Do you like Nikhil Arya’s entry in Kumkum Bhagya?

Kumkum Bhagya is one of the best running shows on Zee tv. It started in April 2014 and still going on well with the main protagonists not united yet. The vamps are still ruling the house and the story is managing to woo audience. The show stars Sriti Jha , Mrunal Thakur , Shabbir AhluwAaliya , Supriya Shukla, Madhu Raja ,Faisal Rashid , Vishal Solanki, Charu Mehra with other supporting cast. Nikhil Arya has joined the cast now as Tanu’s ex-lover. According to the current track, Aaliya meets Tanu and just before Tanu could inform her about the things going on in the house, Aaliya herself speaks out and tells everything including Tanu being pregnant. Tanu gets shocked and lies to Aaliya that she is not pregnant, instead it is Pragya who is pregnant. Pragya meets clears Aaliya’s doubts.

kumkum1An unknown man visits Abhi’s home and tells him that his organization requires his help in shooting a video. Abhi’s family claim that Abhi cannot shoot a video today at his family is celebrating a function. The man convinces them by saying that the shooting is for the orphan children. Abhi politely agrees to the request. The same man then enters Tanu’s room and starts declaring his love for her. The decorations for the party commence in Abhi’s house.

Nikhil demands Tanu to tell that the child in her womb is his. Tanu replies to Nikhil that the child that she is carrying is Abhi’s and not his. Nikhil declares his love for Tanu and tells her that he cannot live without her. Tanu does not want to hear anything from Nikhil. She asks him to leave the place. Nikhil starts following her down the stairs when Tanu spots Pragya. When Nikhil finds Tanu lying and tells her that he has got the DNA evidence to prove that the child she is carrying is his. Nikhil requests Tanu to come back to him and he will give everything to her. Tanu denies him and is adamant to give Abhi’s name to her to-be-born baby. Do you like Nikhil Arya’s entry in Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Ts nyc to c tanu troubled

  2. me too liked the ntry of nikhil 2 see tanu in trble…..but he shud not turn to negative

  3. no good looking as he is black in color i hate him

    1. Dont be a racist

    2. You sound like an IDIOT

  4. I will like his entry only when he help pragya to expose tanu and make her exit sure for abhi’s life.

  5. Same here

  6. Ya i lyk ti c dat irritating tanu is n trouble

  7. Yes I like his entry

  8. Yes definitely. But only as a positive character. There are already too many villains in this serial. So writers beware ….too much of anything can only make things worse!

  9. I totally disagree with the very first statement of this review. It is the worst dram on Zee along with so many others. Gone are the days when one could sit and enjoy these serials. They cater to the brainless (no offence meant to those person who still watch hoping for a change). The track is meant to draw interest but it just in my opinion draws ire. One cannot in this or any other society have a woman who is supposed to be intelligent behaves in such a foolish manner as Pragya does. The serial started with her being a college professor. Now she is a brainless idiot (forgive the term). It is a sad reflection on Indian women as I have a few in my lifetime and none behaves in such a fashion.

    The entrance of Nikkil still has the focus on Tanu and her evil plots. One would believe that she is the main star. I only scan the updates to see if there is any change to making sense as I refuse to kill my brain cells and watch. Until the plot changes to cater to intelligent people my TV stays off.

    The plot remains the same he has just joined in to carry on the rubbish that has been going on these months. From the current track it needs to die a quick painless death like Ek Mutthi Assman.

  10. yup…me too liked the entry of nikhil bcoz tanu is in trble…but he shud not turn to negative. ….

  11. Yup …mee too like nikhil…entry…to trouble stupid tanu…
    Nd pls give any new character entry to trouble idiot aliya also…

  12. He is a good actor. In tere liye he did good job..
    But now much more in this serial had gone and i think this nikhil should push tanu out of abhi nd pragya life other wise his entry is bakwas just for tym pas

  13. I agree to nikki

  14. How many episodes are there still need to go. It’s really dragging.

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