Do YHM and DABH’s mysteries look boring now?


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Diya Aur Baati Hum are having mystery tracks. YHM’s suspense of Ashok’s informer in Bhalla family is dragging a lot. Even DABH’s suspense of Mohit’s murder is getting dragged. With promos airing for both shows, there is nothing progressing in show.

In DABH, the mystery is not ending. Lokesh and Emily both confess to have murdered Mohit. Sandhya suspects Emily. Sandhya was doubting Emily has run away with her daughter, but then Emily visits the station. She confesses to Mohit’s murder. Sandhya and Satyadev set a trap to arrest Komal. Emily takes Komal and hides from them. She locks Komal in her mother’s house. Sandhya has to solve Mohit’s murder case in three days. She thinks of some connecting link in this case. Sandhya realizes Sooraj is the caller who informed police about Mohit’s murder. The mystery is still revolving as Sooraj is not the murderer.

YHM has the secret informer in Bhalla house. This can also be Ashok’s lie to Shagun to put fear in her and cross out all the options of help for Shagun and Ishita. Ishita has done spirit drama just to know that informer. She has even gone for dinner at Ashok’s place. Ashok asks Ishita to dance with him. Ashok acts clever and secretly hides a microphone in Ishita’s bag. He then makes excuse and leaves for a meeting. She could not get any clue. Ashok hears Ishita and Prateek’s conversation. Ashok does not hear about Shagun as the mic gets damaged. Ishita suspects Sarika to be Ashok’s informer. Ishita confronts her and gets convinced Sarika is not the one. After Simmi, Pathak, Sarika, now Ishita gets suspicious about Mihir.

The mystery is still same. Ishita is doubting everyone and then track shows how the person is realized innocent, only to target on new member in suspicion. Shagun and Ishita’s suspense and so much planning did not work. Viewers are taken into a ride to visit every Bhalla member and then return back to same point. The long tracks get boring at times and may interest some mystery show lovers. We would like to know if this YHM-DABH mystery tracks bore you or you find it interesting. Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. boring pls end the mystery

  2. yes its boring

  3. now they r dragging it much . plz end the mystry in yhm

  4. Pls reveal d mystery….otherwise d rating of d show will b low….

  5. Robina Begum

    The dramas are dragging on and on and are getting boring please end this stupid mystery in Ye Hai Mohabbatein otherwise ur r gonna lose viewers!

  6. Yeh,truly they dragg so much mystery.the show bored bcz they had not taken any of clue about the mystry…

  7. much dragging.. Pls end it soon

  8. Yhm track is boring n dragging
    Bt comparing to Yhm, DABH is much better the track is very suspense ☺

  9. Ultimate boring

  10. Pls end the suspend in yhm it’s gone boring tell us the secret informer but I think it’s mihir no offence out there if u love him can u believe it Romi from yhm is in tere mere darmiya


  12. wahiyat serials both of them…………..

  13. Ya it z si boring. Plz end it now. In d starting it was nice but now only dragging and dragggggiiiinnngggg.huh enough of dis nonsense

  14. may be its sarika may be its simi may be its mihir… wait a second…. ektha ji will now show that.. may be its raman bhalla himself… she wont leave a chance to surprise us with her unbelievable boring twists….

  15. Yes??

  16. May be the culprit be Romi who is not turning up since he joined a new tv soap” kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan”. So they will have a twist and they will reveal the traitor. Have patience all of u. But actually please tell fast.

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