Do you like NAUC’s current track of Nisha and Kabir’s bonding?

Sumit’s associates attack Kabir. Kabir thanks Viraj Singh Rathod for rescuing him from the goons. Dolly confronts Sumit for his misbehavior. Sumit informs Leela about his plan against Kabir. Nisha, Ramesh and Laxmi are shattered on seeing Kabir injured. Kabir informs Nisha about being rescued. Kabir is happy to inform Nisha about joining the London School of Dance. Sumit provokes Viraj against Kabir. Nisha asks Viraj to meet a doctor. Kabir apologises to Dadaji for his mistake. Sumit lies to Kabir about Viraj paying the goons to attack him. Saurabh informs Dolly about being an entrepreneur. Dolly informs Saurabh that Sumit has lost his job. She tells Saurabh about her interview at a school.

Ramesh confronts Kabir for his rude behaviour towards Virendra. Sumit informs the school officials that Dolly does not want to work as a librarian. Dolly confronts Sumit for lying to the school officials. Sumit’s associate and a property dealer, Mr Agarwal sells Viraj’s land to Kabir. Kabir signs the property papers. Ramesh tells Laxmi about his plan of surprising Kabir and Nisha. Sumit gives the property papers to Viraj. Nisha separates their bed by building a partition and her parents witness this. Ramesh and Laxmi decide to find out if their daughter is happy in her married life. Ramesh and Laxmi realize that all is not well between Kabir and Nisha as they are still living like strangers in the same house. Kabir suggests that they should tell the truth to at least Nisha’s parents, but she disagrees. She explains to Kabir that her parents will not be quiet about the contract and will try to fix their situation. Kabir claims to agree to any punishment her parents choose for him. Do you like this Nisha and Kabir’s track of truth revealing and new twists? Let us know in this poll.


  1. kanisha

    Yes yes yes ….. of course… just love their bonding… just love their nokjhok….. and their cuteness……. ..and not at all sad for viraj… just love nibir/kanisha…..

    • Susi

      Ya devga u r CRT ………kabir nd nishu look cute together as pair as jodi nd nibirrrr always nibir rockzzzzzzzz

  2. Susi

    What type question it is???? See the result alwaysssss nibir nibir one only nibir nd not at all sad fr that irritating viraj

  3. Kabir and Nishaa….. anytime. She is madly in love with him. He too should understand. If she is helping the conniving cheat Viraj it is only as her jethji. Please let Kabir fall in love with Nishaa

  4. uma

    They are the new age couple ……and they look awesome together…. Hope they stay together through out the show

  5. Ritz

    Started watching nauc because of nibir bonding their cute fights their concern for each other is just awesome………. Love this current track……love nisha kabir nibir forever

    • Ya u r right me too watched nauc from kabir’s entry and now very much interested as nibir’s feelings for each other ….

  6. ishra

    I started watching the show only after the entry of kabir.every ep of kabir’s was fab,excellent and many more.

  7. ishra

    We r no more interested to watch any scene of viraj’s.let he be out of nisha’s life forever

    • laksh

      what they told no niraj yar nirbir is on and i quit watching show its irritating and hate nirbir chemistry hate nauc specially hate kabir he is so annoying person

    • Leslie

      ummm hey Rajesh, don’t you have any mirror?? at first you should see your face before judging others! you can’t even achieve the place where Mishkat is right now. taher/viraj has proved himself flopped, that’s why they brought Mishkat/Kabir. brainless cheap Taher fan! huhh

      • varnika

        hello miss whatever you mind your tongue see the position of taher and see the position of mishkat and then speak let you know producers want to show romance and drama etc coz of you guys sirf romance chakkar woh chahiye not at all interested in inspirational things coz you believe in romance pagalpan thats y niraj is no more but they chem rocks you don’t know anything stupid nirbir fans mishkat is mistake in the show and you’re cheapos and cheap mistake sorry mishkat fans f**k offffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gaganpreet kaur

        So u r comparing a riffle shootr vid a stranger i think u should first watch ur face in d mirror….aur kisi bhi actor pr personaly commnt krne ka right tume kisne dia ? Agar hum chahe to aneri or mishkat ke bare me bahut kuch bol skte hain….but hme bas viraj aka taher ki respect se matlab hai.ok….

      • Neha Pradhan

        Oh… Miss Leslie pehle ja ke aap tamiz Sikh ke aai fir kisi pe ungli uthao….. Aap ko koi Haq nahi he kisi bhi actor ki kabliyat pe ungli utha ne ka… Agar aap ke paas Kabir/Mishkat ke liye tarif karne kayak kuch ho to vo batao.. Dusre actor OE ungli mat uthao… N I hope aap ne bachpan me padha hoga Jo insan dusro ko ek ungli dikha ta he uski khud ki baki Ku ungliya usiko point karti he…
        Humare paas bhi bohot kuch he Mishkat/Kabir ke khilaf kehne ko BT hum apni tamiz nahi bhulte he… N one more thing jisme kya hunar he vo aap itna dur Se judge nai kar sakte OK… So see ur face in mirror first then ask anyone else…

  8. sevens

    Serial ka actual maza nisha aur kabir k nokjok nd un dono ka romance me h
    pls nauc director nd producer don’t separate them nd find some another girl for Viraj singh rathod as soon as possible.

    • Ishara99

      Life is not only a nokjhok … It’s want to be inspiring…NAUC earlier had both equally..but now it’s not anymore… Bcoz of u guys cvs have done this dirty thing… Bcoz u guys believe in only nokjoks u don’t have any inspiration in ur life… Even nibir chemistry is a full of nokjok , so u guys correct…!!!!

  9. ishara

    noooooooooooooooo just hate them meaningless drama unrealistic nisha cant fall 4 kabir like this according to her character directors has ruined nisha n viraj characters .they betrayed their loyal fans ,cuteness is not love why they cant undestand this we r missing olden niraj story many niraj fans have stopped wathing this shows,trps have proved


    I started watching nauc after Kabir’s entry.NIBIR is the best .VIRAJ is so old .hey i read a news that viraj may sacrifies his love 4 nibir’s happiness.NIBIR is the best…

  11. zoya

    Just love nibir scenes n deir story <3 the actor who plays sumit doesnt knw how to act -_- hes really irritating. Kabir should also realise his feelings for nisha soon

  12. liya

    NIBIR ki jay NIBIR ki jay………i love the current track.nibir was the best,nibir will be the best and nibir is the best.

  13. Sadia

    #yess #big_yes #wewantnibir #welovenibir
    #nibirrocks after kabir ‘s entry its become my favor serial ,, I watch itz repeat telecast tooo :p crazy fan of #nibir #Kabir #nisha
    both r doing amazing job ,,amazing role :* <3 #loveunibir #wewantnibir #welovenibir

  14. yaariya

    Ya obviously nisha nd kabir pair s awesome plz let thm be pair thy r cute couple nd viraj s not at al perfect for her nd plz nibir as pair

  15. Dumi

    Confused. I was mad towards viraj and nisha but now I feel kabir understand nisha more than viraj for example that bread butter jam thing. Viraj make joke for that small thing.soooo bad.
    But really miss Zara Zara khoya song.

