Do you like Avinash Sachdev’s entry in Qubool Hai?


Avinash Sachdev has joined the cast of Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai. He was last seen in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir as the lead character Shlok Agnihotri. He is donning the character of Armaan, who is the lost son of Khan Begum. His character will evolve as Mahira’s love interest, after Azaad and Armaan meet with an accident. There will be major surgeries done for both, where Azaad’s heart will be transferred to Armaan. While Azaad’s character comes to an end, Mahira will start a new relationship with Armaan. Armaan will not possess any superpowers, though he will be Khan Begum’s lost son, whom she is finding desperately.

It so happens that Khan Begum decides to find her lost son Armaan. She gets in a beggar’s disguise and reaches the mosque to see Armaan, who has come there to donate money to beggars. She wishes she gets to see a glimpse of him. Khan Begum thinks it would be easier for her to meet Armaan in beggar’s disguise. Khan Begum gets infront of Armaan and gets tears in her eyes. She wanted to stop him, but could not call his name after seeing Mahira there. She hides her face and leaves from the mosque. Back home, Mahira gets worried seeing blood popping out instead mehendi from the cone. Khan Begum pacifies her and asks her not to take it as any bad sign. She says true love shall win and asks Mahira not to worry. Armaan gets into an argument with a man who scolded little children. Armaan recalls his similar childhood incident and shuts the man’s mouth by money. He then turns up at Khan Begum’s residence, where he accidentally comes infront of Mahira. Mahira was sighting the moon through the net and saw Armaan instead her true lover Azaad. Mahira slaps Armaan for spoiling the rituals. Do you like Avinash Sachdev’s entry in Qubool Hai? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. And in 3 months he and mahira will get murdered as usual. And Khan Begum will live and Razia will come back again.. they have never stop lives. They just keep coming back.. i lost all hopes in this show. Gul khan must be on drugs.. one minute she is playing nice and clean and then the shit starts again. Ughh

    1. I totally agree with you now my temper towards this serial is coming to an end

  2. June Roopnarine

    I think that it’s so nice but at lease have one actor for the main lead as azad come to and end it’s fustrating to let someone else take the lead what about screen what’s her role now .

  3. Laughing in Hindi. Until Zoya casts with all the men in India. At least find single men and pair her with them. I have a movie for them next season titled #solongaletter!

  4. Radikah come get your man. We love u guys.

  5. Yes i like it yaar more than azad arman is better plz pair mahira and arman

  6. Shit….. same thing as usual

  7. haaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa dis is sooo stupid… zoya a pr*stitute to hav ol those men in ha lyf???i wonder …..y not end this has been a while n thers nothing new

  8. Same rubbish story. Will dese evil die ever ya humesha dey will win nd come back again and again. Qubool hai is a shit serial.

  9. Avinash entry is nice. But mahira-azad pair is so good than mahira-armaan pair. I love azma.

  10. no sorry I don’t like it. I prefer Azad because Rajbeer is so touching and he brings me to a special and singular sphere with his supernatural powers, the show looks different and very special from others dramas currently, 2 months are not enough, SO PLEASE make him stay till next year. Thanks a lot.

  11. Azad looks amazing with mahira, after long seasons there was spark in azma, but what to say these writers will spoil story themselves and will keep on changing. Atleast for once let live true lovers together. Just allow our azma.

    It’s qubool hai so despo writers will never get sense. Stopped watching and started for azma, again QUBOOL NAHI HAI for armaan

  12. No noooooo.Never again i will watch this. Disgusting!! At this point i will say Surbhi Jyoti is truly desperate to be still in the show.Bye bye!

