Do you like Nia Sharma in Ishq Mein Marjawan?

Colors’ Ishq Mein Marjawan will be bringing a change in the lead. Actress Alisha Panwar, playing the dual role of Aarohi and Tara will continue to be the lead, but just in the character of evil Tara. The positive lead character of Aarohi will now be played by actress Nia Sharma, who is most known for her hit show Jamai Raja. Nia will be joining the show and bringing new twists in the story. The promos of Nia stepping in Aarohi’s role are already out and gaining mixed reviews. Alisha is loved in both the positive and negative roles.

According to the current track, Deep and Aarohi get married. Tara replaces Aarohi post the marriage. Aarohi gets attacked by Tara. Aarohi gets rescued and undergoes a plastic surgery. She loses her identity and face. She meets Deep and reveals that she is his Aarohi. Deep refuses to know her. He shows his wife Aarohi, who is actually Tara. Aarohi asks him not to deny her. Deep then makes Aarohi look at the mirror once before claiming anything. Aarohi regrets seeing Deep with Tara. She deals with the huge problem, since she loses her only strength Deep. Aarohi will be fighting for her identity. She will assure Deep that she is his love Aarohi. Do you like Nia Sharma in Ishq Mein Marjawan? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. No I don’t like Nia Sharma as new Aarohi. Plz show her as Tara.

    1. i agree with shinjini. I don’t like to see nia sharma as new arohi. Never missed a single episode of IMM. But since nian sharma has come I think I will stop watching. Hope this nia sharma is Tara and not Arohi.

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  3. Mona146

    i like only alisha as arohi. koi aur bilkul nahi uperse nia noway.

  4. Are they copying this track from shraddha arya’ s show dream girl

  5. Guys you know it is not yet confirmed what role is Nia Sharma playing. Now she has three character’s name and they are Aarohi, Tara, and Anjali.

    1. Ashutosh Gupta

      Who is anjali in the serial ?

  6. Nia Sharma, common…A BIG NO…i only love aalisha as arohi…she is super cute…loving person…most important arohi’s character suits her…plzzz change the script and nia sharma as tara…

  7. Ye pehle baar ho raha hain ki lead positive character ko negative bana diya gaya hain ab alisha pawar ek sirf negative character mein dikhenge are you serious

  8. Colleen Hosein

    This whole shit show can go honestly.

    1. I totally agree with you. I’m not longer watch the show.

  9. Colleen Hosein

    This whole show can go honestly

  10. No .. i dont like..plzzz yr aroohi ko he ye act karny 2.. hum sb ki reqst ha .. bht sy loug specially main drama dykhna chor 2ngi or mjh jasy na jany kitny loug ye drama dykhna band kr dyngy

  11. Ohhh common yr.. i love aaaloshy as arohi.. plzz never evr chnges again

  12. No we don’t need nia sharma . Alisha didi is the best for aarohi . If nia sharma will continue the we the most of the people \ viewers will quit the show . HATE U NiA SHARMA . ?

    1. Yo u said it right

  13. I love you niasharma❤

  14. I love u Nia sharma welcame back yaar❤❤ hey guyz why are yeling Alisha is there as Tara ?

  15. I love u Nia sharma u r my horreos ❤❤

  16. I like Nia Sharma..My favourite actress

  17. Same story was in Dreamgirl .past life ok serial

  18. we want alisha panwar to play in lead role not nia . nia is best to be antoganist .


  20. ya aliasha is best of arohi carecter

  21. Ashutosh Gupta

    i think alisha he theek thi possitive mai bhi or negetive mai bhi agar nia ko rakhna h tho plz negetive mai rakho positive mai alisha he theek h plz nhi tho issko dekhne mai jyada mja nhi ayega or sayad aapko iss serial ki trp gir jay vese aab mai tho bilkul he nhi dekhungi iss serial ko i dont like nia vese psand hai bus possitive mai only alisha pawar

  22. Ashutosh Gupta

    kindly change this new skript plz …… Alisha pawar is best role of possitive and plz we are request to you dont change alisha pawar of possitive role plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  23. Ashutosh Gupta

    maine jab se dekha ki possitive role alisha pawar ki jgh kisi or ko dia jaa rha h tho mujhe dekhne tak ka mann nhi kar rha kindly plz change new script and dont change alisha pawar negetive role…plz plz plz

  24. I like alisha panwar as arohi

  25. Whether it is arohi or tara,the character only suits for alisha…no one else can replace our queen…..right guys??

    1. I agree, why do they have to bring a new actress to play the leading roll. Are the writters and producers of the show out of their mind?

  26. nahi yrr Alisha as arohi WO uski acting bht acchi krti h or usse jyda Tara ki but nia sharma ko positive character we love arohi as Alisha pawar change the role

  27. Nia is a good actress but no one is perfect as Alisha for the character of aarohi as well as tara

  28. Acha khasa TRP tha… Kyun Nia ko leke TRP kamana chate ho.. Alisha is playing the best role in both negative and positive,no one can bit her

  29. I never missed the show…but sine arohi has changed, I stop watching that show

  30. Why are you people doing this to the viewers ?? It was such a moving show ..I never missed an episode until you changed arohis cast .. but now u r going to make it worse by showing Deep as villain ..please u better stop the show ..

  31. I agree, why do they have to bring a new actress to play the leading roll. Are the writters and producers of the show out of their mind?

  32. I will never watch the show again!!!!!!!

  33. I want to see alisha as arohi

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