Do you like Pragya’s bold makeover track in KumKum Bhagya?

kumkum3Kumkum Bhagya on Zee tv is sustaining good TRPs even after never ending tracks. Recently, the show has got some interesting twists with Pragya’s makeover of her looks and behavior. Pragya hears someone asking servant to throw the remaining food or feed it to the animals. Pragya asks the servant to feed the same to the family at night. The same food is served to Aaliya and Tanu and the same is fed to Dadi too. Dadi is unable to eat the dried up roti and this angers Abhi. Aaliya and Tanu brainwash Abhi and tell him how Pragya has served stale food to his Dadi.. He then goes and confronts Pragya about this and swears to take back his property from her. Abhi says that Pragya is a fraud who stole his property, but what has hurt him more is her taking away his old sweet Pragya from him. He gets emotional and tells her that she is a murderer, who took away his lovely wife from him.. Abhi tells Pragya that she has no rights to order him and his family. Pragya tells Abhi and his family that each member of the family must follow a routine. Tanu then talks about her wedding with Abhi and asks Pragya as to when their marriage would take place. Pragya replies that their marriage would not take place anytime soon. Abhi and Pragya then go his office and the latter starts checking the accounts of the office. Pragya finds out that there are transactions taking place without any information.

Abhi comes downstairs in a bad mood, does not say a word to anyone. Abhi then goes to the bar and has a drink, thinking about how cruel and mean Pragya has become. Pragya reads the diary that Abhi wrote. She cries and says that she cannot keep the act. Someone comes from behind and keeps a hand on Pragya’s head. The person turns out to be none other than Abhi’s Dadi who embraces Pragya. Dadi reminds her about the promise she had made. A flashback is shown. Dadi visited the hospital to collect her medical reports and sees Pragya’s mangalsutra being deposited by the nurse at the reception. Dadi identifies the mangalsutra and enters the OT to find Pragya dead. She urges Pragya to get up by crying mournfully. A miracle occurs as Pragya starts breathing. Pragya tells the truth of Aaliya and Tanu to Dadi, which leaves Dadi shocked. Pragya makes a promise to Dadi saying that she would get Aaliya and Tanu to tell the truth out to Abhi and teach them a lesson. Dadi encourages Pragya. Dadi changed Pragya’s attitude and tells her to become the head of the house. Dadi asks Pragya to not fall and not forget the promise under any circumstances. Pragya says she would not cry and would only focus on the plan. Pragya does not fall weak by Abhi’s emotions. Do you like Pragya’s bold makeover and this new track in KumKum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Nice but expose aaliya and tanu soon out of the house

  2. Candacey Rose

    love the new Pragya jus hurry and expose them two witches

  3. The show is so boring expose tanu and aliya

    1. Yeah exactly the show is again like before……dragging n dragging

  4. pragya now looks good before she looks very ugly

  5. I hate this drama sooooooooooooo much

  6. Never watched it. Thought to give it a try now. Her makeup is a bit much and the saris are boring. Would be nice to see her really amp it up and wear western clothes. Though I really think indian clothes look amazing just a change for the character. And also faster writing please. Nothing happens in a week! They cry. They huff and puff. They talk. And no actual movement in the story line. No action. No situations. Just talking and talking

  7. Pragya is the best of all time favourite with the latest version of this show

  8. Yes But she is doing nothing constructive for the time being against her enemies i.e. evil Tanu and Aliya!! Only succeeded to antagonize the poor Abhi!!PLease move on with the story line…it’s getting too boring now… Stop draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagging please!

  9. liking this track because .. only by this pragya wil realise how much abhi loves her ..

  10. The show was interesting but each of the track is dragged until people get bored. Please close down the drama soon and bring in some nice tracks between the leads.

  11. I can’t wait for pragya to expose tannu and alliya. Where is nikill? Today episode was good

  12. irilly like pragya bold avtar cnt for to expose aliya and tanu

  13. more then her looks , it would b better that she have d guts to knock down d evils but not at d cost of d sadist way of gaining trps ; also make that abhi more mature that he needs 2 b strict with everyone except dadi & more then being richer , his family members needs 2 b responsible

  14. Nice. I like this but pls expose aaliya and tanu secret soon. Reunite pragya & abhi

  15. Totally dragging a lot

  16. i hate the new look. She looks like sh*t!

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