Do you like Gayatri and Rana ji’s chemistry in ETRETR?


The most talked about show on Zee TV currently is the new one Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. Drashti was much awaited by her fans and the show was expected to be a grand one. We would like to show whether the show lived up to the expectations of the viewers. How would you rate the show based on the concept and lead actor’s chemistry? You can give your opinion about your choice and also on the show. A brief about the current track… Gayatri learns in the library that Indravardhan Rana would be going to a village to hear people’s plea. Gayatri makes her mind up and plans to go along with the maid with sole purpose of catching a glimpse of Indravardhan. Gayatri’s mother does not allow her to go the village but Gayatri however manages to get the permission from her mother. After reaching the village, Indravardhan hears the people’s queries and assures them that he would soon find a solution for them. Later, Gayatri spots Indravardhan walking along with his guards, she runs towards him to watch him but unfortunately she slips and falls in the lake.

Indravardhan saves a drowning Gayatri and offers her his coat seeing her completely wet. Gayatri reaches home, she finds her mother to be angry. Gayatri has no answers for her mother’s questions and she stands still. Gayatri’s mother will question her daughter’s doings, and will be appalled at seeing Gayatri decked in a guy’s coat. She will start doubting her daughter. Gayatri’s sister-in-law increases her fears when they question her about the coat that she is wearing. Indravardhan, who learns that the English government and his uncle have levied taxes on the water that the farmers are using for cultivating crops, gives the same news to Rajmata. Indravardhan’s uncle declares that Indravardhan is blaming him for a reason that he is not responsible for. Indravardhan consoles Rajmata saying that now he is here and will solve the issues. Do you like Gayatri and Rana ji’s chemistry in ETRETR? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. I think their chemistry is still in elementary level…there is absence of warmth but i think it will be good after few more episodes

  2. Drashti and vivain would have been a good pair…

  3. Drashti and gurmeet would have been a good pair

  4. aghh..i loved it…!!
    and its just the beginning ….!!

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I like show thus far…Ranaji maturity n Gaytri pagalpan lol….hope love gets imtense n story stays on track….

  6. I think this jodi will be create a new love history. Drashti and siddhant look fabulous together.

  7. their jodi is very nice but somewhat I didn’t like the story…

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