Do you like Ragini’s craze and role reversal in Swaragini?


Swara and Ragini are half sisters, which they get to know only once they grow up. The sisters try hard in mending the relations of the families. The sisters finally unite the families, and now they have fallen in love with the same man Lakshya. While Lakshya has no feelings for Ragini, she wants to get him by doing any fair or unfair thing. Ragini is all set to go against her sister Swara to get her love. The show’s current track has shown how Swara saved Durga Prasad’s reputation. On Sanskar’s order, the guy was about to attack on Swara, but on right time, Lakshya saves her. Shekhar calls police to the temple, as he senses trouble for Swara and they reach the place just when Lakshya catches the guy. The police announces Lakshya as innocent and tells the same to Durga Prasad.

Durga Prasad gets back his position in the society. Nani in hurry slips from the stairs as she was rushing to tell Swara’s mother about Ragini’s reality. The doctor announces that Nani has gone into coma. Ragini is guilty for her act. She apologizes to her Nani. Durga Prasad finally accepts Swara. He goes to the hospital to fix his son Lakshya’s marriage with Swara. Dadi and Ragini are shocked to hear this. Ragini thinks that Lakshya is in love with Swara because of her beauty and dressing sense, and so she tries to attract Lakshya towards her. Ragini fights with her own sister to get her love Lakshya. Swara is unaware of Ragini’s truth. Do you like Ragini’s craze and role reversal in Swaragini? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Nooooooo.. Hate ragini in negative role!!!

  2. No not at all she is damm horrible and stupid…. but

    She was looking nice but not MORE than swara….. and rags soon should change it or else she will be permanently dowm in my eyes pls change the current track….. hate rags

  3. Nooo nevaa!!! I hate d current track. Ragini looks cheap n ugly in swara’s appearance. Plz change it………..

  4. Ragini acting is like psycho lover

  5. When will u come back sincere and sweet regini…???can’t see hatred for you in viewers’ eyes plzz come back

  6. Yeppp
    Its better dey pair up Sanskar with Raginiiii
    Hopefully it will be like that

    1. Not really…. I heard it that its miskhat verma aka kabir of nauc….. MAYBE rags will be pair with sanskaar…..

  7. its better to start romance track between sansaar and ragini … and ragini can convert him towards love and away from the hate that he has in his heart.

    But then writers will have to search for a new villian … new problems and issues that the 2 pairs will have to face before and after the wdding(s) ….

  8. i think they have ruined the sisterhood and family story rarely watch it nowdays

  9. Y r u guys after ragini and sanskaar….. its not finalized yet that he is for rags!! U r jus making ur own conclusions that sans is for rags its really ridiculous…. grow up


    1. SWARA*

  11. I hate ragini in her character……she is a stupid and ugly girl……..I love SWARA and LAKSH together…..swara is a intelligent girl I like her…..

  12. Swara and laksh plz get married soon….. I like u together

  13. I hate ragini & her character…
    ragini dont deserve laksh.. she deserve sanskar, he is also selfish like her….

    swara & laksh made 4each other………

  14. Plzz remove this negative role from raginii and make ragini sanskaar fall in love…they look good together

  15. Please don’t pair up laksh nd Rags… SwarYa is the best

  16. East or west swara is the best

  17. I guess dt swara nd Laksh onscreen belong to each otha!! Sanskar nd Ragini shud b togetha n Ragini shud understand n stop ben’ evil doesn’t suit her at all.. 🙂

  18. SwaLak roxx XOXO

  19. What I’m listening ????
    swara will marry sanskar for ragini’s love nd ltr sanskar will fall in luv with swara……is this true….?????

  20. Swara come back in ur modern avatar
    & rags lookin worst AS UGLY AS A SCARECROW

  21. why Ragini is doing like this? Idiot Ragini not even having sense that love should not be got from someone in this cunning way. Love is pure. This idiot ragini is spoiling the serial. Let she go with sanskar. Laksh and swara are awesome and please don’t show scenes such as a misunderstanding between them.

  22. I hate ragini a lot.what a cunning girl? Can someone be unfair & do things like this to her own sister.the best couple ever is swara & luksh.ragini go to hell.sanskaar suits to ragini.bcs he is also a fool like ragini.they can be the most foolish & mad couple ever.whatever dress swara wears it suits her most.BT poor ragini.luksh doesn’t love swara’s dress.he loves her truthfulness, fairness to all, kindness, & the palyfullness.ragini can never be like swara.

  23. Ragini f**ks and i think if this continues the trp will go down

  24. swara s sooooo beautiful in both modern nd tradition.nd ragini can never become like

  25. ya correct how can ragini turn so cheap how can she put her own sister in such bad situation. she is spoiling her life too in her madness. and this mad swara believes ragini more than Laksh . OMG when will the track go fine always Twists and turns

  26. I love the Jodi of LAKSHYA AND SWARA.. And hate this negative character of Ragini.. I want to see Ragini like before, a sanskari girl.

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