Do you find Tashan-E-Ishq holding interest?


Zee TV’s Tashan-E-Ishq is bringing some high twists in the show. The last twist was Yuvraj to lose his memory in the show. But he saves Twinkle from falling. This makes Twinkle believes that Yuvraj is only pretending to lose memory. Yuvraj announces his birthday party. Yuvraj asks for Twinkle and demands that Twinkle dress him up. Twinkle doubts on his behavior and refuses to dress him up. Kunj is the manager of the hotel and he is asked to serve during the organized party. It is all Anita’s plan and no one is aware of it. Kunj agrees become a waiter. Yuvraj birthday party begins at the hotel and everyone is shocked to see Kunj dressed as a waiter.

Twinkle starts missing Kunj and is doubtful of her love. Bebe tells Twinkle that her love for Kunj would bring him back home soon. Anita insults Kunj. Twinkle gets angry and starts shouting on Anita. Leela calls Kunj up and Twinkle answers the call. Kunj gets kidnapped and Twinkle accuses Anita to be behind this kidnapping. Anita angrily threatens Twinkle and Leela. The police fails to find Kunj. Twinkle gets shocked receiving the bad news of Kunj’s death. Twinkle finds Kunj and tries to save him. Kunj and Twinkle are put to an unconscious state and tied up in a cold storage. Kunj gets conscious and is shocked seeing Twinkle beside. Kunj frees himself and Twinkle. Twinkle and Kunj reach home. The kidnapping drama continues about finding the culprit. Anand is proved guilty of kidnapping Kunj and Twinkle and is arrested by police. Twinkle tries to save Anand. Do you find Tashan-E-Ishq holding interest? Does this track interest you or would you prefer a romantic track instead this suspense track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb show twinkle is super actress????????

  2. Actually i didnt find the show worth watching after they made Yuvi as villain and brought Kunj as lead opposite Twinkle…but this is just my opinion i dont want to offend anyone…for me this show lost its charm when Yuvi and Twinkle werent together anymore.

  3. I have a neutral opinion on this track. The negative thing is that the kidnapping track was unnecessary, and Twinj facing a lot of problems
    But the positive thing is that in this pretext we got to see the blossoming romance between Twinj
    And, zahin imam did a fantastic job by acting as Yuvi who is acting like a kid ,his tactics made me laugh especially when he called Anita Churail aunty 😛

  4. I love kunj and twinkle …..I want some romantic track …I also love yuvi and twinkle …I want romantic scenes to happen between them’:-) 🙂

  5. I love the track but kidnapping thing was unnecessary as fatarajo said , zain imam is doing a fab acting as a child, but Kunj taking twinkle’s doubt casually even not trusting her when he knows yuvi can act also, so I hope the coming track would be interesting.

  6. Not bad track… But don’t dragg much… PLEASE…!!!!

    1. Hi my desi friend missed u really badly
      U also like to watch Tashan-e-Ishq?

  7. Yes…….twinj rocks….yyvi ‘S jst a bore

  8. I love twinj pair ……..due to kidnaping track we can see true love between twink….
    I live uvi says to her mom has chudel anty..

  9. I love twinj and I want romantic track in tashn e ishq and Yuvi is so bore.

  10. This serial is awesome

  11. there is lots of suspense….. that is true …but it would be better to see more romance and ego clashing between Twikle and Kunj….. afterall, it is Tashan E Ishq

  12. there is lots of suspense….. that is true and its good …but it would be better to see more romance and ego clashing between Twikle and Kunj….. afterall, it is Tashan E Ishq

  13. I love tashan e ishq. Twinj rocks. I always find so much interest in the show especially twinj romance. The most amazing test was yuvi pretending of memory loss

  14. no yr..twinj was d best and will always b..
    hate uv

  15. yeah we want a romantic track n twinkle to have a child.then throw anita out of house

  16. of course I really want a romantic track coz twinj{best couple}. I love this n plz let anita not destroy this

  17. i started watching this drama .. it showed yuvraj as main lead now they are making him villian.. the hero who started the show is one audience want to see as hero .. plus his acting is worth watching not sure about twinj not much tashan lol

  18. I lvu watching tashan e ishq yaaaaar !!!!!All the actors (especially twinkle) are awesome

  19. wonderful show


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