Do you like Dev’s entry in Tere Sheher Mein?


Bhupinder Singh is the new actor joining the cast of Tere Sheher Mein. He is doing the role of Dev Babu, who is enemy of Rishi Mathur. According to the track, the organizer announces that the person who donates the maximum amount for the Rudra Abhishek puja, will get a chance to perform it. Sneha is shocked when she sees Dev coming there. He decides to donate Rs 1 lakh to show down Gajanand. She lies to Rachita about Dev’s identity. Gajanand confronts Dev for insulting him. Rudra tells Dev that they will not accept the cheque as the donation has to be made in cash. Gajanand gets into an argument with Amaya. The hospital admin informs Gajanand that Amaya had admitted him to the hospital. Gajanand apologizes to Amaya for his mistake. Amaya gets a chance to perform Rudra Abhishek with her family. Dev tells Gajanand that he has ruined Rishi’s life and that he will also destroy the rest of the Mathur family.

Amaya asks Rachita to not inform Sneha about her injury. Pushpa tells Amaya that Gajanand wants to meet her. He wants Amaya and her family to go back to Mumbai but she refuses. Gajanand worries for Sneha and knows Dev will find them. Dev vows to ruin the Mathurs. Rachita questions Sneha when she sees her worried. Amaya overhears Dev’s conversation with his employeesDev asks his associate to gather information about Sneha’s family. Gajanand drops Jaz to her house. Sneha warns Amaya, Rachita and Jasmine to return home on time. A worried Sneha informs Hari about Dev. He says nothing will happen to you and the girls, it is impossible for Dev to find you. Dev says he does not know meaning of forgetting and forgiving. Sneha comes from the temple. Dev is present there. Dev and Sneha see each other. Do you like Dev’s entry in Tere Sheher Mein? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Already rudra have a bad character in this serial
    Again entry a bad character it’s too much…..

  2. Need Manya track…. Love their pair… Mantu and Amaya have great chemistry and making wonderful onscreen jodi

  3. yes. this will be interesting

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