Do you like Akshara’s blindness struggle track in YRKKH?


Star Plus’ has brought a new track in the show. The show is bringing the struggles of a blind person. The tough situations to deal with managing day to day chores will be seen. Akshara has lost her eyesight. The Singhanias and the Maheshwaris are shocked to learn that Akshara has lost her vision. Tara’s Dada ji insists Sangram to confess his misdeed to the Singhanias. Naitik takes Akshara to a doctor and consoles her.

Akshara is shocked when Naitik tells her that she is suffering from temporary blindness. The Singhanias and Maheshwaris are shattered knowing Akshara’s condition. Nandini meets Akshara and tries to motivate Akshara. Jasmeet tells the family members that they must motivate Akshara. She tells them to be ready for any worse situation and pray at the same time. Nandini’s words encourage Akshara to come out of her space.

Rukmani tells everyone about Akshara’s weakness which made her handicapped. Bhabhimaa slaps Rukmini. Mishti and Mohit scold Rukmini for insulting Akshara. Karishma gets medicines for Akshara and also a walking stick. Naitik scolds Karishma for bringing a walking stick for Akshara. Naitik makes Akshara ready for puja and makes her attend the daily puja. Akshara tries to walk on her own and accidentally hurts Mishti. Akshara and Mishti get injured. Akshara apologizes to Mishti and takes the walking stick from Karishma. Naitik asks Akshara not to blame herself for accidentally injuring Mishti. The family gets shocked seeing Akshara use the walking stick. The struggles and trauma of a blind person are shown in the homely show. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is again trying to bring a struggle in the story line and pass a social message. Do you like this track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment as well.

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  1. No.We don’t want to see our sweetypie Akshara suffering like this… Pls show her fit n fine again as she was b4… ?

  2. Obviously “NO”!! Akshara is the main pillar of this daily soap… I can’t bear to see her struggling even for a second..

  3. No…no…no… Pls show Akshara recover as soon as possible… n pls change this track… We don’t like it… Akshara get well soon dear…

  4. No. Akshara Singhania pls recover soon… ?????????

  5. No. Pls show our Akshara fit fine n healthy.

  6. No it’s horrible track alter it or be prepare for loosing TRP

  7. Gargi harkawat

    Please bring akshara’s eyesight back ,we all can’t see her like this……. U known my tv does not work so i read tellyupadates daily from akshara’ s eyesight gone when i came to read precap my half eye filled with water .. Really especially 26 dec 2015 Episode.

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooo much tym…. ab show must end…

  9. Seriously it shud end now….wats this sas bahu serials….no youth oriented serials at all…its running since 7-8yrs…but they badtameez dil jus in an year…nt fair at all..hate saas bahu serials…sathiya this show balika vadhu plss end them

    1. well youth oriented r mainly full of hatred & love affairs [ mainly love triangles ] – simply nonsense immaturity

      for bd it was hurtful to see d level of hatred , especially with manipulation by third person
      have u spared a thought for that child who was living away from his mom & gets a new dad at d end

      well a good couple needs to b good parents – should prioritize love over hatred

      surely I too hate saas bahu types with nonsense expectations , useless sacrifices , punching bag type showpiece husband & amplified women empowerment

      but simply yrkkh is a beautiful love story – even today

      I don’t care about sathiya , dabh , matsh , ss etc

      1. ya u absoluetly right

  10. No not liking the script..we love watching sweet talks of akahara ..and surely her pretty dress, make up and hair a days..boring and very sad..pls change it and include some dada jis and rukmani’s fight scenes..and marry nakah and tara..and add few funny new moments of tara’s adjustment to new akahara did..loved those time and missing fun

  11. surely not but please display a better sync between d love birds as their love is d backbone of d serial

  12. Can u pls make akshara normal again bcos this really makes whole serial worst

  13. dis serial i loved much becoz i can switch dis serial any time with all my family.their is no irritating scene.i started to dis serial late.but till now its voulgour dialouges etc.the only serial i can never hate is dis serial a big salute to dis serial……i request only one thing plz end only dis track..

  14. i hate akshara she is so goody-goody, though i love sara khan.

  15. I am ok with it, as long as it is short lived. I understand the writers are trying to spread awareness about how to treat people who have trouble seeing with respect. But in the beginning of the track the doctor also said that in a month Akshara’s eyesight should be back to normal. So I am hoping for that.

  16. High time this show ended. All meaningless and unrealistic tracks are being introduced. I watched this show from day 1 till akshara had her first baby. Post that I lost interest…the serial got stupid day by day…End this serial on a good note..high time

  17. Aakanksha Gupta

    no… it’s tooo boring too see this plzzz change this topic

  18. Everything except akshara and naitik is awsm abt this srl

  19. Yes she is blind and now it is going to be intersting

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