Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 8th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manohar asking Rasika to leave. Satya tells some hindi films lines. He taunts Raghu. He says I would have ended the chillies, but unlike you I can’t do overeating. He says you food you eat is by Daya Maai and me. Raghu looks on. He says you should be faithful to us. Raghu says I gained this by hardwork. He says I did not understand as you did not earn anything from hardwork, you got his by Maai. He says I m a Namak Halaal thats why I m silent, else. Satya asks else what…. and smiles. He says eat the sugar and curd from my plate. Raghu smiles and says weak people needs it, not me.

He says you eat it, you need it more than me. Raghu leaves. Satya looks on. Antara thinks I tried calling Raghu, and he did not come to meet her. She sees Raghu coming to her.

She says this happens when the girl says yes. He says I went by Maai’s work and got stuck. She says you would have called me. She asks why are you upset. He says I m fine, nothing. She says are you hiding anything. He says I ate spicy food. She says whats this madness, eating 15 chillies. She cares for him and says I will bring honey for you. She makes Raghu eat the honey. Mera Mahi Tu….. plays….. as they have an eyelock.

She asks are you feeling better now, tell me why you ate so much chillies. He says nothing, she asks how did you fell in the morning. He says how many questions will you ask. She says ok, I won’t ask anything. He says Maai asked me to break the matki and Sahib came and broke the matki. She says you fell so I was looking for you. Did it hurt, he says no. She says you are very quiet, why. He says lets talk something else. She enacts him and he says … She says we have to make some rules. He asks what, she says you will tell me everything about you and never cut my call. He says why will I tell you. She says because we are …. He says what… She says you said whenever I need you, you will come. He says yes, its my promise and I always keep it.

He sees the phone and asks from where did you get this. She says Noor brought this and gave it to me. Raghu gets angry and says give it back to Noor as you won’t use it. He says I will bring a better phone for you. She says why are you shouting on me. Raghu pulls her towards him and wipes her tears. She says first you shout, then make me up, whats this. He says this is my style as I can’t see you cry. she hugs him. Daya Maai is watching this from her balcony. Antara sees Maai and is shocked and leaves Raghu. Raghu asks what happened. Maai calls Raghu and asks him some work. She asks him to come to her and reply. She says do your work, then come to talk to me. Antara is tensed. Maai leaves.

Antara says Maai has seen us. Raghu says its good, I will take care. Antara says Maai did not like this. She says Maai does not like me, you know it, now I don’t understand and starts crying. Raghu asks her to stop crying. She says I m afraid, I know your Maai is your Lord, if she does not accept our relation then… He says I have accepted you and you have accepted me, its enough, I will always love you, this is my promise. Antara says if the time comes for our marriage and Maai does not accept this, then will you go against her and hold my hand. Raghu thinks about it. Antara looks at him. He says if this happens with you, will you go against her? Antara says I would have explained her. He says I will do the same. She says I fear of losing you. He says have faith in me, I will talk to Maai today itself and I will make her agree. Antara smiles and leaves.

Satya is with Maai and says I m not feeling sleepy. He meets Raghu and whistles. He stops Raghu from meeting Maai. He says Maai is busy and said she will meet you later. He says Maai that Raghu came. Maai asks him to wait in the hall and she will meet him later. Raghu leaves. Antara talks to Raghu and asks him did you talk to Maai. He says I did not talk to her yet. He asks her to sleep. She says you are afraid, he says I have faith that no one can make us apart, sleep well. I will tell you if I talk to her. Antara walks outside the house and Satya sees her. He stares at her. Antara sees the bulb going bad and sees Satya standing under it. She gets worried.

He says the light will fall on you, move. Satya does not hear her. Antara saves him. Satya stares at her. She says I told you that the bulb will fall but you did not hear. He calls her bu she leaves. He gets her earrings and smiles. Maai talks to Raghu about Antara. She says these days you are not focusing on work, you are always after Antara and her family. She says I called you but you did not get my call. She says I saw you with that girl. Raghu says Antara. She asks how long do you know her, I know you from childhood. I saved you under my name and did your upbringing and now you don’t take my call, but hers. She says you have hurt me a lot, you did not tell me that you love her. She smiles.

She says what did you think I won’t be happy in your happiness. She says can’t my Raghu fall in love. She says I was thinking to get you married, but you found it yourself. Antara is a nice girl, do you love her. Raghu hugs Maai and says yes. He says you have given me happiness today. Raghu smiles.

Maai shows Aman that Antara will hate Raghu after she reads the letter. Aman is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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