    • Ishara99

      Directors are ruined the character of viraj.. They want to show kabir mahan that’s why they are doing such a stupid scenes… Don’t forget our old viraj… Directors also want this, so plz don’t do that…..can u remember the restaurant scene viraj with nisha in a middle class restaurant…. He is not like that, he is normal…. Directors are ruined his character totally…!!!

  16. Bhanu

    1st thing many nirbir fans has started watching nauc after entry of kabir so they don’t know the chemistry of niraj 2nd thing nisha is now became sadak chap ladki who love anyone in 2to 3 days 3rd thing kabir is very irritating 4th thing is gangwals are not that gangwals anymore they are worst family ever and last but not least nisha don’t deserve viraj anymore coz she is now just house wife, liar, characterless and many more but no offense to aneri or any cast i was talking about characters so stay in peace #loveviraj #lovetaher

    • Abriti

      He is not anyone, he is her husband. she has the right to fall in love with her husband. cheap brainless losers, seems like you guys don’t know how to respect a girl. looserrrsssssss

      • varnika

        baby so you got lot of brain right!!!!!!!!! then listen she was and she is characterless coz no one can forget and move on with other random guys and first of all let me ask miss abriti if you love someone and somehow you got heart break then next day you get married to some random guy rite and even fall for him in 2 to 3 days wow!!!!!!!!!!! so this you want in a girl’s life so we should respect for girl like this you blo*dy f**king loser stop commenting if you don’t justify the answer babe!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bhanu

        babe so you know to respect rite and what was that comment to rajesh you asshole get a life b*t*h 😛

      • gaganpreet kaur


      • gaganpreet kaur

        Abriti u r right ….bt only accor. To current track…bt the truth ws tht nisha ws introvert girl..earlier..who scares of being close to any man…else VIRAJ its all fault ofcvs they ruined NISHA ND VIRAJ ‘S REAL MEANING OF THEIR CHARACTR…AGAR WO CHAHTE TO KABIR KE ROLE KO SAHI SE USE KR SKTE THE…BT..SARI STORY BIGADI HAI…TAHER KE SATH POLITICS KHELA HAI…BAS…ND PLZ KISI BHI ACTOR PR KABHI BHI QUE.MAT KRNA…VIRAJ HUM SABKI INSPIRATION HAI …JISNE HME SIKHAYA HAI..#NOTHINGSTOUGH AGAR TUME SIKHNA HO TO ISE YAD KRLO…. OK… nd tumne hme cheap bola ?? Hello u….koi bhi ladki apna first luv is trah nhi bhul skti..kabhi pyar krogi to pta chalega…nd mind ur own language buddy…

      • dia

        Hw is nisha charctrless….is movng on in life nd fallng fr sm1 is calld being chrctrlss….pity on those who thnk like this….poor, cheap menrlity

      • dia

        Varnika…shayd tumhara dimag ko time prob h cuz na next day nobir ki shadi hui na 2-3 din m oyar hua……vo samuhik vivah vale scne ko na gino toh….MOVING ON IS NOT A SIN….nd jst 1 question….why

    • Dear kusum viraj’s first love is not Kira … She was proposed to viraj from his grandfather… He never loved kaira, she was just friend for him… He respect her coz she also a girl. If u don’t know about the story then don’t comment…!!!

  17. Neha Pradhan

    R u seriously asking this kind of question??? A where u hv to make forcefully them couple and then to show their bonding use third person and make him anti-hero or villain just to prove u r right… Come on plz… Stop this nonsense …. How can u ask abt their bonding?? Aap ko uske liye ek inspiration character ko itna degrad karna pad raha he n aap isse bonding kehte he…. Amazed!!!!!

  18. Red

    NiBir/MishRi look cute together. But when will Kabir start realizing his feelings? He is already getting ready to leave! It will be an icing on cake if Sumit gets caught red handed… What drama may happen!!

  19. Ishara99

    They are just irritating couple..after kabir’s entry directors ruined all the characters in the show… Now it just a meaningless show….life is not a nokjhok and it’s not like a garden full of rose…in every serial they should have to give a meaning to viwer’s life…NAUC earlier gave a big meaning for all the viwer’s …. But now it just messed nothing else…!!!

  20. Neha Pradhan

    What kind of bonding u r talking about NiRaj fans?? Can u explain plz!!!! If there is any kind of bonding between nibir then there is no need of Viraj re-entry n making of his character grey!!! Only to show that so called bonding between Nisha n Kabir u need third person which kind of bonding this is…!!! I m confused…. Plz let me know if u all also get answer of this… ??

    • Neha Pradhan

      Sorry that question is for nibir fans… I hope u’ll answer me of my question!!! I’ll wait …

  21. shruthi

    worst serial in the world just annoying characters like nisha and kabir and summit and the main thing is cousins don’t exist anymore hahahaha lol bechare naam ke cousins serial ke kyu ki nisha unko degi tab na blo*dy loser and the monkey fellow yuck!!!!!!!!! hate them 😛

    • shruthi

      lol!!!!!!! andhi ho kya? article mai sab kuch likha huva hai woh dekhe kaha so pls think twice before comment 😛

  22. Aishwarya

    For me the entire story of NAUC is just bakwas…With a foolish family,a selfish girl ans a guy who was sensible but took a wrong decision in haste…
    I have no offense for Kabir…because after all he doesn’t belong to Gangwal family….But Nisha in the name of family’s respect n sacrifice has cheated her parents and also her decision has caused imbalance in Kabir’s life…
    For me Nisha don’t deserve Kabir as well as Viraj… Because she is a dumb and selfish girl who can’t take correct decisions in life…
    Life is not just about simple nok-joks and small fights…There are many wise decisions to be taken and both Kabir-Nisha failed in that…..
    So cvs better u give a good characterization to your actors…Because u have a wonderful star-cast…
    Due to ur dumb decision and stupidity you have ruined your entire story…
    Coming to Viraj…I don’t want Nisha back in his life…Not because Viraj don’t understand…But Nisha never understood Viraj…

  23. gaganpreet kaur

    I wll say only d truth that if nisha deserves kabir then we have no probs. But what was the reason to ruin viraj’s inspiring character in d show…still cvs not answering at dis point..agar nisha kabir ke sath pair bna skti thi to viraj ke lie bhi ek actress honi chahiye thi…shayd cvs ko lga ki viraj ka pair zyada strong na ho jaye islie…waise bhi aneri jaisi cheap or meaned actress hone se acha hai …ye show hi band ho jaye…god plz is vulgar show ko jahan ek inspiring role viraj ko ruin kia jaye jahan nisha jaisi introvert ladki …ek stranger ke sath romance kre…plz band krwado….hme…bas viraj aka taher ki respect chahiye…that’s it….baki to kuch nya hai nhi is show me…isse ache or badiya romance wale shows dekhe hai …

    Viraj aka taher shabbir is d best….else..sab basi maal hai….

