indian ohh god bullshit !!!!!!!! Cming btw twinj n reallly dumb character lyk gttng nervous stammering n alll at least she could hav been lil bit lyk twinkle twinkle is n indian wid modern thinking mordern upbringing n modrn fasiin sense bt still tradtional i hate soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I don’t like shritama’s entry in tashan-e-ishaq stop this noncenses track in TEI.., mahi character was bakwas hai….. Plz unite khunj and twinkle forever….. I hate this mahi…… Agar khunj aur twinkle ko pas lanahe tha tu aur bhi tareqea thea pass lanea kea but is mahi aur yuvi ko negative character mea lanea ki kya zarurath thea…….ek dum bakwas hai mahi nd yuvi story…… Kunj and twinkle go in canada nd live happy life……and be smile in your face.

  8. Ritzi

    No I don’t like her entry bcus due to it Jasmin bhasin aka twinkle is getting insecure and may leave the show

  9. Fatarajo

    It’s not the actress problem is the character problem , I mean this Mahi character is quite unrealistic how can someone be such a plane jane when she is settled in London, wheras her elder sister is so modern and stays in India moreover, and also quite foolish how can she just believe in a boy like that and is being too mean to her long lost sister for that -_-

  10. farida

    hate her with a passion – creating more problem for our darling twinj …. get rid of her and Yuvi quickly. RT is also a pain in the side. LEELA kick his ass out of your life

  11. Marie

    Her entry wasn’t required, I taught they say Leela husband passed away many years ago, They never said she had another daughter beside Twinkle, Anyway Mahi character wasn’t needed, she is just a waste, she is crying too much, and creating alot of problems, Leela should kick RT foolish dum ass out her life, Get rid of Mahi and Yuvi quickly, or this show will take a U turn for the worst.

  12. AmandaS

    She’s too dumb bit I wonder how did she get that way – no self confidence at all for her to even attend therapy. But, I like her entry. I can’t look at Kunj & Twinkle each and every episode, they shouldn’t leave in a bubble that only them exist. I feel that Mahi will change once she realises what Yuvi is and she’ll be too bold, he won’t be able to handle her. Actually, she’ll be his match. Besides, she’s not here to break up Twinj, not yet anyway.

  13. suhani


  14. It will only be a hit if mahi found out the truth yuvi don’t love her and because of her culture and love she trys her best to make her husband love and accept her and their marriage. And kunj and twinkle add tashan to yuvi life by by expressing their love for each other constantly in front of him and ignore what he does with mahi

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