Do you like Naksh-Tara’s love story in YRKKH?

yeh rishNaitik and Akshara has been ruling hearts since the show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai started. After many years, the track has now shifted to give space to their son Naksh’s love story with Tara. Naksh and Tara’s track will get more drama by her different background. Tara’s grandfather is a typical old man, who holds hatred for women. He dislikes women for a reason, which will unfold later. Dada ji will be seen having an argument with Akshara in hotel Krishna. Later, he will get to hear a lecture on women empowerment from Akshara. Dada ji’s views on women and their status in society will hurt Akshara. Akshara wishes a good family girl for Naksh, whereas Tara’s family is completely different.

Naitik and Akshara confront Naksh for having any girl in his life. Naksh tells all the truth to them that he is in love. Naitik assumes he is joking. Naitik turns the truth into a proposed joke. Akshara still holds worry for Naksh. Akshara is going through parental tensions seeing her children Naksh and Naira behave strange. Naira wants to look best to her friends, which makes lie to her parents for makeup items. Meanwhile, Naksh helps Tara by filling the hockey competition form. This makes her get selected in the team. Tara gets to know about Naksh’s efforts and a new friendship forms between them. Naksh gets glad that his love has become his friend. He hopes to win Tara’s heart. Naksh and Tara’s love story will go on like Anshu-Jasmeet, Naman-Karishma, Alok-Muskaan and Sameer-Rashmi’s love story, which faced much disagreement from the families. Do you like Naksh-Tara’s love story in YRKKH? Let us know your opinion. You may also leave a comment.


  1. tasnim

    i dn.t like d pair of tara n naksh want a new girl n.t 4rm anyothr serial a new fresh girl with naksh

  2. NIBIR

    my vote was YES.BUT,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP THIS SHOW.This is the boring show I’ve ever seen so plz plz plz stop this show.aur ab siya ke ram aanevaala hai,I don’t know which show is going to end. 🙁

  3. Johnny

    I really don’t get it why some people are against this serial. This is a unique serial. No villain, no mental torture. But still some people dont like it. This serial always show the positive change in our society. #YRKKH shows our culture very beautifully. Its a sweet family serial. Please if u dont like it then don’t watch it. But please don’t say to end it bcoz it really hurt us(#YRKKH’s fans)

  4. Kandy

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai rocksSs!!! (Y) I like Naitik & Akshara the most. They are very very very sweet couple. In this daily soap, i simply just love their beautiful songs like ‘Bin Tumhare’, ‘Badhai Ho’ , ‘Dil Se Bandhi Ek Dor’, ‘Mehendi Rachan’. WowWw!!! These are the most awesome songs ever made by any Indian Serial. <3 I wish #YRKKH all da very best for running sucessfully for a very long time. I wish it continue more… My best wishes are always with u #YRKKH Production Team.

  5. radha

    Sanju is good looking , beautiful and cute and really very impressive no comparison can be made between her and tara

  6. Archal

    Naksh s face looks so very immature where Tara looks very mature.
    Uski Bade behen lakti hai.Cannot see any chemistry between them.
    And YRKKH is getting boring day by day..Err

  7. YRKKH is a loveable family serial i have ever seen…..Tara’s character is nice…..I wish that this serial go to prolongo……Don’t tell that the serial should end…….

  8. kajal

    my answer is No please change tara and she is not good for this character and she is not like akshara it will change this sweet YRKKH show. and its purpose.

  9. Gargi harkawat

    No i like akshara and natik more but if tara’s look change then she is nice by my side but i like this serial is best one … Don’t stop this serial thus the best serial … Continue ths ..

  10. ?????

    The thing is that. That yrkkh is worst drama and it’s so boring and old drama i like yrkkh but it’s so boring and old and don’t have any interested track. ? suck drama hate it

  11. Anuradha

    Naah…i dnt lyk the pair…tara luks lyk naksh’s elder sister…there shud some other grl to suit his personality….she luks very aged infront of naksh

  12. Sneha

    Haters gonna hate….Yeh Rishta gonna rocks. Anytime Tara is better than Sanju. Sanju is a oversmart n selfish girl. Tara is so cute n perfect match 4 Naksh. I am lovin d new track. They cant show Naitik Akshara romance always. So guys chill n enjoy the new cute love story of this new couple <3

  13. Free Bird

    The new track is sooo sweet n cute. Naksh n Tara lookin so cute together. I have again started watching this serial 4 them only.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.