  24. sri ramya

    It is a total bakwas show in the entire television industry now…..we dont like nisha and kabir pair.ho if kabir young for nisha so pair up them woww..great starplus good going with u r naya sooch..

  25. gaganpreet kaur


  26. shiva kumar

    nisha jaisi kamini kisi ko nahin dekha kyuki woh ek aisi ladki thi jo sab ko inspire karthi thi par ab woh sabko yeh sikharahi hai contract marriage karo parents ko joot bolo aur kisi se bhi shaadi karo OMG!!!! character ko baigan ki sabji banadiya re baap ek ich serial dekhtha tha aur yeh be woh tulsi parvathi ki tarah hogayi ab yehi rehagi tho gatar mai jayegi aur mereko toh taher bhai masth lagtha hai awesome dude aur acting unki pucho he maat par ye bandar ko kyu liye bhai mishtak varma ko pura show baigan mai miladiya!!!!!

  27. Tayyaba Rafi

    I’m amazed…I never imagined in past few months that in future, there would be some polls like this… Oh pls can you pls stop this nonsense #CVS… A big Nooooooooo from my side…People who talk about Nisha Kabir chemistry they are liking it just because CVS Gave some time to nourish their love and what happened to them when Viraj entered in her life…He did everything for Nisha. Today, everyone forgot… Because It’s natural, People often forget what their roots are… I support Niraj… Because I think they would make better bonding than this Nibir. Nibir story is liked by people because it’s typical, Everywhere on your channels this sort of stories are Shown… But the story of a Prince and a simple girl is unique.. We just imagine all this in our, in this way, #Makers have failed to make a decent story… Once again…
    I want Viraj with Nisha…
    Hate this Nibir Track….. Nooooooooo

  28. haripriya

    ye drama faltu hai aur aap iske liye aese poll late hai vo dekhke hi weird lagta hai…jaha tak bat hai current track ki to vo kahi se bhi real nahi lagta aur jese scene nibir ke dikha rahe hai usko romance nahi kahete…true chemistry aur true romance hath lagaye bina bhi hota hai jo true hota hai aur nibir ke case me to ye possible hi nahi hai…nisha kisi ke bhi sath rahe usse muje koi lena dena nahi hai…muje sirf viraj se matlab hai pata nahi maker uske ideal aur hatke character ko ruin karne par kyu tuli hui hai…shayad aese karne se hi kabir ko mahan aur accha dikha sake iss liye… kabir ke character ko apne aap viewers ko impress karne do..viraj ko degrades kyu kar rahe ho viraj ko bhi pahela jitna strong character dikhao tab to fair game hogi…abhi to ye unfair chal raha hai sirf kabirji ko mahan dikhane ke liye…nisha aur kabir ki pair ho ya na ho usse muje koi farak nahi padta…muje viraj ke character ko degrades karne se current track bilkul pasand nahi hai sirf 5 minute ka hi screen space aur kabir ko 20 minute ka screen space aur phir unn dono me compare ye to koi fair baat nahi hui…mene to drama kabse dekhna bandh kar diya hai sirf written update padke pata chala aes ho raha hai drama…ek hatke drama ko faltu bana diya hai inn logo ne me sirf hamara old viraj dekhna chahti hu aur viraj ke sath new lead…maker shayad viraj ke samne new lead iss liye nahi la rahe kyunki usko dar hai ki viraj ki new jodi nibir par bhari padegi…niraj me jo emotional connection dekhai deta hai vo kabhi nibir me nahi dekha mene…aur hug karke ya hath pakadne se hi romance nahi hota vo to dil se ana chahiye aur viewers ko feel hona chahiye…me nisha aur viraj ki baat kahugi to nibir fan ko samaj me nahi ayega iss liye zindagi channel me “humsafar” karke drama aaya tha usme dekhna kahi pe bhi chipka chipki nahi hai phir bhi full on romance tha…naki nibir ki taraf…

  29. Neha Pradhan

    What kind of bonding u r talking abt nibir fans ?? Plz can u explain… The bonding which can not stand alone u need third person #Viraj to show this bonding…. Seriously do u called it bonding?!!!!

  30. Anisha

    nisha and kabir look like brother sister. they share the bond like them. nothing romantic in them
    nisha viraj is the best. whenever they are on screen sparks fly. they are the best couple on telly. better to show niraj as they have a story and nisha kabir dont have any story.

  31. Oh please I don’t understand what you people are trying to show us. Basically you people want to promote Nibir and for that so many promos. First you Mr sukesh Motwani and nauc CVS your story and script should be strong only then there other things will work out. When Viraj was introduced we accepted him without any promoting from your side. You people are promoting Nibir so much and we’re people are not accepting it. That means something is wrong with your script. Why don’t you understand that. And what Nibir chemistry are you people talking about. Encouraging guys like Kabir is a big insult to any girl. Flirting, touching, putting sindoor hugging ,if you all think that by showing all such cheap things we would accept Kabir then you all are idiots or young all need psycactric treatment. If Kabir was introduced as Nisha’s friend in a decent way then perhaps we would have accepted him. But here to glorify Kabir you made Nisha a characterless girl and our inspiration Viraj a stalker cum rowdy. And moreover you converted everyone’s into villan.
    1.Roopan (from the beginning)
    2.Gayatri Bua (from the beginning)
    3.Shekar (from the beginning)
    4.Nisha (after her marriage with Kabir )
    5.Viraj (post Nibir wedding )
    6.Sumeet (After the first actor left the show )
    7.Amanpreet (after VSR press conference )
    8.Ritesh (in between after which he had a final exit )
    9.Sumeet mother (from the very beginning)
    10.Vasundra Singh (even before her entry in the show she was proved of bad character )
    I didn’t mention Priyanka’s name because I just felt that she’s a spoilt child and nothing else.
    So basically this serial had only villans from the beginning. And you people degraded our inspiration Viraj and most others in the show to glorify Kabir. And where is the cousin’s track. Only Nibir is everything or what? ?.and anyways we heard that Umesh and kirti are leaving the show which is good. This is the most disgusting show ever.
    Please please free Taher from this show. He agreed to do this show only for sake of women empowerment and you makers cheated him and us viewers too.
    Go to hell nauc.

    • Ishara99

      Well said samdhya…this is just only a villains show nothing else and also most disgusting show ever…!!!!

