Do you like Misha’s entry in Jamai Raja?


Sumona Chakravarti is creating waves in Jamai Raja by her role of Misha Grewal, an old friend of Siddharth. Misha entered the show as a fun-loving girl and now turned into a vamp who wants to spoil equations between Siddharth and Roshni. She is doing an total negative role of a psycho lover who wants to get Siddharth at any cost. According to the track, Misha meets one of his friends, whose identity is unknown. Misha claims that her plan will now run successfully. Siddharth finds Misha glancing at someone’s photograph. He snatches the photo and finds it to be a photograph of a boy. Misha claims that its her BF and she had planned to surprise him and Roshni by getting him to meet them. While Siddharth, Roshni, Misha and Neel are walking down the street, some goons start misbehaving with them. Siddharth and Neel try to protect themselves and their loved ones. Siddharth gets shot in one of his arm. The goons kidnaps Misha.
Jamai Raja
Later, Misha is taken to the hospital and starts making a mess of her ward. She starts screaming and does not allow any of the nurse or the doctor to get near her. Siddharth comes to her aid and consoles her. When Roshni approaches to console Misha, she gets pushed away by Misha, who asks Siddharth to be with her. Misha’s fiancé Neel gets conscious and goes to see her.

Siddharth apologizes to Neel saying that he was unable to save Misha from the goons and now she is in a trauma due to the event. Durgadevi calls Shiv up and informs him that Misha is missing from her room. Shiv is unable to hear what Durgadevi is saying except the word Misha. He leaves the factory to attend to Durgadevi but finds Misha boarding a taxi. Shiv asks his taxi driver to follow Misha’s taxi. He then reaches an abandoned warehouse where Misha descends through the hidden door below the floor. Shiv too follows her and finds Misha’s parents to be kidnapped. The viewers will see a lot more intriguing drama unfold in the show and will keep them glued to their television screens. Do you like Misha’s entry in Sid-Roshni’s life? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I know it’s help the serial to longer
    but its enough……

  2. When does roshni and sid ever be happy there must always be a bad person

  3. some what agree wth this track but misha is full syco sid usko itna chipakta kyun ha mujhe ye samj nai ata jab bhi sid roshni ki life agay chalna lagti koi a jata i just hate this :/ 🙁

  4. yes i like the track but poor roshni sacrifise too much in all this track sid is sooooooooooo stupid usay samj nai a raha kia kar raha ha har wqat misha misha ke gun gata raha ha chawal 🙁 :/

  5. kahani age chalne ke liye ane padega

  6. yes

  7. Don’t like misha’s character. Sid’s mom and sister were enough to create negativity. Why add one more person to the mixup.

  8. this jamai raja serial is anever ending story even in hindi picture we see young heroines like priyanka chopra in aitraaz tries her best to spoil akshay kumars married life by manulating him but in the end she realises her mistake and dies in the end by commiting sucide. even anamika seial aired on zee tv in 2013-2014 but it ended abruptly this jamai raja serial is turning out into a boring serial matter should be taken up to ifbi who is a court for tv serials.

  9. I don’t like misha

  10. No I DONT like the ugly Misha please get her out before your ratings come tumbling down !

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