Do you like Indravati’s entry in Sasural Simar Ka?


Sasural Simar Ka premiered on 25 April 2011. The show has got romance, drama, thriller and now turned supernatural. The Bhardwaj family seems to have a never ending connection with troubles. Simar’s life has been a constant struggle. The mysterious painting has some extreme super natural power. Mohini and her mother died and marked exit. Confusion ends up as a cursed painting is brought up their lives, relating to their death. Indravati who got her life when Mohini’s blood fell on dagger. Indravati helped Siddhant and Anjali to get out of pots.

Simar thought her troubles were gone with Mohini’s exit but a new problem awaits her. Siddhant will be coming back in the family to help Simar to fight evil. Indravati helps Simar free Siddhanth from the earthen pot. She also promises Simar that in a day or two, she will free Roli too, only if Simar keeps her smart actions in check. Siddhanth does not get happy to come back once he knows that Roli is trapped somewhere. The family calms him saying that they have found a way to reunite him with Roli. Resshmi Ghosh plays the new evil witch Indravati in the show. The show has been exploring the supernatural genre since quite some time. It started with Sara Khan, who played an icchadhaari naagin, followed by the Daayan Mphini played by Pratyusha Banerjee and now Resshmi playing Indravati. Do you like Indravati’s entry in Sasural Simar Ka? Let us know in this poll and you may leave comment as well.

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  1. What wa the theme of the story when they started it.. And now they took it to nowhere.. Idk how is this show still running!!

  2. boring serial!!

  3. it starts from sunaina

  4. It will be nice if the family enjoys a happy day at least b4 getting into another problem

  5. Thing actualy pissing off the viewers is the troubles are coming with out a break.there has been no peacefull scene in this searial for too long.i personaly think this is one of the best serials running and the actors who does each charector seems very commited and also they have nice story threds awaiting like(rosid having kid, vikrant cming back for his daugher, simar having some health problem bcause she takes so much tension and finaly over come with prems love and famils support…) so all I’ve been tring to say is u guys r doing great job and i liked the new twist.but i realy think alittle fastening up and changing the view point of events will make every one say the same.

  6. Its not human story….
    Its supernatural one..


  7. ur thinking is super simar suffer lot of tension so simar health condition story nice but cvs and writer only greate the story

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