    • Tayyaba Rafi

      Well said… Even they don’t care where is the direction of the show… All what they want to do is just to pull the show… And keep in mind CVS… We the Nirajians are the creators of Nibirians… Your show was nothing before viraj… We promoted it. If you’ll play with our emotions. We won’t leave you…

    • Red

      Nisha did right by not going back to Viraj… because no girl likes to go back to her ex who doesn’t respect her (in all sense)…

  32. dr. shormi

    to hell with your dirty ppl are making polls more than political bollywood lyf article,you said you love nibir vs. viraj polasarisation and wanna play on idiots,we are audience not some dolls to play with..tell your writer ISHA and director BHAVIK AND RAVI to go for an iq check up..

  33. ishara

    nooooooooooooooo hate nibir kabir totally irritating drama plz end this show as soon as possible no more cousins where kirti aman umesh .we want niraj wlove nirajj onlyyyyy

  34. Aditi

    guys I don’t understand why people calling nisha
    characterless !!! to move on in lyf after breakup or
    falling for her husband are d examples of being
    characterless??? lmao !!! if viraj and nisha reunited
    dn it will b funniest typical saans bahu serial !!!
    bcz it will be viraj and viraj younger bro ‘s wife
    reuniting !! wont it be a wrong message to youth??
    if nisha were shattered after break up it would be a
    awsm chrctr ,,r8?!! grow up.! .if u want nisha as a
    shooter it can be happened if even she remains
    kabir ‘s wife. kabir came in her life after break up.
    not when they were in relationship ! so how can u
    call her characterless ??? she moved on bravely,,
    fallen for her husband whom cared for her ,,put his
    life in danger for her safety !! kabir cheered nisha
    ,,brought smile on her face.. nisha backed to her
    life wide his help if u support viraj,,it’s ok. his
    character was also really inspiring. we all respect
    him. dont abuse nisha and kabir. some1 was
    talking about kabir ‘s smile and acting skill. oh !!!!
    please ! some1 save me !!! his smile is
    priceless…and acting skill proved too.
    # wewantnibir # welovenibir ‪#‎keep_calm_and_support_nibir‬

    • Ya dear u are right…but earlier they showed nisha and her cousins ,their love & bonding after that they started to show viraj as lead roll , so we started to love them like u guys loving nibir we started to love niraj ( a prince and a middle class girl’s ( tom boy look) love story) isn’t it a nice new different type of story…? Not like sas bahu story…. It’s not just a love story it’s an inspiration and also talked about women empowerment and also it was a meaningful story… But now its totally messed…. Coz of trp they ruined all the characters of the show… Specially an inspiring character …. We are not saying nisha is characterless…but Directors are made nisha as characterless girl in the show… We are not blaming any cast in the show coz they are doing their job…. But we are just blaming to the director , cvs … Coz they don’t have any right to play with our emotions…. After kabir’s entry, they can easily tell to accept nibir, but we can’t coz we are loving niraj it will never changed…. We can’t do that like as nisha done…. Coz we truly love niraj so we can’t forget them easily and also kabir’s entry the show goes totally wrong… No cousins, no their love& bonding, no their nokjok…. It’s only nibir nibir nibir…. It’s just to promote them and to get trp increase nothing else… Perhaps they will do it for u guys also coz we can’t sure them… Coz they can change at anytime at anywhere..!!!!

    • shiva kumar

      hello madam we don’t want nisha back just want taher in good role not negative role that’s it not interested in nisha and her so called pathi

  35. nvbute

    u know what is serial me dekhane jaisa kuch bhi nahi raha… sab non sense ho gaya hai bevajah khich rahe hai se acha ye of air ho Jaye

  36. anonymous

    dear nibir fans,
    1.1/3rd of you say you watched from beginning and never liked viraj as he was boring and dominating..
    he was not boring rather he was serious and lonely..seriousness can b explained by his being can`t expect a prince monkeying around all day..why won`t be lonely he was cheated by all near and dears..the moment he was about to be happy pc fiasco destroyed him again..
    he was not dominating rather directing nisha what she needed very necessarily..even they were befriending while again pc fiasco destroyed everything..

  37. vani

    I think gayathri ke jaane ke baad its so much better.and kabir is really awesome…he is charming. Nisha ne koshish ki viraj ko samjhane ki uski koi galti nahi thi. But he didn’t believe her and so she tried to move on. Isme kya galti hae…I love nibir.

  38. anonymous

    2. the other 1/3rd say they started watching the show after kabir`s entry and they think nibir look cute together and even say viraj is too old..
    well love is not about looking good together..
    it can`t be handsome viraj`s fault if he doesn`t look good with tomboy nisha as well as if girly and well groomed nisha looks good with kabir..
    coming to age i don`t mean to be shallow but plz go back and watch epi 84-8 where viraj was exercising and pouring water on his face..even in his 40s viraj would rock the screen that much hot and suave he is…

  39. anonymous

    3.the last 1/3rd who initially liked viraj but the jumped the ship as they think viraj rejected and insulted nisha and even thought why viraj could not see nisha`s love..
    1st of all,rejection is not birth right of girls..what should a guy do when he does not love a girl??if u can remeber viraj rejected nisha with tears and he was so compassionate..not to tell that even happened becoz of nisha`s own mistake of anonymous mails..
    coming to insult i agree on that..we all were miffed over viraj for that behavior..but after 2nd entry when viraj confessed he loved nisha we expected makers would make viraj beg pardon to nisha at once..why they did not,we deserve answer of that from makers???
    if talking about love beginning from girl`s side then there is no such theory that a girl can`t express her love would be shallow to believe so in 21st sorry to say again
    nisha is falling for kabir at the 1st place while kabir is indifferent…kabir not seeing nisha`s love are you cool with that?

  40. ruhi

    Love Nibir.. I have been seeing this serial from beginning.. And always found nisha inspired by Viraj instead of any chemistry.. Falling into his arms or him saving her.. It was always like some elder helping a kid.. Frankly he was portrayed more like an uncle.. Whereas Kabir n Nisha look real.. Real couple falling for each other.. Understanding life and responsibilities together.. I love there chemistry.. Thank God they brought some romance to the show. Love Nibir!!

