Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu crying seeing the letter and knowing he killed Antara’s father. She thinks he broke Antara’s trust and shouts in the middle of the road. He says why, why this happened. He says how can this happen with me, I love her more than my life and I have killed her dad and ruined her family. He talks to the Lord and spells out his anger. Raghu comes home and sees Antara sleeping with her mum. Antara wakes up and is shocked to see Raghu. She asks you? Raghu is upset and looks at her. He comes with a bomb and Antara is shocked to see it. Its Raghu’s dream. He wakes up in the morning and still thinks about Aman’s letter. He is shattered.

Raghu washes off his sins in the water, but in vain. He is fully in the guilt. Everyone are talking about the engagement.

Antara says there is less time now, lets see what we can do. They see some dresses and Antara’s mum comes there. She says your dad is not here, when will he come. Antara is upset. Maai and Rasika are also discussing about the engagement. She asks Rasika to start the arrangements. Raghu comes there upset and lost in thoughts. Maai sees him. Maai is selecting the jewellery for Antara. Rasika sees Raghu lost and asks him what happened. She asks did anything happened between you and Angtara that Maai is in hurry. She taunts Raghu and sasy Antara is coming in this house, so I will see her here. Raghu does not reply her and she leaves.

Antara’s mum is seeing the jewellery for Antara. Antara thanks her and says its beautiful. She talks to Ruksana and asks her to show her clothes as she will wear whatever she decides. Ruksana says wear what Raghu likes. Antara selects a saree for her marriage, she says you might also love anyone like I love Raghu, you tell me, I will ask Raghu to arrange your marriage. Ruksana hides her feelings and leaves. Satya and Raghu come to Maai and Satya is angry to see all the arrangements and preparations. Satya and Raghu takes Maai’s blessings and Maai blesses Raghu, not Satya. Satya gets angry. He says yes, he needs your blessings more than me as he is getting engaged today. He says I will write my fate on my own and leaves.

Maai asks Raghu to help her in selecting the jewellery. Raghu says Maai, I can’t do this engagement. Maai is shocked. She says Raghunath, what happened, why are you saying this. She gives her the letter. She looks at the letter. Ruksana cries and says what should I say whats in my heart. She says why am I thinking about him, he is Antara’s happiness. Satya hears all this and gives her a napkin to wipe her tears. She says you here. He says yes, I came to check on you. She says my heart is not broken. He says love does not hide. She says you don’t understand love, its giving, not snatching. He says I can teach you how to get love, can we be friends. She says I will pray that I don’t see that day when I become your friend. Satya angrily looks at her and she leaves.

Satya says you can’t be like me Ruksana, you can’t do what I want, you are the one who can divide Raghu and Antara. He calls someone and orders something.

Maai asks Raghu what is he saying. She says what did you do. You killed her dad. Raghu says I did not do it purposely. She says how can you trust Aman. Raghu cries. Maai says Anatara’s dad can’t come back now. Raghu says I have to bear the punishment, I m going to tell everything to Antara, I can’t marry hiding my big sin, you taught me to accept my mistake. She says are you mad, you did a mistake, I won’t let you do any other mistake. The letter says you did not do it purposely. He says I will tell Antara, if she forgives me, then I will marry her, else not. He says I m going to tell her. Maai stops him and asks do you love Antara. He says more than myself.

She says she is very happy today. You will do other mistake breaking her heart, do you know what she will feel. Raghu says what should I do. She says do the engagement, this is not the right time to tell her, I will tell you when the right time comes, trust me. She says this will be good for you.

The engagement function starts in Maai’s house. Satya sees Antara and is angry. Maai welcomes Antara and her family. She tells her you are looking beautiful. Satya sees Ruksana and thinks you are welcome Ruksana, I have done something for you and Raghu, its going to be special.

Raghu and Antara are getting closer in a decorated room. Music plays…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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