Do you find DABH dragging after the leap?


Bhabho tells Meenakshi that she wants to get Sooraj married to Lalima. Bhabho tells Lokesh about her wish to get Sooraj married to Lalima. Lokesh refuses Bhabho’s proposal. Bhabho tries to convince Lalima to marry Sooraj. Lokesh tells Bhabho that Lalima has agreed to marry Sooraj being influenced by her words Shekhar tells the troops of Garjana about their plan for August 15. The pandit declares August 15 to be an auspicious day for Sooraj and Lalima’s wedding. Bhabho wants Sooraj’s marriage to happen soon. She believes Lalima can bring Sooraj’s life on right track and make his smile return. Bhabho prevents Lokesh from knowing that Sooraj is mentally unstable. She hides that Sooraj is living with Sandhya’s memories. Ved gets upset seeing Bhabho give away Sandhya’s bridal dress to Lokesh. Bhabho convinces Ved to agree for Sooraj’s sake.

Sooraj runs out of the car seeing Lalima in Sandhya’s bridal dress. Sandhya asks Shekhar about Garjana. Shekhar informs Sagarika about a dancer, Chanchal. Sandhya decides to replace Chanchal at Shekhar’s drama company to find Chandu. Bhabho agrees to Lokesh to get Sooraj engaged to Lalima. Chanchal sprains her leg. Shekhar blames Manjari for Chanchal’s sprained leg. Manjari assures Shekhar that Sagarika will dance for his drama company. Sagarika agrees to dance. Lalima and Lokesh reach the Rathi House for the engagement ceremony. Bhabho lies to Sooraj about his engagement with Lalima and makes him assume Sandhya. Sandhya informs Bharat’s associate about Garjana’s meeting at Raipur. Sandhya’s mission will take a big turn when she spots Sooraj at the temple. Sandhya and Sooraj will come face to face and this will add big drama in Rathi family, having chosen Lalima as the new bride for Sooraj. Do you find DABH dragging after the leap? Let us know in this poll and leave your opinion about the show, current track and Lalima’s entry.

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  1. Sandya and suraj should unite soon plzzzzzzz finish this separation track soon ??

  2. It’s really boring and dragging, waste of time.

  3. True love never fails so Sooraj and Sandhya must be united

  4. pls stop dragging and unite Sandhya and Sooraj soon


  6. its not jus now..its always draggin. except the hijack episode serial is always boring and this time its heights of dragging

  7. Yeah it’s dragging plz surya unite plz 🙁

  8. Its the most bakwaas show of star plus after saath nibhana saathiya….nothing seems close to reality..uneccessary dragging of story n useless acting…star plus can u make more meaning full shows which seem real n practical like shows on zindagi Chanel.and pl wind up these two shows asap along with yeh rishta kya kehlata hair..another useless show.

  9. After sandhya’s police training and the flight hijack….seriously this show lost its track and went out of sense.Its soo bad and they are dragging like anything .Plz stop the show if u guys don’t have a proper track so that many other nice stories will at least come…..for now plz unite suraj and sandhya and end the show…..plz…

  10. Hate lalima’s entry but enjoying sandhya’s mission

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