  41. Tayyaba Rafi

    You talk about Nisha Kabir chemistry… Lol… Do you really think it’s Love???? It’s cheating in love actually… Can a girl have feelings for two men simultaneously.. Now it’s pretty enough.. U Gave 1 months to Niraj love story..Now why this Kabir…. We all were happy before Kabir.. But after Kabir we were satisfied that he’ll help our Niraj to reunite.. But you lied to us.. Played wd us. Now I can’t hope for Niraj anymore. Because, its disrespect of love… It is said “Pyar mn Respect sirf pyar ki hoti hai ” 2 dinon mn pyar nhi Mara krta. But in your so called story.. Nisha’s love has changed in 2 days. Lol… I must say CVS, start taking classes how to make a story and drama.. Because we are too hurt from your Story line.. We hate current track of Nauc.. Hate Nisha Kabir’s so called love story…

  42. niraj lover

    To the fans of nibir.
    Are you serious about that immatures pair. I am new here to comment like this. But I read all the comments till the show started. I was inspired by viraj’s entry which is holding nisha when she falls from viraj’s palace. I like nisha when she called viraj singh rathore instead of cores’ with amen. I just loved that because it makes me also to shout like that for viraj. I lived nisha when done her interview in viraj’s institute it is very cute. That pen matter also very innovative. I like nisha’s admiration for viraj even I also admired. He is always supported nisha against his fake family. That all Dame cute. Have you guys are not realise the lone prince’s mood. First nisha couldn’t meet him is not that much easy. Do you guys don’t think the dogs matter. He gives her support for nisha for the first time. Love is not about age. It’s about how we handle it. Nisha doesn’t realise that. Nisha thought that her first attempt is to be success. It’s not love. She handle her family’s situation well by don’t care about her reputation. According to nisha her life is not important. It turns evil to her love. She is not even think about her love viraj. She did everything for viraj like amen as viraj sister, gayatri’s true face, get virajs academy back to him. But she thinks that’s enough for her love. Yeah viraj called her love meaningless. But nisha need to prove her love. But she doesn’t. She done a very big mistake called kabir. I think in the holy nisha and viraj need to talk but they rise their hatred for other by jealousy. Have you guys know love makes jealousy. Not other relation. That everybody knows EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. I want the niraj back. Whenever niraj comes together in that time only the bgm plays. I love that Zara Zara koya. That is


    • Mehak

      @niraj lover i hope u r watching d episode daily n it can be clearly seen that kabir is a beter person than viraj as he cares abut nisha n her family where as viraj is playing with nisha’s feelings by doing acting of being hurt!
      Thats not done!
      Viraj believed what sumit said against kabir bt kabir didnt care what sumit was saying against viraj because he knows whats right n whats wrong!
      Nisha n kabir ke jodi is the best and i hope u can see that by the poll result!
      Face the truth that nisha n kabir r d best

      • shiva kumar

        dear mehak its serial rite ? so jo bhi acting karenge woh cvs ke muthabik rite toh hum yeh keharahai hai kyu aisa banaya viraj ko jab voh ithna accha bandha hai kabir ko mahan banaya kyuki viraj ko nicha dekhasake aur hum niraj fans nirbir mai convert ho toh yeh gatiyan khel woh cvs vale khel rahai hai toh pehele voh jann lo 😛

      • Mehak

        @shiva kumar when u know that its all done by cvs then y d hell r u disliking nisha n kabir’s jodi!
        Pehleh tum yeh janlo ke jitneh bhi poll and voting hui hai unsab mein nibir got more vote than niraj!
        Face d truth that nibir is d best

  43. kulthum

    love nibir,it not abt immature bt its all abt bringing up da story to da intrest of da pple watch so plz let it be clear if nibir will make best and supporting couples coz i belive nibir will make one coz of charming and funny kabir.

  44. pooja

    Hi to everone,
    plz mei aap sabhi se bol dena chahti hu, jo bhi mere khud k thoughts hain wo share kar rahi hu, We love nisha and kabir. bt we didn’t cross our limit,
    Aap niraj ko like karte ho,thik hai but kisi par personal comment to mat karo.
    Nisha k character par sawal karne wale logo par taras aata hai.kya cheap mentality hai aapki.aap jo kahe wo sahi….
    Ek ladki k nazariye se dekhiye……
    Nisha ki baat bina sune usay kasurvaar thehra diya,fir jab wo kisi or se shadi karne jaye to uski shaadi mei hungama macha diya.uske family ko insult kiya,ek married ladki k peeche bhagna is it gud?fraud karke usko najdeek lana,ye sab kahan tak shai hai.
    hum ab tak chup hain iska ye matlab nahi aap Nisha/Aneri vajani or Kabir/Mishkat varma k liye kuch bhi bolte rahenge.
    Fans hona achi baat hai,support karna bhi acha hai….bt kahin aapki baatei kisi ko hurt na kar sochiye.Ye jst ek serial hai so isay enjoy kariye,They r just FICTIONAL CHARACTERS so plz enjoy them.don’t say any abusive comment.

    • varnika

      dear mahan pooja ap pehale apne giriban mai jake dekhiye kyuki start unn nirbir fans ne kiya toh cheap hum aur tum mahan wah! wah! kya baat hai yar bas karo dramebazi aapne thoughts aapne paas rakh aur phele sabki comment padh 😛

      • dia

        #varnika wt d u mn apn thts apn ps rkh…agr apn thts apn os hi rkhn h tob TU m cmntng feature q h…lik me lik u lik evry1 else she is also hvng right to exprss hrslf

      • shiva kumar

        pehale teri english ithni karab hai muje samaj nahi arahi aur tere jaise namune ko he samaj ayegi teri basha yar humey chodo varnika ko samajna ne se phele dekh le cheap nirbir fans started fight first

    • Well Said…. I totally agree.. (y)
      these are fictional characters made just to entertain us..
      Being a viewer if u like it please watch it or else don’t as simple as that but
      stop such arguments for and against Nibir..

  45. t

    To say d true I watching this drama bcos of viraj I don’t like d way dy are doing this serial nowadays pls director we want nisha and viraj or end the drama it meaningless without niraj

  46. jyoti

    Niraj….niraj and only niraj….best Jodi having superb chemistry…but nauc cvs has ruined nauc story line…very disappointed with this nibir track….mishkat is good actor…but CVS could have shown kabir in some other way uniting niraj…plus bonding with viraj as bro….

  47. Bhanu

    guys nirbirians in peace i wanna talk about it and NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE just answer my question if you can and if you can’t then don’t tell us what is rite okay 🙂
    1.) if you where in the place of nisha think in that way if you are girl like nisha you fell in love with a guy and you’re mad about him you do crazy things like anonymous mailing then after some time the guy whom you’re in love with knows the truth like viraj got to know what would you do? to tell him truth or you will leave him like nisha?
    2.) if you love him truly then how can you get married to other guy and love him in just 3 days and move on?
    3.) and tell me first do you get married to some random guy without not having any idea about him ?
    4.) so do you do contract marriage ?
    5.) so do your family don’t search background of groom and blindly ?
    answer this and show nirbir great best of luck 🙂

    • dia

      #bhanu, hr r ur answrs
      1)if viraj alrdy knws d trth dn wt is d use tlng him agn….nd she ws abt to tl d trth to him bt b4 she cd d trth came out itslf…nd nisha did’nt left viraj, viraj left nisha…..nd i wd do wt nisha did

