Do you like NAUC’s current track of Nisha and Kabir’s bonding?

Sumit’s associates attack Kabir. Kabir thanks Viraj Singh Rathod for rescuing him from the goons. Dolly confronts Sumit for his misbehavior. Sumit informs Leela about his plan against Kabir. Nisha, Ramesh and Laxmi are shattered on seeing Kabir injured. Kabir informs Nisha about being rescued. Kabir is happy to inform Nisha about joining the London School of Dance. Sumit provokes Viraj against Kabir. Nisha asks Viraj to meet a doctor. Kabir apologises to Dadaji for his mistake. Sumit lies to Kabir about Viraj paying the goons to attack him. Saurabh informs Dolly about being an entrepreneur. Dolly informs Saurabh that Sumit has lost his job. She tells Saurabh about her interview at a school.

Ramesh confronts Kabir for his rude behaviour towards Virendra. Sumit informs the school officials that Dolly does not want to work as a librarian. Dolly confronts Sumit for lying to the school officials. Sumit’s associate and a property dealer, Mr Agarwal sells Viraj’s land to Kabir. Kabir signs the property papers. Ramesh tells Laxmi about his plan of surprising Kabir and Nisha. Sumit gives the property papers to Viraj. Nisha separates their bed by building a partition and her parents witness this. Ramesh and Laxmi decide to find out if their daughter is happy in her married life. Ramesh and Laxmi realize that all is not well between Kabir and Nisha as they are still living like strangers in the same house. Kabir suggests that they should tell the truth to at least Nisha’s parents, but she disagrees. She explains to Kabir that her parents will not be quiet about the contract and will try to fix their situation. Kabir claims to agree to any punishment her parents choose for him. Do you like this Nisha and Kabir’s track of truth revealing and new twists? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Wow what a pair.i have nvr seen such a great chemistry not even in hollywood,bollywood,tollywood all woods.nibir beat tom cruise and nichle kidman.nopair like nibir on ths planet until now.btw why doesnt aneri continue her acting learning classes?i never find her actng wel except crying.she rockz that crying scene.i pray god that the producer wil bankrupt ,cannt invest 4 nauc.thats how ths crap ends vry soon then i wil throw a party 2 my friends to celebrate release of my heart viraj and taher sm.i want to curse ur entire team expect my viraj and taher

  2. nisha seems to have good chemistry with kabir rather than that tiresome viraj.

    1. Yeah….u r rit

  3. i love viraj… nibir story getting boared.

  4. S even I lke nibir pair.many r asking y v lke nibir and nt niraj.becoz v can feel d love 1ly n nibir and nt n niraj.many serials hve showed d hero’s as a series character. Though they them lke tht v were able 2 feel d love d pair n niraj v r nt able 2 get NIBIR a lot…………

    Am dedicating d song”MENTAL MANATHIL” to nibir.loveeeeee u

      1. true spelling sikha na hoga kya 😛 kuch bhi nahi hai kopdi mai pagal aurth

      2. Kai gnwar toh simpl si chat lang b ni smj pate….pity on dm

  5. I Really love kabir ??☺???☺???&nisha kabir chemistry is working out

  6. Now i won’t watch nauc anymore as per my decision to leave it when niraj woudn’t pair up. Goodbye to u all.

  7. Luv this show but star plus don’t telecast it at4:30 pm
    So in unable to watch it

  8. Tanaya if u r the one who updates daily NAUC
    Then update for 29 April fast
    Im waiting since last two hours

  9. yar yeh nirbir fan dia ko nikalo pagal ladki kuch bhi bolthe hai 😛

    1. Tu e q n nikl jata agr itni prob h mujse

  10. You know what….you have gone nuts…..If you don’t know the chat language then its not my fault in this……and for my english my fluenzy is much better than you…….nd for the forced manipulation caused by some niraj fans like you, I have to say one thing– 😛

    1. Its for you Mr. Shiva Kumar

  11. Trko kya krna m jaise mrzi raste pr jaau……u blo*dy f**ker

    1. Samjha kamine behnchod shiva kumar

      1. my god how cheap you are using galiyaan 😛 but i can’t bcoz i’m taherian not nirbirian 😛

  12. I want to say something…..i m sorry….to everyone…..i told names to shiva kumar… my intentions were to tell him that if he can comment in girls like boyfriend badalna and all toh ek girl bhi chup nahi baithegi…….ladkiyon ko bhi gali deni aati h……if u think i m wrong then tell me but tab tumhe isko bhi samjhana padega that nevr comment on a girl’s personal life like that

  13. nisha kabir story is sooooo boring.

  14. i just leave this show .i dont think the present track is right.its too bore

  15. people have no sense
    how many times shld it be repeated??????????/
    dnt gve comments vch r of pages n pages
    be short n dirct
    stupid people
    do what i say

  16. go leave
    no 1 is askng/begging u to stay here

  17. Nibir ko viraj ki zarurat nhi h apni bondng k liye……bondng thi..hai…nd rahegi……shayad chandu vale scns m tumh nibir bondng nhi dikhi thi jism viraj nhi tha…..viraj ke aane se unki bonding zyada a6e se show ho rhi h…

    1. Its fr miss neha pradhan

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