Do you like current track of Kumkum Bhagya?


Kumkum Bhagya is the prime slot show of Zee tv. It stars Sriti Jha, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Leena Jumani in lead roles. The show is known for dragging plots along good chemistry between the lead actors. Tanu’s parents visit Dadi and reveal that their daughter, Tanu is pregnant and Abhi is the reason for it. Dadi scolds Tanu and her parents. Tanu’s parents are adamant on their words, claiming that Tanu is indeed pregnant. Dadi asks Abhi about Tanu’s parents’s saying. She asks him whether it is true or not. Abhi gets tensed and does not lie to Dadi. He replies that what Tanu’s parents are saying is all true. Dadi slaps him in anger and breaks all relationship with him. Dadi tells Pragya that if she leaves with Abhi, then she will break the relationship with her too. Dadi refers to Tanu as second woman in Abhi’s life, which doesn’t go well with Tanu’s parents, who reply that Pragya is second woman in Abhi’s life.

Dadi insults Tanu’s parents. Tanu tells everyone that Abhi had promised to marry her after divorcing Pragya. Dadi is now ashamed of her grandson who was once her pride. Pragya stops Abhi by asking him to stay back and making him realize his importance in the family. Abhi doesn’t listen to her and asks her to take care of Dadi. Pragya asks Abhi to be calm as she would convince Dadi and she would forgive him. Pragya visits Dadi and speaks for Abhi. But Dadi does not want to hear anything and tells Pragya that she could too leave the home. Abhi meets each member of the family and leaves the home. Pragya cries missing Abhi and Dadi explains her helplessness to Pragya. Tanu emotionally blackmails Pragya to win Abhi and Dadi. Do you like current track of Kumkum Bhagya? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion for your choice.

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  1. Reunite abhi and pragya.we want to see them happy.

  2. It is interesting that you conduct these polls and then DON’T listen to the Viewers. As you can see it is an “overwhelming” STOP dragging the storyline and Unite Pragy and Abhi. But will you Listen???????

  3. Reunite abhi and pragya

  4. Pls let Abhi to make confession of his love… Pls unite them and get the tanu out. We are looking for that only.

  5. Yes Gigi you’re right.will the writer listen to use or does she just wants our meaning

  6. Plz stop it

    Unite abhi n pragya plz

  7. I hate the ‘fake’ promos… They showed a promo of Pragya finding out that it’s not Abhi’s child such a long time ago but nothing like that even happened… It’s a cheap tactic to make us watch this dragging saga… Get over with it already !!!

  8. all of u r ryt guyss,,….. i totally agree with u ……….. stop dragging it and reunite abhigya………….

  9. Eish……lots if dragging

  10. stop dragging and bring some happiness in abhi and pragya’s life

  11. I don’t like the current track.please unite abigya.I want to see them happy.

  12. Please reunite abhi and pragya. …

  13. Pls finish dis track soon.I dnt like da current track

  14. The current track of Tanu’s pregnancy is going on for months now without any intelligent scripting….they are slowly advancing Abhi Pragya’s relation but how can the track be acceptable to viewers when in today’s world the things shown are illogical, irresponsible and sometimes beyond ridiculous? No one is questioning Tanu….Nikhil was introduced to eavesdrop….added another villain in Raj…..etc etc…The serial makers are taking advantage of Abhi Pragya’s chemistry and dragging on and on…..they show a small clip of Abhi Pragya everyday…..cheats!

  15. To Writers : please take tanu out of abhigya ‘s life.she is insulting and misusing pragya ‘s true love. ?????

  16. Stop draging it with tanus pregnancy and focus more on abhis and pragyas chemistry and i cant wait for the eposide when abhi tells pragya that he loves her

  17. Too much DRAGGING. Please STOP IT !!!! Please kill Tanu’s character and the b*t*h will be gone for good. Too much dragging. I feel this will be the same next year

  18. The director think that viewers are idiots.. in this serial the Ranchana is pregant over 1 year.. Tanu with out any symptoms more than 5 months.. please make them relief by any miracle scenes.. director Sab…

  19. As gigi has said u ppl conduct polls but do not listen to d viewers interst.. Pls writers of kkb.. Come with an interesting story line or stop dis crap of dragging to the core

  20. are u serious guys have u totally gone mad we are fed up with this bullshit track…just end this present track uffffffff and unite abhigya…

  21. stop this present stupid pregnancy drama….don’t make us angry….

  22. The worst serial ever i have seen in my life…….itni dragging mainay kissi bhi serial main nahi dekhi……i just hate u pargya and abhi……and ofcourse the entire team of this ewwww serial

  23. It is good to see that finally Abhi and Pragya are coming close to realizing their love for each other, although knowing the show I find it hard to believe that they will actually get together and live happily. Why is it that Abhi has not once questioned the paternity of Tanu’s baby ? He was after all kidnapped and away from Tanu’s life for a long time. Is doing the math that hard for him?

    My disappointment with this show, is that they have let criminals go unscathe. Although we know real life is different, these TV shows do effect some people’s thinking and actions and lead them to believe that it is easy to manipulate and play with people’s lives and emotions without consequence. Are the Villans above law? And now why is Raj upset at Abhi ? His wife’s stupidity has cost him his dignity.

    Pragya has been fooled by Tanu’s and Aliya for far too long ! She should realize after all these two have done to her that Tanu’s is still trying to separate them. She was a professor so please don’t make her act so dumb ! Stop the nonsense and let us see the truth about Tanu’s baby come out and the truth about kidnapping and the real culprits who planned and plotted this get punishment .

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