    • dia

      2)aftr wt viraj did wd nisha hw cn she lv him….nd wts wrng in mvng on….nd its nt necessry dt lv cn hppn only once…nd acc to me it alk did’nt hppn in 3 dys

    • dia

      5)dis ques is totly illogcl bcyz it’s family’s mistk nt nibir’s bt i m sl hvng its ans i.e. Nibir wr alrdy mrried so wt cd thy do as oldie dadaji won’t allw a dvrc
      nd thnks fr url BEST OF LUCK:):):);););)

      • shiva kumar

        yar tu english teek kar phele badi ayi comment marne lol 😛 aur lagtha hai tuje question samaj mai nahi aya woh nisha ke baremai nahi bhudu!!! tum jaisi ladkiyon se puchri 😛

      • dia

        Agr targt nisha h toh m yoh nisha k bre m hi bolungi…..nd jo mne nisha ke liye likha vahi m aon liye likhti…..undrstd mr gnwaar

    • gaganpreet kaur

      Bhanu kyu deewar pr sir marti ho…ye log…sirf romance aur luks pr hi dhyan dete hain…inhe reality se koi matlab nhi hai…..hmne har angle se story ko smjha tha….but bad luck for…cvs…aur agar nibir ki jodi ki bat kren to…isse ache to raman-ishita nd akshra-naitik hain….acha lgta hai inhe dekh kr…..nd DIA…tumne jo answers die hai bhanu ko wo apne pas rkho…hmne niraj ke inspiring character ko dekhna tha bas….baki…to….hmmm…ye show jaldi band ho jaye….bhagwan meri ye icha puri kr do..plz…

  48. Ritz

    Love nibir
    nibir the best
    and all viraj fans if viraj was so perfect for nisha then why didnt he trust nisha. He insulted nisha her feelings and most importantantly her family. After all this u want nisha to accept viraj ???? Really……..
    she also has some self respect I hope u know.
    And regarding nisha kabir bonding it’s perfect and pure. None of them accept something from each other but still do everything for each other. It’s a unsaid and unconditional love between which we all nibir fans love about them
    A advice to all viraj supporters try to about niraj and for once enjoy nibir and u will definitely forgst niraj forever

  49. Ritz

    Nisha tried many times to tell viraj the truth but he never listened and for how long do want nisha to chase viraj and that too after so much insult

    Nisha met kabir during her vacation and kabir was the first person who made her laugh post breakup. Nisha knew kabir well she knew kabir well and when love can happen at first sight then why not in 3 days

    Nisha knew everything about kabir

    Don’t know about contract marriages but do call that a contract…. U do the dishes and I will the cooking…and so on

    Sometimes even the best searches are not enough and about nisha family they did the required search if u havent seen those episodes

    Nibir is best
    nibir is perfection

  50. Mehak

    Guys we all know d result that nibir is d best!
    And those having a problem then no solution for that as nibir wil b the best jodi as its a majority choice!
    Face d truth

  51. ruhi

    Niraj fans.. Jab viraj ki galti batate hain to aap kehte ho writers ki galti hai and nisha n kabir k case me nisha is characterless and kabir is hopeless.. Seriously??? Guys ye bhi writers hi karwa rahe hain cuz we r luvin it. More realistic and made for eachother.. It was never the case with niraj.. Niraj was way too boring.. Lambe lambe notes likhne se n past me rehne se better hai enjoy the track.. As nisha said.. Move on n get a life.. Love NIBIR!!!

  52. magomy

    NIBIR is the best……….every gal has the right to move on in life and who says that love can’t happen twice?

  53. sumaiya alam

    A girl can fall in love for many times , this is my experience. So nisha as a young girl ,when her 1st love refused her ,then she have the right to fall in love again with another guy .

  54. haha ….first viraj ka character na tuhma kaisa inspired kia? kbhi khud sa bhi inspiration LA lo notankiibaZZ fans….or secondly viraj acting suckss… that’s the truth….50 saal ka bhudhaa lgta ha joker type viraj…lambu…..agla serial m ussa nisha ka father ka role milega …suree hahaha

    • varnika

      tumhe sirf chichore ladke pasand shayad issliye aisi keharahi hai teri jaisi ladki ko royality ke baremai kya pata aur kabir jaisa chichora ladka he tum jaisi chichori ladki ko pasand ayegi lol!!!!!!!!! tumhara taste tum jaise gatiyan hai 😛

    • dia

      Maharani varnika g aap hi hm kabir jse chhichhoron ko btao ki viraj jsi (so cld) roylty ky hoti h

    • shiva kumar

      havo maharani ya maharaja naam mai he ithna gadbad hai bhai or behan kumarvishwah agar uska swayamwar hogi na pehale tu ich jayegi aur inspiration zindagi mai zaruri hai tum jaise log zindagi mai kuch nahi karpavoge agar aisa he chala baigan mai jayega teri zindagi

