Do you like ETRETR’s current dramatic track?


Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani got new characters to give a twist to the tale. There are less peaceful moments for Gayatri and Indravardhan Rana ji. Badi Rani Maa is at her acting best to fool Indravardhan. When Indravadhan starts to cry out loud thinking Badi Rani Maa died, she miraculously comes back to life. She begs Indravadhan for forgiveness. Chandravadhan is delighted to have his mother back and he touches Indravadhan’s feet thankfully. They leave Badi Rani Maa alone in the room for rest. Just then, Avdesh’ sister secretly enters the room and all of a sudden, Badi Rani Maa gets up and is planning something big. Rajeshwari inquires about her brother with Indravadhan but he himself seems to be waiting for Avdesh to return.

Sartaj overhears two men plotting to commit murder. He tries to find out about these men but he is attacked by Rajeshwari. She then rushes to Gayatri and informs her that Sartaj misbehaved with her. Indravadhan gets furious and goes to confront Sartaj. Sartaj defends himself and expects Raj Mata to reveal his true identity. Raj Mata betrays him.

Gayatri tells Indravadhan that he should pass a judgement on the guilty person. Raj Mata instructs the prison guard to disallow Indravadhan meet Sartaj. Gayatri receives a note from Sartaj which asks her to meet him in private. Gayatri decides to talk with Raj Mata about Sartaj. She finds Raj Mata talking with pandit about a puja that is to be held at the Raj Mahal. Raj Mata expresses her immense love for Indravadhan and seeing this Gayatri thinks that Sartaj is only trying to trap her. Gayatri visits Raj Mata’s court and finds the locket that Sartaj was talking about. She opens the locket and finds Sartaj’s name imprinted in it. Gayatri gets shocked and goes to confront Raj Mata. The track has lots if drama and suspense revealing currently with new characters. Do you like ETRETR’s current track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I m quite excited about the track
    I think sartaj is rana ji’s father which Raj mata is hiding from everyone

  2. Current track going lit bit solw………speed up guy’s show some romantic btwn rana&rani ji….

  3. I like the track.

  4. ETRETR its my fav show comparing to other serials its so much better than other crap serials 🙂

  5. It is ok. But you guys need to speed it a bit. Kokila needs to be punished for Yashoda’s murder … Swarna needs real love and justice . Alot needs to be done . It used to be way quicker before but it slowed down a bit . Which is understandable because they are trying to get alot of episode numbers… and when the villains get revealed it be real nice.

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