Do you like Rohan opposite Suhani in SSEL?


Dadi, Rags and Menka are going all out to throw Suhani out of Yuvraaj’s life and their newest plan consists of Suhani falling in love with Rohan and leaving the house forever. Suhani took part in the Mrs. Allahabad contest as Yuvraaj has put her name down. Since the contest is organised by the Birla family, Yuvraaj convinces Dadi that this time the contest should not be based on good-looks alone, inner beauty should also be considered. Dadi and Rohan are busy plotting against the couple. They finally pressurize Suhani into signing divorce papers. Dadi later gives them to Yuvraaj saying that Suhani does not want to stay with him. Yuvraaj feels betrayed. The judges ask a few questions to Ragini, Soumya and Suhani. Suhani wins the Mrs Allahabad contest. Yuvraaj goes on stage saying that look are equally important. Suhani feels humiliated and cheated. She is dejected seeing Yuvraaj’s strange behavior.

Later, Suhani shares her worries with Soumya. Dadi lies to Rohan that Yuvraaj has not yet accepted Suhani. Pratima is happy about Suhani’s victory. Anuj and Ramesh confront Yuvraaj for insulting Suhani. Pratima decides to celebrate Suhani and Yuvraaj’s anniversary. Suhani leaves Yuvraaj’s home after the huge altercation between them. Rohan will make use of this opportunity and will leave no stones unturned in impressing Suhani. Yuvraaj gets upset when Suhani leaves the house. Dadi questions Pratima for trying to reunite Suhani and Yuvraaj. Rohan will propose marriage to Suhani. The shocking aspect will be that Suhani’s parents will begin to think that it is high time for Suhani to move on, and will be favorable for the alliance. Suhani will accept Rohan’s proposal. Do you like Rohan opposite Suhani in SSEL? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Wtf!!!!!!!yubaani is the beeessssttt……move all that crap……and show us some romantic scenes……plzzzz writers…….

  2. No what the hell! Is this even necessary?? >.<
    Gosh this is misunderstanding at its height!
    And if rohan hadn't started his chaalbaazi, then maybe I would've liked him but now i dont and he is so not for suhaani -.-

  3. Let’s just hope that the outcome of this whole suhani and rohan marriage drama is yuvraaj finally confessing to suhani that he loves her! >.<

  4. Guys don’t dream yaar nothing will happen yuvraj will not propose suhani so why suhani will not accept Rohan and this he’ll will be going on forever

    1. Ya I totally agree with you……

  5. i love rohan opposite to suhani.kam se kam wo suhani ki pyar keliye kuch tho kar rehi hai .wo yuvraj ke rishtha usko dard ke siwa aur kuch nahi diya.

  6. that is not right after all the pain that the couple have endured esp. suhani the culprits esp. dadi and rohan should be exposed and get rohan out

  7. That bhandar Rohan should be kicked out of the show. When is Yuvraaj going to see what Dadi is all about. Its time she gets caught. Its too much.

  8. it’s good if suhani marries Ronan yuvraaj always insults suhani

  9. No never

  10. i know rohan is creating the misunderstandings, but it just shows what a jerk yuvraj really is

    after everything, he still insults suhani, can’t express his feelings, and TELLS her to leave
    later he blames suhani and gets alll sad looking at her anniversary gift

    yuvraj doesn’t deserve suhani at all
    rohan is a much better match when compared to yuvraj

  11. and yuvraj didn;t even say anything to dadi when he found out what she was doing

    but he can scold and insult suhani all he wants for the smallest reason, right??

    no man should treat a woman that way and i am happy that suhani is FINALLY standing against it