  55. dont bother me

    Lol,,,even in the most weirdest situations love can blossom… I mean like u guys know tat ryte,,, I mean so wat if it was a contrct marraige,, they both got married according to all the indian traditions n so they r married like it or not,,, Kabir n nisha crazily came up wif tat contract cuz firstly they were immatured back then deniying to accept the truth,, but the truth ist the truth ryte,, like it or not,, so yah,,, but both their characters are developing so beautifully… understanding each other n not letting each other down being thrown into diff situations… I dont understnd one thing why r u guys getting so worked out when she is loving her husband,, kabir isnt her sisters husband ryte ???? so u mean the dumb contract is more important than the wedding rituals tat u guys dont consider the marraige as marraige cuz tats how many of u guys r talking,, n yes even if u like it oi\r not Nibirs chemistry is awesome! Juz look when Nisha is wif Viraj n Kabir,,, she looks much nicer wif Kabir,,, apart from tat from the start Nisha n Viraj iint have a grt understanding i mean she had to lie in order to talk wif him,, to know abt him,, he didnt open up his secrts to her willingly did he???? I dont think she had the guards to behave very tomboyishly infront of Viraj all the time,, like scold him,, hit him,, she is alwys like tat wi kabir,,, this proves tat infront of Kabir there is no hiding, she is herself n not some one else,, when nisha turned a bit girly for Viraj she was struggling to be tat girl but wif kabir it came nturally to her,,, shows the growing of her chracter within herself,, no external force to impress anyone…. true both kabir n nisha lied to her parents n didnt tell abt the contract but hey Nisha and Kabir didnt lie to each other,, though its wrong still wif each other they r true to each other,, n come on in a marrige life the opinion of both partners matters more than anyone else.. if Kabir hadnt bothered aabt anyone he could juz simply walk out after 3 mnths but instead he is spoiling his name n tat hrts him so bad!!! Look at the intention,.. Viraj n Nisha relationship is even more stupid n weird n their is based wif even more lies… Lol if this Viraj cn understand n he being the oldest in the 3 of them he shld relise tat she loves Kabir ,, her husband n to try for her iisnt ryte at all…Can u pls throw this bullshit idea tat a girl cannot fall in love more than once,, her love for Viraj was immatured,, lemme explain why,, look at everything carefully, sending emails text messages in an unknown name,, is juz trying to grab attention,, cuz she doesnt know how to face it,, love grows with time,, based on each others understanding,, giv n tke attitude n etcc,, not over text messages… in tat case even Viraj is so immatured… to move on from the past n embrace her marriage isnt even wrong,,, she dint walk away from Viraj he did,, he didnt even trust her at all,, was he always by her when she was in problemm??? Nooo… has he sacrificed anything for her in the past n now? nooo,,, kabir from the start has been selfless towrds her,,, which girl wouldnt love such a guy? U cant force Nisha to love Viraj when she finds kabir a better pair for her,, she isnt cheap at all juz so u guys know,,, u can love ppl before marraige but never cheat the guy u r married to,,, she loved viraj it didnt work out cuz of u know whom,, n now she is married n loves her hubby,,, wats so wrong abt it???? I dint know it was wrong to love ur own husband…. Juz cuz Viraj is alone Nisha doesnthave to come back in his life,,, understand?? wats sorta disgusting concept is tat? with wat u guys r saying is as iff arrange mrraige doesnt happen in India,,, like come on within one day they finalise things,, over here,, nisha knows kabir way before tat,, so i dont find it worng n plus it was nishas descision to marry kabir so dont blame her family,,, cuz inside her she knew kabir will understand her n in tat situation she didnt know tat she is goina love him,,,, to say i want niraj back,, to break a marraige,, to get her married to her husband brother,,, is more disgusting,, u guys talk abt contract marrige n say tats bad then wat abt the crap u guys r asking for??? even more ridiculous.. lol.. actually no matter how much ppl explain the reality u guys will never agree though knowing tats the truth… juz read it,, u wanna reply an essay to the truth i juz sid go ahead… cuz watever reason u guys giv,, ur talking bat her past n to me tats bullshit cuz she is married n tis is her present n i wouldnt ever support to break a mrraige cuz i dont in anyway think its morally right to do tat. Marrige is more imporatnt than love,, though love the basic foundation of any marraige,,, which is so obvious than nibir has tat n nirzj doesnt!

  56. dia

    5)dis ques is totly illogcl bcyz it’s family’s mistk nt nibir’s bt i m sl hvng its ans i.e. Nibir wr alrdy mrried so wt cd thy do as oldie dadaji won’t allw a dvrc
    nd thnks fr ur BEST OF LUCK:):):);););)

  57. rutu

    I don’t understand why you all criticising nisha . I also like viraj & nishas love story but the when viraj humiliated her I started hating him & I thought entery of kabir will make viraj realised his love but then nisha & kabir get married & then we get to know that viraj & kabir are brothers then I thought let us stick with nibir well I like nisha aur uske cousins not niraj or nibir

  58. kanisha

    yaaa we shud not criticise Nisha… waise I’m not……. but its true that she has changed a lot , earlier she was so strong ….. but after that uncleviraj(:-P) she changed a lot , she has become a weak girl…. now plz unite nibir ….

  59. rutu

    nibir will look better than niraj as they are married . & without twist & turn there can’t be any story & in recent episodes it is made clear why nibir looks better than niraj ( niraj fans 1st love is hard to forget but when ur 1st love hurts u it is more harder to forget & there I prefer to like nibir )

  60. gaganpreet kaur


  61. sadia

    if nibir looks like bro/sis. viraj and nisha look like uncle and niece. lol.

  62. dia

    Agr hme apn ans apn ps e rkhn h toh ques e q puche gye????nd btw mne sirf bhanu ko nhi sbko y ans diye h chahe vo niraj fan ho ya nibir

    • shiva kumar

      sorry but i can’t f**k myself and but one thing you showed your cheapness and galliyan toh main apni dosth ko bhi naa detha muje tujse ladkar acha laga bas par tu muje gaaliyan dene par uthari hai sorry if i hurt you just i love that way you chat 🙂 good bye

  63. anonymous

    Plz stop this nonsense.who is writer of this serial.I cant understand why all this nonsense is shown on star plus was my favourite channel but due to this only serial I quit to watch all the showz of star plus.pllllzzzzz its my request stop this nonsense

  64. (*_*) ooo

    yaar u r write nr now I want that they should hurry unite nibir and then quick end it… really I’ve started hating it…. on starplus TSM is the best serial… for youth and there is also new faces…. just end nauc… hate it so much … now it has become a saajish serial after that buaji’s entry…. in starting :- ritesh then buaji an now that fool sumit. realyy nothing abt cousins .. is it(nauc) stick to the title……

  65. kusum

    guys there is no use of fighting by this we r just insulting ur fav jodis because if one supports nibir the niraj fans r insulting nibir and when one is supporting niraj the nibir fans r insulting niraj. so plz stop fighting and just enjoy the show.

  66. ye log viraj ka character sa inspired hokaa …IAS paas kr lenge…haha..mentality Ki bhi haad hoti ha. show ha ..real life drama nhi..enjoy kro…

    • shiva kumar

      hum pade ya na pade tum na kabi nahi samjogi entertainment chaiye na jake nauc dekh aur sikh kaise boyfrds change karthe hai aur maa baap ko juth bolthe hai aur ek toh cheez sahi hai tu na bahut bigdi huvi ladka ho tum jaisi ladki ko kabhi nahi chahunga mai

    • dia

      Actually kuch gnwaron ko lgta h ki boyfrnds chng krna paap h……dy dnt kno abt modrnty……or koi ldki nhi chahgi ki in gnwaron m se koi use chahe……rahi bat maa baap s jhuth bolne ki……..agr vo maa baap ko khushi dene ya dukh s bchane ke liye ho…..gnwaron ke alava aisa koi bhi krega…..its human mentality…..abhi dukh s bchana h nd pta h ki sch pta chlne pr or bhi dukh milega….nd its nt a sin fr nisha……she hs hr own wy of thnkng nd aftr all she is an adult

      • shiva kumar

        woh adult hai yeh nahi pata par tu toh bachi ki bachi rahegi pagal ladki gawar bolna nahi aatha aur comment marahi hai aur woh bhi muje aukadh hai tera ? jaa boyfrds badal nahi toh pati badlo muje kya jaa baadh mai 😛

      • dia

        Mr shiva kumar….i m not hving dislike or hatred for u…..i m having pity for you…..such a poor and cheap mentality

  67. Tanya

    Been watching NAUC since day one. I Love NiBir. I watched this show for the cousins’ bonding and the way the three generation’s thinking was potrayed. When Viraj entered the show I frankly loved him as he was so positive and he used to give me so much hope. But when I saw the problems he went through I felt as if he was hypocrite. He said Nothing’s Tough when he was scared of that one shooting championship where he froze up. NiRaj was not something I ever liked watching. Probably because they weren’t shown much as a couple. Nisha always had a puppy dog crush on him and Viraj was always superior. He loved Aarti. He never loved Nisha. Nisha was always his subordinate. His friend to some extend and nothing more. NiBir feel like equals. Kabir doesn’t love her maybe but he cares for her and he respects her much more than Viraj ever did. Viraj never respected her family. The one thing she cares about the most. That was the last thread in their relationship which Viraj broke on her marriage day. Kabir was always sweet and understanding. She never had to speak in order for him to realise what she wants.

