Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 9th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu talking to Daya Maai. She says I m happy with your relation with Antara. Raghu says Antara was afraid, but my Maai can do anything for me. Daya Maai comes to Aman and says he is a criminal, he can run away beating everyone, so better keep a guard on him. Maai comes to Aman and talks to him. She says you are a slave for me, I can use you and win the game. Aman asks what, whose love are you talking about. Maai says Raghu and Antara. Aman is shocked. Maai says don’t you know about it. She says Antara loves the boy who killed her father. Maai says fate, and now I have given them belssings. I gave Raghu the permission to fall in love. Raghu will keep loving her and one day he will go outside the limits and that day I will play the game by giving Antara this

letter. She will start hating Raghu and such heart broken slaves are very useful in our fields.

Maai says Raghu will be burnt in this and I will use him. She tells Aman that he gave a good weapon in her hands and now she has to play the game and win. Aman says you are his mother, he regards you as his mum and you…. Maai laughs and says I like it.

Antara is waiting for Raghu’s call and he comes to her. She says you, coming again from balcony. She says what did Daya Maai say. Raghu takes her downstairs and says Maai said no for this relation. Antara gets tensed. He says Maai said the girl is not good, does not know cooking. Antara says I know how to food and I will learn cooking. Raghu says I told this to Maai and requested her, but she said no. Antara says no. Raghu says yes, we both…. he says I can’t go against Maai. Antara cries and says it means we… Raghu laughs and says yes, now we…. Antara starts crying and Raghu says stop crying. She says your promised me that you will make Maai agree, but you failed. He says I can’t see you crying. He says I was joking, Maai said yes. Antara says you think this is joke, I felt so bad. Raghu gets closer to her and says sorry.

Antara looks at him and he wipes her tears. Antara hugs him and says I can’t live without you. They have an eyelock and Mera Mahi Tu…. plays…. in the background. He kisses her forehead and says even I don’t know how to live without you. Antara says now we are Do dil ek jaan. Antara and Raghu smiles. Raghu says where is your earring. Antara says I don’t know. Satya is playing with the earring. Maai comes to him and asks him why did you not sleep till now. He says place changed, thats y. Maai talks to him. He says tell me hows your work going on. She says fine. He says you were not here for some time, as you were in jail. Maai says yes, Raghu was there. Satya gets angry. Satya throws darts. Maai says tell me how did you feel living in other country. He says great, she asks about his studies. He says I studied well.

She says I don’t know why you talk like this. He says should I explain you. She says you have to understand. H>ow should I tell you that only your are the one in my life, you are my blood, my son, nothing is important to me than you. Satya says maybe one day I will believe it. He says I m not afraid of you, so I won’t listen to you. Maai leaves.

The next morning, Antara is cooking while talking to Raghu. He asks her to make kashmiri food. She agrees. He asks her to make food for Maai. Antara says for Maai. He says yes, she wants to meet you. Antara says what, he says Maai wants to talk to you. She says why did you not tell me, I” m not ready. He says you look good all time. He says cool down. Antara says tell me what she wants to talk to me. He says don’t worry, I m coming with her. Antara says ok. He asks did you get the earring. She says no, maybe you have it. He says I don’t have it. He says I have your finger ring with me. She says give it back to me, He says no, I won’t give you back, its mine now.

Raghu talks to Antara. Music plays…. Antara smiles. He says do you want it back. She says no, keep it safe. He says ok, I will keep it safe. He says shall I come to your house. She says no, I have to get ready and she says I love you and gives a flying kiss. He says once again. She cuts the call. Raghu smiles. Antara sees Noor and Noor is shocked. Satya comes to Raghu and says not bad. He says you are in love, its great. Raghu leaves. Satya says misscall… who is she. Antara talks to Noor and says it was no one. Noor says to whom did you say I love you. Noor says who is he, tell me. Antara says Raghu. Noor smiles and says I knew it seeing you both. Antara asks what did you think. Noor is happy and asks about Maai, Antara says Maai agreed.

Noor says I m very happy for you. They talk about Antara’s dad who passed away. Antara says you are right, I was not living my life but Raghu taught me to live life. She says I did not think I will fall in love with Raghu. Antara asks Noor to stay with her as Maai is coming to meet her with Raghu.

Satya asks Maai where she is going with Raghu. Raghu looks on. Satya says I like you and Raghu being together. He says nothing has changed. Satya says you said you were waiting for me and you would spend time with me, but see you changed.

Raghu amd Maii come to meet Antara and Noor.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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