Do you like Afreen’s entry along Mahira-Azaad’s marriage track in Qubool Hai?


The sweet looking Pooja Bose will be entering the show Qubool Hai which airs on Zee TV. Her entry will be bringing many twists. Pooja will be donning the role of an evil witch Afreen. She will be Azaad’s first wife who did not have good terms with him. Recently, we have seen Mahira getting married where she believes she married Amaad. Mahira clears to Amaad that she loves only Azaad. This marriage did not happen by her will. Mahira cries her heart out to tell the truth. She gets stunned seeing Azaad as her groom. Mahira and Azaad got married. Mahira was happy that she has got her love. But with Afreen’s entry, Mahira will find reasons to cry again.

Qubool Hai stars Surbhi Jyoti as Mahira Akhtar, Rajbeer Singh as Azaad Iqbal Khan, Additi Gupta as Khan Begum, Ankit Raaj as Amaad Iqbal Khan and now got an addition of Pooja Bose as Afreen. Actress Pooja Bose had played the role of Radha in Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki. She played the lead role Vrinda in the Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna. She then replaced Sonarika Bhadoria in the mythological show Devon Ke Dev – Mahadev as Goddess Parvati. This time, Pooja will be seen in completely negative role as the evil witch like Khan Begum. Do you like Afreen’s entry along Mahira-Azaad’s marriage track in Qubool Hai? Let us know in this poll. You may leave comment too in the section below.

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  1. Afreen’s entry was good. But I didn’t like afreen comes between in azhira

    1. Enna pdikiriya

  2. Meher take resignation back and marry a beer again apna ego chhod do miss akdoo

  3. Afreen’s entry was ok but now it will disappoint us coz she will separate AzMa 🙁 n does afreen is azad’s first wife?!! If it’s so then definitely she will try to separate AzMa ! Hope it won’t happen. just waiting to see coming twistes

  4. idnt like qabool hai since ahil and sanam exit

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I dnt watch too much draging witchcraft n no new story line couples never tgether in love n peace
    updates ar enough for me
    lv MA

  6. I don’t want any villain between Mahira and Azad this season. I want dreams , seeing love, complicity, tenderness because Azad is very good acting as a protector, a lover, His character needs love, affection and he shall find all these qualities near Mahira. Thanks a lot .

  7. now it become interesting but dont want to see azhira seprated

    1. I too wish them not to get separated..

  8. Qubool hai was the best serial when asya were there then it dropped trp rates but then it raised back up after sahil. Now mahira and azaad track raised it even more but with afreen in the track will just bring it down to square one
    I dont think afreen should be there as razia and kb are enough

  9. Why is there anything about love in these dramas? Nobody get to enjoy their love. Asad & Zoya died but at least they consummated their marriage at what cost however. Aahil & Sanam did not get that far and they died without bringing together their love. Now Azaad & Mahira are now married and they do not even get one night.

    What is the point. Are these writers sadistic or what? They have no love in them just evil because that is all that is coming out of them.

    Jodha Akbar was all about a medieval love story and they twisted it until it is off the air now. The same fate will come to this as this is just about consenting to marry they lve doomed and never enjoy the love.


    1. I agree with you..these writers cant even think abt lovers getting together…whenever they get together something bad tired of watching this nonsense…..yaar try to show something positive abt love

  10. June Roopnarine

    I think it’s time to get the show on the Right track azad and mahira should stand unbreakable inspite of afreen entry they should be unstoppable them self directors we need to see some good stuff on qubool hai please as the two got married give them time to live like husband and wife in a way I’m disappointed ….reading from one person screen should lay low for awhile or remove her for now or bring in and goddess to take her out……

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