Do you like Saathiya’s Meera and Vidya’s saas-bahu relation?


Saath Nibhana Saathiya is one of the most popular show on Star Plus. The most famous jodi of saas-bahu were Kokila and Gopi. Now there will be another famous saas and bahu in the show. That’s Meera and Vidya. Though they are sisters, but fate has got a new relation between them. Meera confronts Gaura for her wrongdoings. Kokila fails to hear Gaura’s conversation with Meera. Meera accepts Gaura’s proposal. Gopi gets inside the forbidden room. Gopi sees Karunesh’s photograph and is shocked on learning about his death. Gaura lies to Kokila about Karunesh. She tells her about her husband’s death. Kokila falls in Gaura’s lies and refuses to believe Gopi. She asks Gopi to apologize to Gaura and Dharam. Gopi gets adamant that she has seen Karunesh’s photograph. Kokila makes her apologize.

Meera gets hint about Gaura after hearing out Gopi. Kokila tries to understand Gopi’s situation. Gopi shares her worries about Vidya with Kokila. Gaura and Dharam plot against Kokila secretly to take revenge of Karunesh’s death. Meera has a plan to spoil Vidya’s haldi ceremony. Meera gets against Vidya and is going to marry Dharam to become her mother-in-law. Meera cares for Vidya but the situation will make the sisters against each other. Vidya and Meera already had differences between them because of Shravan’s proposal. With Meera’s jealousy and her secret nature, the suspense is increasing in the show. Meera welcomes Vidya in the house by doing Vidya’s grah pravesh by the rights of being her mother-in-law. The viewers will get to see much drama between the new jodi of saas-bahu in the show. Do you like Saathiya’s Meera and Vidya’s saas-bahu relation? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment to say what you feel about this new track in SNS.

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  1. Y we have to vote wen they don’t respect oru votes..even n yhm they asked the surrogacy track.most of them votes for still they continue the story.thn y tis voting process??

  2. Vaidya nd meera saas bahu doesn’t make any sense full illogical

  3. Do they really count our opinion????? Bcos what we want they do the opposite!! ¡!!!!!pathetic track of SNS…May those who watch this show have serious problem in their mind.or how sister can be saas – bahu

  4. Omg if we have to see 2 sisters as saas-bahu.How stupid

  5. Wat d hel…….No it won’t b NYC change d track.

  6. listen it doesnt make any sense how can i and meera di be saas bahu???

  7. Please stop this nonsense…if u dnt gave any stop just end the show… Dont simply drag ……

  8. They r spoiling Indian values

  9. seriously .. don’t like the show now… hate it that meera is marrying a guy who is about the age of her father… seriously if this is how the serial will go most of them will stop watching

  10. Do u guys really have any sense to keep this track ?? and on top u r asking for poll… See the results u got ur answer..

  11. This is the most ridiculous story lines ever have written for this show – running out of story lines? to write such disgusting story lines are below the belt !!!. what happened to Sharavan’s mother? killed off?
    Gopi – a God fearing woman have to suffer again with her daughters? marrying an old man???
    What happened to the common sense ? a family oriented show turned out be so stupid!!!
    with Kokilas blind love for her friend.
    Please producers change the story lines before its too late!!

  12. If you have a little shame left then please end this track and end saathiya. You are adding bad values in the viewers. Like seriously, can any sister do so ? Instead of badtameez dil and manmarziyaan , saathiya should go off air.

  13. I don’t know y the writers don’t understand that viewers watch TV for entertainment and not to see such bullshit. They don’t realize that these shows are seen even by ppl outside India. Imagine what they might think of indian values.
    Star plus says, Rishta vohi soch nahi.
    Ridiculous soch they have.
    Go hell wid SNS.

  14. This was a good programme. Lately it has become very unrealistic. The story must keep moving and captivating. I cannot see this happining. I used to make time to watch this series. I have now stopped watching on a regular basis. Occasionally read through the snopsis. Time has come for Gaura to be exposed and Kokila reprimanded. Vidiya should not be harmed as she is a good girl.

  15. I do not think people realize that such thing DOES happen in real life. My bro was fraudulently got married to someone but thats a long story. Society is a mess up! And this drama is showing that in a true way. I would rather see reality than fake stories.

  16. Please bring witch/ghost/ Naagin track in SNS..then it will be truly a Crappy show..!
    I pity those who are loving and admiring this shit till now..!!!

  17. damnn you guys are crazy !! how can a sister become her mother In law.. I guess I’ve to sent my brain on a long vacation to enjoy this creepy show -_-

  18. Guys chill! They already showed the bull shit sequence of radha loving som guy, then plotting to marry ahem and finally gave birth to jigar’s child! So sisters becoming saas-bahu and all is a very little thing to modi’s family…. the writers had gone and wil go to any extent to spoil the indian values and increase their trp…

  19. Total shit.just stop this show. It may destroy our value. For trp can sp show us porn movie?????? No,TRP cannot be everything. So please ……………change the track or off air the SNS

  20. Crap!!! What crap ! END THIS NONSENSE ! Kill that Kokila modi, never seen more crap in my whole life , it’s so irritating to even hear their voices .,, I feel like burning the television

  21. Aswathy soman

    too bore… Plz change story line

  22. ohhh my i am from SRI LANKA … is this shit happens in real indian family…dissgusting

  23. This show is now full of shit. Why can’t they stop it. Please. Just stop it for god’s sake.

  24. I think dis is the 1st tym in India dat big sister became mother-in-law….Its showing total crap of our values and culture. makers should be sued for this.
    Where is the People who used to ban movies for showing against our culture…

  25. Yuck… disgusting. . Sensor board should involve for serials also… how can they spoil the relationships. . This is called the height of ruining of relationships. . These shows r spoiling the tradition, rituals of Indians only for their stupid trp… Uffff fed up with them

  26. Anyways u people won’t take our opinion. It’s just waste of time.. U will show what u want and what u like.. U won’t bother for us

  27. OMG …. Really! The prducers and directors should be ashamed of themselves. They must be sick in their minds to come up with such ludicrus storyline! The actors should refuse to act such scenes….C’mon guys you are better then this!!!!

  28. Gopi ahem modi

    Hey kanaji..meri ek beti banegi saas aur dusri bahu….Nahiiii aisa nahi ho sakta?????????

  29. Aaaaah…stop this nonsense and go 2 hell…that is really can sister become mother in law..who gave this nonsense idea??????????

  30. Dis serial should go off air.. Wat non sense?? Meera goin to be vidya’s saaas!! U writers are ruining the culture!! I ave no idea of dz serial getting the highest trp!!

  31. Directors can go to any extent for trps. india is Known For its culture and here directors are spoiling’s values.for money.if meera is.marrying dharam Then she is Mom for shravan.and in that case is meeras.sister…..seriously ppl can go to any extent for money..

  32. I feel that all this cud b seen nly in fiction dramas.. Show cud continue like this … I feel this track though illogical.. Cud be taken an instance of what will happen if people over rule our indian tradition… TV dramas r for entertainment.. Don’t take this too seriously ?

  33. Radha ki Aatma.

    Maaza aa gaya !
    Gopi, teri ek beti saas aur dusri bahu !
    Ab kaisa laga ?
    Mein toh bahut khush hoo….

  34. now the serial has become boring. it must show somthing dholu bolu love story. i really hate the serial now.

  35. Plz yr why we talk about this demm serial

  36. After sometimes they will bring the story that dharam and shravan are not father and son. Noone will accept this ugly story. They are only increase our anxiety.

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