    Plus I’m loving DoSa as I never liked Sumit. When he got drunk and left her after she had emailed his boss was when I felt like he doesn’t deserve her. He always promised her things and he never fulfilled those promised. Loving how we are seeing the cousins again. It’s a nice show which I hope continues for a long time as it is something I can relate to.

    That said I would like to just say that I love all the actors and have nothing against them. They are all fabulous actors and make me think it’s real life and not a serial.

    • varnika

      lol!!!! viraj ne kabhi respect nahi diya lagtha hai show kabir ke aneke baad dekha
      viraj ne kya kiya ask niraj fans

    • shiva kumar

      lagtha hai tum andhi ho kaise viraj ne usi family ko support diya respect diya kabir aur nisha ki tarah nahi singham aur circus kehatha aur viraj ka tameez kaisa hai niraj fan ko dekho woh kithna acha hai beena maa baap ka ladka aur kabir sab kuch hai par spoiled brat hai ek no ka

    • dia

      Agr kisine vo e-mail ke rvltion vala scn dekha ho toh use pta chl jaega ki viraj sch m gangwals ku respect krta tha ki nhi……nd how cm kabir is a spoild guy????

      • shiva kumar

        toh tum chuma legi aise harkath par tuj jaise ladki aaj tak nahi dekhi galath hai baap yeh toh sahi rastha nahi jayegi bataraha hu 😛

      • shiva kumar

        pehale dia i didn’t reply to your comment i just reply varnika’s but i don’t know why you wan’t to fight with me!!! and i never gave you gaaliyan but you crossed line cheap nirbirs

  68. hg

    What type of quest is ths?ofcourse they r cute and their chemistry awesome just like body wit out soul.whatever cvs u ppl done a blunder by showing viraj and nishas love.i know viraj not meant 4 love.his chr was introduced to motivate nisha.unnecessary track of emf and viraj fall 4 nisha.ok .now mahaan kabir intrduced 4 miss.india nisha.pls stick to tht pair til end.dont let that stupid nisha spoil the great vsr life.what do u want 2 show th nisha char.she is below ordinary looking,unstable girl.why u want to pair that girl with royal prince?cvs r u out of ur mind?pls dont show that stupid nisha as spendthrift or some respect 2wnrds indian reallife,we cannt give divorce 2 our husbands after knowing he doesnt love us.we should try to keep the relatons.for godsake leave viraj alone.dont use him 4 nishas second can u show a girl lik nisha as lead in th show.shame on u cvs ur blo*dy script.u can do anythng with ur socalld nibir.but never thnk of niraj.i hate tht thought.if u do so i wil kil vsr deserves royal princess.not ur spoild ,secondhand,chrless spoiler ur pamperd nisha.she is just lik hr it?

  69. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    guys seriously sayng all ur cmnts r more intrstng & more entertaining dan nauc lolz hahaha

  70. bondam

    Dnt want to comment anything wrng… I jst love the way nisha is moving on in her life….

    So plz do continue nisha and kabir.. And end the track of summit and viraj… Plz

    Dnt spoil virajs character …

    Jst take him out f the serial decently… Tanq

    • shiva kumar

      agar tum jaise koi be nirbir fans baat kartha toh fight ki naubhat he nahi hothi good yar phele baar ek nirbir fan pasand ayi 🙂

  71. rosy

    When people’s heart break they cling to anythng dat comfort them and their feelings..for our nisha its da same thng..she needs care and love wich kabir gave wud be logical to show natural thngs nt unnatural lyk other soaps…dat da 1st boy in lead remains da hero and nt ne other1 those feelings r genuine…it wud b partiality for all those boys who thro their feelings make da girl fall in love(who jst had a heartbrk)…

  72. rosy

    Viraj’s character is becoming lyk da typical raja ka beta whose born with a golden spoon nd he is adamant in evrythng…he nw wants nisha..aftr hurting her so much..nisha and viraj shdnt continue as love jst happens its nt a matter wich cn b taken wid force

  73. srj

    Wow what a pair.i have nvr seen such a great chemistry not even in hollywood,bollywood,tollywood all woods.nibir beat tom cruise and nichle kidman.nopair like nibir on ths planet until now.btw why doesnt aneri continue her acting learning classes?i never find her actng wel except crying.she rockz that crying scene.i pray god that the producer wil bankrupt ,cannt invest 4 nauc.thats how ths crap ends vry soon then i wil throw a party 2 my friends to celebrate release of my heart viraj and taher sm.i want to curse ur entire team expect my viraj and taher

  74. poornimaa

    S even I lke nibir pair.many r asking y v lke nibir and nt niraj.becoz v can feel d love 1ly n nibir and nt n niraj.many serials hve showed d hero’s as a series character. Though they them lke tht v were able 2 feel d love d pair n niraj v r nt able 2 get NIBIR a lot…………

    Am dedicating d song”MENTAL MANATHIL” to nibir.loveeeeee u

  75. ragini

    Now i won’t watch nauc anymore as per my decision to leave it when niraj woudn’t pair up. Goodbye to u all.

  76. dia

    You know what….you have gone nuts…..If you don’t know the chat language then its not my fault in this……and for my english my fluenzy is much better than you…….nd for the forced manipulation caused by some niraj fans like you, I have to say one thing– 😛

  77. dia

    I want to say something…..i m sorry….to everyone…..i told names to shiva kumar… my intentions were to tell him that if he can comment in girls like boyfriend badalna and all toh ek girl bhi chup nahi baithegi…….ladkiyon ko bhi gali deni aati h……if u think i m wrong then tell me but tab tumhe isko bhi samjhana padega that nevr comment on a girl’s personal life like that

  78. john

    people have no sense
    how many times shld it be repeated??????????/
    dnt gve comments vch r of pages n pages
    be short n dirct
    stupid people
    do what i say

  79. dia

    Nibir ko viraj ki zarurat nhi h apni bondng k liye……bondng thi..hai…nd rahegi……shayad chandu vale scns m tumh nibir bondng nhi dikhi thi jism viraj nhi tha…..viraj ke aane se unki bonding zyada a6e se show ho rhi h…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.