Do you like Dylan and Debjani’s chemistry in Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls?


And TV’s Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls is a light-hearted show bringing out the daily nuances and small little problems that one’s life is centered on. Based in Delhi, the show talks about five sisters, how they are together yet different from each other in their own quirky manner. The show which will reflect issues of the society towards women. Sukirti Kandpal along with Sara Afreen Khan, Shilpa Raizada, Monica Sharma and Meera Deosthale are playing the five Thakur Girls named Anjini, Binodini, Chandralekha, Debjani and Eshwari. The show is closely knit with the reality, where every girl will feel that this is her story. The show also stars Aamir Ali, Anang Desai and Supriya Pilgaonkar. The show talks about empowering women.


Aamir Ali plays Dylan Singh Shekhawat, the love interest of Debjani Thakur, and he is a famous new anchor who will mentor Debjani towards success, and eventually falling in love with her. The show deals with the situations that these sisters fall into, bringing out the spice of their life with comical as well as dramatic situations.

Dylan and Debjani’s chemistry is much loved by the viewers. Their love story had gone through many ups and downs. The lovers had the villain Aseem and the vamp Sunaina to make their story intense. The show is going on totally filmy romantic. Dylan and Debjani have confessed their feelings to each other. Debjani wants Dylan to propose to her. Another track is Abhimanyu, Dylan’s brother, who would add any new twist. Abhimanyu will get related to Thakur family. Do you like Dylan and Debjani’s chemistry? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Their chemistry is just amazing. Lge deblan

  2. ohh yeah..!!
    but just let them be like this foreverrrrrrrrrr……………no silly misunderstandings please…!!

  3. Yes they are amazing , cute ..superb chemistry .

  4. Plz ab koi misunderstanding nai create krna

  5. Yashab Wilson

    They are awesome in dilliwali thakur gurls

  6. yes i like deblin sooo much and there chemistry 🙂 …………………. just dont make any misintersting between them…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  7. Deblan chemistry is just superb.!

  8. Yes they are very cute n adorable… n we wabt to see them..more n more….dwtg is like a daily part of my life love deblan ★_^

  9. Yessss yesss.. its perfect.. thr persnalities.. expressiinzz . Dialogue delivernce.. actingg.. supaaaa koooollllll ….
    Loved it..
    Its being liked by me n my fmly..
    Bst of luk fr thm..

  10. Deblan r so adorable so addicting love them like crazy Deblan chemistry awesome

  11. I like #deblan alot.

  12. I like so much dylen & dabbu chemistry…..
    A cute love story…..

  13. oh ya…they are awesome together … l wanna see the love track of chandi and raj also….dylan is so hoootttt!!!!
    nyc ……..l like the episode

  14. yes they have an adorable chemistry. Deblan is the heart and soul of DWTG and they look super cute together.

  15. I love this show DWTG and amazing chemistry btn Dylan n Debjani,

  16. dylan raj sekhawat

    they both r fab together…….with out deblan there r no soul in this……yhey r life line…..

  17. Deblan made for each other awesome chemistry they r soul of the show loved Deblan

  18. They have amazing chemistry but their is a lack of romantic scenes

  19. No becase dylsn doesent want to marry dabbu

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