  13. I am sure gul is affected mentally…
    When something goes well she took promise to spoil it..
    waise bhi, bring someone manly and handsome like rajbeer instead of this avinash,who looks like boy not a man….
    also his introduction is not natural…
    his voice looks, he thinks he got famous as shlok and doing same..
    Mr.Avinash,even now if we recollect iss pyar ko kya naam title,we just recollect Arnav Singh raizadha////
    Better act well and talk well…u r boring
    We want a man opposite Mahira and Azad is there..
    Hope dumb and deaf writers get this

  14. I love this entry

  15. No I never like him after long time qubool hai comes back to interesting chapter because of rajbeer and surbhi ‘ s uniqueness and the amazing chemistry they share. but avinash has nothing to give

  16. Lol what with the film …… were are you guys heading to with changing hearts are u trying to say azad died

  17. Unique storylines from this brilliant mind producer.. As a psychic medium i say well done 2u.. Dont lose ur spark u have a great sense of humour.. All the best keep extendin ur ideas.. Qubool hai is tops..!

  18. shitty story peer baba told mahira that she will find her true love in that haveli but they are pairing aarman and mahira

  19. What the hell is going serials ne sb rishte pyar etc sb kuch gdbd kr diya hai.definition hi change kr di hai sb kuch ki..inme mothers hai jo pehle apne sons ki lv mariage krwati hai just to satisfy ego or sm motive thn khud use break krti hai.or ye girls..inka to koi jwab hi nhi..ek ki jga ghungat k neeche kisi or ki shadi ho jati hai or kisi ko pta tk nhi chlta..thn wo apne so calld husband ko hasil krne me kitni plotting krti hai how this our culture..n the lead role guy hmesha ek number ka duffer hota hai jise kuch bhi pta nhi hota..i just wonder k actors ese shows kaise kr lete hai..dont they feel shame..n please qubool hai khtm kro..kya ye stupid topics sell kr rhe hai.isme ya to dayan superstions ke topic hai ya fir hr roj blue moon night hoti hai..what the hell is this blue moon night..

  20. Ab india television ke pas koi logicl topic to bcha ab sb jga pr dayan,superstions,nagin,miracles,rebirth ye sb chl rha hai..just iritating tv

  21. Just fed up of seeing surbhi again n again as a stupid lead

  22. Shhit i dnt like armaan frm his vry 1 st serial chhoti bahu he is completely unnecessarily casted in d serial dunno wht happnd to rajbeer why he is leaving d show i alws miss asya n sahil god what has happened to d writers….???

  23. God wht has happened to d writers dnt they know how to make it interesting.Think if zoya were here wht c would say,”allah miyaan what’s wrong with u,with how many actors i would be getting paired “lolll …????

  24. I was so intrigued by the sudden turn in this serial , wanted to see more of the actor who played the role of azaad (Mr Rajbeer Singh ) i believe that Avinash although a good actor (choti Bahu) i would prefer to see Rajbeer as Azaad he is just too perfect for this role , he has a savage yet appealing look that can mesmerize any woman . am going to miss seeing him stride in that Powerful demanding manner .Avinash is just not suited for this type of role he lacks the body structure ,the haunting looks .

  25. I agree with all u said satti BHagwandine

  26. I like avinash in this serial. He is perfect match of surbhi. Well done avinash, keep it up. I am watching this serial because of avinash.

  27. Well done avinash, keep it up

  28. Well done avinash, keep it up

  29. Happy to see avinash ✌✌good go ahead

  30. I love Armaan (Dev) and think Mahira and him are good together but Azaad was also a very nice match for her and sorry tht they did not share enough screen space together. All her man never hv an relationship with her. Think they must do gara prayer for Mahira

  31. I didn’t like armaan

  32. I love azad. Rajbeer realy fit to this(azad) charactor.

  33. Surbhi jyoti will be paired up with all the male actors exists in india in a single show

  34. This is just so stupid!!!
    Qubool hai is one of my favorite show but now I’m starting to hate it. The writers just messing it up from Azad to Armaan smh. We want Azad and not Armaan.

  35. hello writers plzzzzzz end this show..i dont watch it anymore…in this serial all the actors will for dying…and villans lives forever….sooo stupid the starting days this is my fav serial..but now its bull shit..i like asad and zoya pair…but now you are showing her like a pr*stitute…

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