Do you like Colors’ next offering Krishnadasi?


Colors’ new show Krishnadasi will be airing from 26th January 2016. It brings a love story of Aradhya and Aryan. Aradhya is a member of Devdasi family, who has hatred with Aryan’s family. The conflict between both families pose a hurdle to Aradhya and Aryan’s love. Aradhya and Aryan study in same college and fell in love. They did not know the hatred between their families, which would not let them unite.

Aryan’s family hate Aradhya because of some past hidden secret. Aradhya’s grandmother Kumudini was a Devdasi of Krishnavati. She has faced much humiliation from Aryan’s grandfather Pradhyumna Vidyadhar. The rivalry between Kumudini and Vidyadhar still continues. Kumudini comes back in the village to take revenge from Vidyadhar. Aradhya now has to find out the enmity roots between Kumudini and Vidyadhar. Aradhya finds out that she is successor of the Devdasi family and has to take that tradition ahead. She determines to find the story of Devdasi system.

Indira Krishnan, Chhavi Mittal, Uday Tikekar, Tasha Kapoor, Shweta Mahadik and Chaitanya Adib will be part of the show. Sana Amin Sheikh and Shravan Reddy will be playing the leads Aradhya and Aryan. While the concept looks a tough one, the leads will have much to offer in their unique roles. Do you like Colors’ next offering Krishnadasi? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. s…ofcourse…i think its like tamil version….its very famous serial in tamil….nw i really hope this hindi versio should be that range to be reached….im so excited to see the eachother character in that role as wel as tamil….
    let seee….

    1. yes I have seen the episodes in Tamil Gemini ganesan,a well known. film actor of 60’s will come as the hero’s grandpa

  2. what’s new?

  3. ya it may be copy from the tamil version In tamil it is a fabulous serial all the actors like
    old vertile actor Gemini Ganesan,Nalini,Ranjitha,Sujaraguram and special charactor of Viatnam veedu Sundram are too good actors in tamil expecting the same from hindi

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I think its same concept like adhuri khanani humari and a movie of akashy khanna and kareena kappoor, where families hate each other and end up in maaring the leads ( sorry dont remember the movie name)

  5. Rivals between families and love couple leads from that two familie… I find similarities with tashn e ishq… but not completely….

  6. no tei is much better…!!

  7. Lead actess is not good..changing her will be better. Manmarziyan actresses were good. Shravan is good.

  8. Ya this is remake of tamil version. Serial name is same ‘Krishnadasi’. Its one of the popular show in Sun TV. Very good artist in tamil version like Gemini ganesan sir, Nalini mam, Ranjitha, Suja raguram, Aravind akash, Adukalam Naren, Viyetnam
    Veedu Sundhram sir, Manohar, Nagesh sir.

    1. S. That serial is also from Kitti padmini. The story line is same. Tamil version had good cast. I never missed to watch that serial.

      1. *Kutti padmini

  9. The story seems to be different. Wasps totally different from what I expected when I saw the promo and totle, didn’t expect it to be about hatred between two families . Am really excited to see Sana Amin Sheikh as Aradhya and Shravvan Reddy as Aryan together in this show

  10. Only for Neil of manmarziyaan

  11. track is differentt………….but plzzzz change the lead actressssssss

  12. Archal Dhruv Chandani

    Yes***********Please change the Leads Actress…YUK

  13. Please another actress

  14. Waiting to see shravan reddy…

  15. common people

    I dont lyk it …sounds boring n revengefull

  16. #1FanofShravanReddy

    I don’t like the female lead either but the show has started and I think Shravan and sana will look good together although she’s a lot shorter than him?
    Well watching this only for Shravan, love him always and forever!???❤

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