Hey guys….my main motive behind writing this is to have a discussion on TEI. We often fight on various topics over comments in daily updates. So today lets discuss few things over here. You plzz feel free to xpress all ur thoughts and emotions. Before starting i would like to say that i m huge fan of tashan e ishq and twinj…..nd i think u know that (those who read my ff).
To begin with..i wanna clear one confusion. Its about yuvraj (zain imam) . i don’t think that we hate zain..just taht we don’t like the char of yuvi. At least i do so…infact i love zain …he is too cute..!! but the problem is i love twinj as a if kunj (sidhant gupta) had not been in the show..we could easily have got twiraj..

bt now i want only twinj…!!
Next is Mahi. Guys how many of u really liked her entry??? I likes her from other serials. But here i feel she is a bit too overreacting..i mean i understand that she love as her char is potrayed, i don’t think she should be so much desperate. She is a girl brought up in London. And according to the writer she is a shy, classy and typical Indian girl. I agree that even after staying abroad one can have such qualities..but how can she be such a “BEHENJI”??????????????

GUYS PLZZZ TAKE NOTE THAT M NT TAKING ABOUT HER DRESSING SENSE. Twinkle also wears Indian outfit. Yet she looks smart and modern though born and brought up in india that too in Amritsar..!! but mahi ………………………………….

can’t even describe her. I think its the fault of cvs…
Even if we accept her as she is ,, it is impossible for us to accept the fact that a girl like her can be so much desperate as to marry yuvi without her father’s consent. Moreover she knows yuvi..may be for a month or so and in this small span she came to know him so well that she decided to marry him right there……..LOL!!

Well this was my opinion …nw its ur time..feel free to comment..m waiting.

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  1. heyyy did anyone see the new valentines day promo
    plzz tell me wat is show in it m very eager to know but that video is just not getting loaded I hav some internet issues, but plzzz if ny1 has seen the let me know

  2. Episodic analysis help us to discuss about the show,,, na?.. I think that tei should air on zee TV everyday,,, even Sunday….

  3. Princess of Kuwait

    Hate tei… twinj and crew… And you all stupid ppl like tara, baby doll, sudha, smc are blaming Simi for just saying the truth… Tei socks… Not rocks….

    1. Better don’t watch tei

      1. lol..guys baby doll nd princess of kuwait..actually u guys rock..i mean wt a fight! i didnt mind nd m sure princess didnt mean it else she wouldn’t hve written the new ff…

      2. Excuse me from where r u . Kuwait does not have a princess . fyn even m from kwt. If u don’t lyk then get lost na y ur commentin here . f*****k offffff b*******. N main thing ur not a frikin princess . can I kno where do ya live in kwt . which school r u in . m study in csk.

    2. Guys I m really for usin this kinda language. But I m getin pissed from ppl writing lyk this comments here . n plus someone of man names doin tat . some ppl r thinkin its me tat too.if princess did not mean it its fyn but Are yaar ye jagah nhi hai ESE comments ke liye . m sry everyone m acting a bit over now .

    3. Same thinking!!!!!!??✌✌????

  4. Omg!!!!!!!!! Princess of Kuwait has same symbol like mine…. But make sure I’m a twinj and tei fan… OK…

  5. Sorry friends Princess of Kuwait is my elder sis and she commented this because I am not studying and my exams are coming and also because I am watching tei a lot… Sorry on the behalf of my sis.. She doesn’t mean that…. That’s why our symbols were same because she commented on my phone and with my email address.. Sorry.. For that I kicked her …. Sorrrrrrryyyyyyy…

  6. Sorry sorry sorry

  7. Sorry..

  8. very confusing..who cmntd what?? can u plz clarify..

  9. Baby doll r u from Kuwait . if yes then can I know from where ? I m tooo from Kuwait . I study in csk ………..☺ m from abasiya.I wish u believe me on dis ………

  10. N yaa Tara pls keep on writin these episodic analysis after few days. I mean it really feels gud to share our feelings here . .?

    1. simi….u r in which class??

  11. I know Tara . this is coz baby dolls sis jus changed d name from baby doll to princess of kuwait . but she msgd from her mobile n her email address . tats y symbols r same .

  12. ok guys i got it..its too confusing….lets end it here..simi dear i knw who u r… the evil simi has green symbol..guys dnt mix her wt our simi..she is a swt girl…
    nd second one baby doll nd princess plz end ur fight at home nt here in cmnts…i hope u got it!

    1. Thnx Tara for clerin out ppls confusions . u know what I too feel tat ur a bestie of mine here . ☺☺☺??? thanks once again

      1. omg…m getting so many besties…!! u r welcome dear..
        btw whats ur age dear.. m 17

  13. No dear I am not from Kuwait my pagal sister commented this because I didn’t want to study… But no problem I kicked her and we had a great fight

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