Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 3rd July 2013 Written Update

the epi starts with Antara and her family walking on the streets. But suddenly Ishaan said that that we have to call mami and she will defo help. But Antara told not to speak this time. ishu asked her to call their dad for help. Antara remained mum. But suddenly he ran from there and everyone started running behind him. But hide in the corner but Antara found him. but he said that only dedu will come to him. He told her that he has done poty in his pants but he was feeling guilty beacuse he is good boy but Antara calmed her down and told that we can fix this and took her away to change.

the scene change to mamaji’s house where mamiji was confronting mamaji that if he is not going to help them then she will help them no matter what because they are her family. She started shouting to

open the door and suddenly machmach and battery came to open the door and told her that they were about to open it. and check it that water was came.

Scene shifts to Antara and family who were still walking. they decided to stay for a while in a park. Antara told that we didnt have money even to buy food. but then ishaan said that he has some and he opened the suitecase and took out 40 rupees and gave to Antara. they went to a vada pav shop and asked for 5 vada pav. They both are back getting the food but then thundering started which scared her mother. But she made her calm.

Now it is shown that mamiji went inside room and came out with some file and went out calling Raghu towards his house. listening to that Rasika came out and asked why she is shouting but mamiji again called Raghu … Raghu. when she saw RAGHU she went up. mamiji showed the file and told him that if you can read then read this is the medical reports of her didi. She is ill because she has seen with her own eyes the blast that terrorist had done to murder her husband. Mamiji told that her didi is stuck in the moment where her husband was alive and when looking at the burning stove she recalled it for a moment and you called it a drama. The man who was killed was everything for this family. She also told Raghu that everybody in this basti calls him bhai but she calls him bhai because she thinks that he is a good man who helps people but today because of his ego he made a ill woman on roads. Mamiji also said that i didnt expect this from anyone else but i thought you can feel that pain of loosing soemone and the pain of having an ill mother. Raghu again looked at the file. the between he was slightly closing and opening his eyes and in between he too had some flashbacks of his own mom.

it was shown raining and Antara with her family seeks shelter under the tree. Antara asked ishu about the vadapaw and ishu pointed at a place where it is getting wet. so now they had no food.

It was night. Antara and family were at the same park. Antara said that she is coming in sometimes after arranging some shelter and she went to some road. A man was coming by and she ask him about an hotel or a place where she can spend a night. He said that yes there is a place and he was going in that direction so if she wants then she could come with him. Antara at first felt suspicion but then agreed to go with him. In the way that man texted something.

He was a bad guy and suddenly some goons appeared from nowhere and Antara somehow ran from there. It was all raining. She was running and running and her leg got dis balanced and she bumped into Raghu(as in the precap). She looked at him and vice versa. there was an eyelock. but within few seconds she came to reality and left his arm. But again she lost her balance but this time Raghu caught her from her waist and there was the title track playing in the back ground. They both were totally lost into each other.

Then again it was Antara who came back to the reality and she looked that Raghu was holding her hand and her hand was around his neck. she withdraws her hand from his neck and then almost snatched her hand from Raghu’s hand. Raghu looked at this. But they were still looking at each other till the goons came.

Raghu came infront of Antara and looked at the goons as if he will kill them with his eyes only. one of the goons said that he is daya maiyyi’s khaas and everybody ran away from there. He again looked at Antara. He was holding her hand which she freed suddenly and was about to move away in different direction but her hair was stuck in Raghu’s shirt. Epi ends…

Precap: everyone was sitting in the jeepsy but Raghu said no to Antara that she will not enter his basti, whatever she has done she has to bare the consequences..

Update Credit to: tintin0602

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