Do you like Amaya and Mantu’s chemistry in Tere Sheher Mein?


Tere Sheher Mein has got a cute love story of Amaya and Mantu. With each episode, the couple is looking better and better with good chemistry between them. As per the current track, Mantu helps Amaya in healing her leg. Amaya insists that he return home. Mantu narrates the tragic deaths of his and Uma’s families. He tells Amaya that Uma is not his girlfriend. Amaya thanks Mantu for the dress. Mantu asks Amaya to milk the cow when she feels hungry. Amaya makes fun of Mantu. She is dejected recalling Rishi and shares her miseries with Mantu. Amaya thanks Mantu for his help. Rachita and Jasmine are worried about Amaya. Jasmine confronts Uma for insulting Amaya. The goons assault Mantu for refusing to reveal Bansi’s whereabouts. Mantu informs the police about the goons. A furious Rachita confronts Uma for insulting Amaya. Amaya lies to Uma about Mantu. Uma enquires with Mantu on seeing him injured. Amaya tries to meet Mantu the next day.

Ramashrey’s mother confronts him for not spending time with Kavita. Mantu tells Chiklu how some goons attacked him. Chiklu apologises to Uma for giving her dress to Amaya. Uma asks Amaya to return her dress. Mantu is worried as his watch goes missing. Later, Mantu and Uma search for the watch. Amaya suggests that Jasmine go to Chiklu’s house to congratulate him, but she refuses. Rachita asks Ramashrey to meet her. Ramashrey decides to profess his love to Rachita.Amaya realizes her feelings for Mantu, after talking to Vasudha (Vidya Balan). Vasudha guides her about love and how she can know love has begun in her life. Do you like Amaya and Mantu’s chemistry in Tere Sheher Mein? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Yes they both look cute when they are together I watch this show only for these two buddy

  2. Oh de seem lyk star crossd lovers….nd r meant for each other

  3. Yes. They look better. But you guys need to move it bit faster…People don’t have patience and you guys will be left with no viewers if you drag like this…

    Also, Can you please have Sneha as much less as possible..She is boring as hell…As Ram Kapoors wife, had great expectation. But she is damp squib…..

  4. Nice jodi

  5. They make good couple

  6. very nice nd beautiful jodi

  7. They are perfect and made for each other plus both of them looks cute.

  8. Just lovely couple ? manya …. ?

  9. Manya is so cute <3 <3

  10. lovely couples..

  11. perfect jodi

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