  12. dear writers,

    its high time to make that couple fight more and get divorced and make that protagonist marry another guy…please remember marriage is a sacred thing its not a toy or a saree to buy a new one if the old one is spoiled….these are meant to be relations.and fixed up at the end and apart from that this is a TV soap which many viewers would watch and get some peace of mind….use your brains and show us some realisation on these couple’s love….if you still drag that rohan matter and make suhani get married to him then this serial is a garbage dump….atleast for the TRPS make yuvraj confess his love for suhani not after she gets married to rohan….that will be really awkward….and one thing how can a person love a girl who is married and her husband is still alive and staying together….use your brains…

    1. One can definitely love a women who is being harassed by her in laws, not loved or supported by her husband.and in a fake relation that was made for some loans

  13. If Suhani keeps running after yuvraj it will b an insult to her self respect. And her character will b similar to ragini of swaragini

  14. well agreed yuvaraaj [y] is arrogant & trust dadi almost blindly , he also insults suhani [s] wrt cleanliness
    but given d drama of somya- dadi against d couple with her awareness that y is jealous of rohan, s is surely 2 b blamed 4 her part..

    btw with y as her friend & sarad as bro – can’t she see her priorities clashing with interfering rohan..

    if going off with rohan is a choice inspite of her awareness of all d above things , it would b a senseless & selfish decision .

    just such shortcut were so good then v would surely look 4 good shortcuts instead of good life partner as every relationship is dynamic with pale phase also , so pack ur bag , undo ur memories & catch d next best shortcut – lovely isn’t it but narrow & short-term

    well der much bang about respect – 3 lovely couples [ known 4 love above respect ]

    star plus — yhm — ishra r known intense public fights with blame game

    well true love isn’t manipulative that’s y rohan is a big no [ zee tv — JR — like misha replacing roshni ] [ star plus — veera — rajveer replacing baldev ]

    true love respect d love of others — will R dare to open up to S

    also Y do questions dadi about her bad decisions but R is hand-in-glove with dadi ——- if u agree with R so u love d mindset of dadi.

  15. Rohan and Suhani is best Jodi.Suhani and Yuvraj misunderstanding should be cleared and then Suhani should marry Rohan and both should move on.Suhani should make a good future with Rohan.She should be a transformed Suhani..from house wife to successfull personality..and continue romance with Rohan.

  16. Pl unite Yuvraj and Suhani and Yuvraj should question dadi

  17. Oh yes it is rohani for me rohan is the best really I could have tolerated that wheatish insult crap if he where to apologize afterwards for that comment only. But his behavior nw he is disgusting I hate him he deserves to be punished and really its time they show suhani as a strong woman who is beautiful and knows it and so do the ppl who are around know that she is the best looking girl as well. Rohan can do that bt I think instead of rushing a wedding track btw rohani and then getting her back with yuvraj rather they should play this rohani and yuvraj triangle for a few months and in it show suhani as a strong woman, yuvraj realizing his feelings and then let the best guy win. No stopping shaadi and then suhani going back to that useless thing. Creep doesn’t even have a proper job his dadi gave him 1 and he goes once in a blue moon. Make yuvraj a man and let this be an equal playing field for both guys. This triangle if played properly can be an epic one not like that intolerable souyma and yuvraj track. But my fav with suhani is my red fox rohan foxy s*xy guy I love him

  18. Does Rohan really love suhani?

  19. Actually rohan is better with suhani!
    Writers should come off that old stupid orthodox ways; sanskari bahu, zimedar patni and all that! Why is it always for women to sacrifice either for their love or their family, I mean come on yaar, don’t men have any responsibilities??? Don’t they need to support their better half??? And all that bullshit about blind trust and blo*dy misunderstandings, literally I’m sick of it man!
    And remember the serial’s about suhani not yuvani!

  20. Rohan is right for suhani Atleast he stands for her.not like yuvi who always insult her.

  21. No one can take Yuvrajs place in Suhanis life. Suhani loved him, and love is never to be decomposed and of course she saw his concern once the misunderstanding s vanish between them Yuvani will be back again. If cvs try to change Yuvraj they will lose all the game of this serial. Rohan instead should try to understand suhani s love for Yuvraj.

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