Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 6th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu calling out Aaji. Antara is doing her work. Aaji comes there and talks to Raghu. He asks her what happened to your voice. He brings prasad for Aaji. Aaji eats the prasad and asks him to see Antara. She asks him to give the prasad to Antara also. Raghu goes to Antara and gives her the prasad. Aaji asks Raghu to ask Antara about her mum’s health. He asks her, Antara says she is fine. Aaji tries to bring them closer. Raghu asks about everyone’e welfare. Antara says all are fine. Aaji’s clothes fall from her cupboard, Raghu says I will keep it, but he is unable to do it properly. Aaji says let Antara do it. Rasika comes and brings tea for Raghu. Raghu sees a box is falling on Antara, as she is sitting down. Raghu runs to hold it. He throws the tea cup

and saves Antara. Music plays in the background. Mera Mahi tu…. plays..

Rasika says you have thrown the tea, he says I will send someone to clean it. Raghu leaves. Aaji laughs on Rasika. She gives the tea to Aaji also. Antara says Aaji that she need to take steam. Antara speaks in Marathi. Aaji smiles. She says she learnt it from Mami. She says you are adamant like Ishaan. Aaji sends Rasika. Rasika thinks of doing something to Antara. Raghu talks with MachMach. He meets Arshad Miyan and asks hows the work going on. Arshad Miyan says he heard about angels, but he saw one in Raghu. He thanks Raghu. Raghu says make good food that everyone come to you. Raghu says can you teach Ishaan maths. He says I will go and meet Ishaan myself. Raghu asks MachMach to take Arshad to Ishaan. He says when Antara is not at home, that time you take him. Raghu leaves.

Aaji tells her wishlist to Antara, and Antara discards everything. Antara says you have to take the steam. Aaji jokes. Raghu comes with an idea, he says the same thing about steam. Aaji looks at Antara. Rasika hears Raghu and thinks how did he come. Aaji asks who told you. He says a doctor told me. Aaji says Antara said the same, she is making me agree to it. Raghu says so take the steam, you don’t understand, you have to cure cold, else it will hurt more. Raghu says the consequences of cold, saying you may have sinus, and back to hospital. Antara says she will take care of her. Raghu asks her to bring hot water. Antara says you have to take steam because you are not sounding right. Aaji asks Raghu to laugh if he wants. Raghu says take steam now, Aaji says not now, in evening. Antara agrees. Rasika hears all this. Antara gives medicines to Aaji. Antara is preparing hot water for Aaji. Rasika comes to Aaji’s room slowly while Aaji is praying. She takes a table and breaks its leg. She ties a thread to the leg so that she can pull it from a distance. She keeps the table back in Aaji’s room.

Aaji does not see her act. Rasika thinks this time Aaji cannot be saved now. She thinks Antara will keep hot water on the table, and she will pull the string, the hot water will fall on Aaji’s leg. Aaji thinks of removing the table. Antara comes with hot water in a vessel and keeps it on the table. Antara says take the steam, sit far as the water is very hot. Aaji sits to take the steam. Rasika thinks its perfect. Antara goes to bring the medicines. Rasika pulls the string. The table is about to fall. Antara notices that the hot water will fall on Aaji and she runs to save Aaji. Antara throws the table far. She asks Aaji are you fine. Rasika comes to Raghu and tells him about Aaji. He asks what happened. Rasika says the hot water fell on Aaji’s feet. Raghu is shocked and runs to see Aaji. Rasika smiles.

Raghu brings Antara on the terrace while she is asking him to leave her hand. Raghu says your hand is burnt, and I need to put water on it. Raghu and Antara get wet under shower and have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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