Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 31st July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara giving medicines to Aaji. Aaji takes the medicines and starts acting as if she is having body pain. She asks Ant`ara to bring hot water bag. She asks Antara to call Raghu and ask him where he kept it. MachMach says I will call him, but Aaji scolds him and asks Antara to call Raghu. Antara says shall I ask Rasika. Aaji says no, she does not know. Antara calls Raghu and asks him about the water bag. Raghu says go outside the room and come in corridor. Antara follows his instructions. Raghu gives her directions. He asks her to ask MachMach the next time if she needs anything, He cuts the call. Raghu thinks why is Aaji doing this, there is some matter. Raghu calls MachMach. Aaji makes MachMach agree to her and make a promise to her that he will do what she says.

Raghu thinks why is MachMach not taking his call. He calls him again.

Raghu says listen, MachMach says I don’t want to talk now and cuts the call. Raghu wonders what might be going on. Raghu calls him again. Aaji keeps the phone inside the cupboard. Rasika comes to the kitchen and asks Antara where did you get the water bag. Rasika taunts her. Antara looks down. Aaji comes there and saves Antara. Aaji takes good class of Rasika. Rasika says she came to the kitchen as she has heard some sound. Aaji says how can you question Antara. Antara smiles as Aaji takes her side.

Aaji signals MachMach not to tell anything to Raghu. Raghu scolds him for switching off the phone and not talking to him. Mach Mach says he don’t want to talk to him and leaves. Raghu tells Aaji that Mach Mach was fine until morning. Aaji says did you asks for forgiveness from MachMach. He is still angry. Raghu says he wanted to say sorry to him but…. Aaji says he is not giving you chance to say sorry. Aaji says you have a big heart and you would have forgive the other person. Antara comes and says, she will leave now. Raghu stops her and says he wants to talk to her. Aaji asks Antara to go and talk to Raghu. He says yesterday you wanted to tell me something naa and I didn’t listen to you. I didn’t give you chance to say anything. Raghu says I misbehaved with you naa while the song Mera mahi tu mera Ranjhaana tu……

He says you want me to listen to you. They had an eyelock. Raghu hits on the wall and says you made a plan with Aaji when I didn’t listen to you. He blames her for everything. Antara says she didn’t do anything. Raghu asks her to shut her mouth and says he knew and he understood everything. He says you must have went to Aaji while crying and said your grand son is very bad. Raghu says it was your plan naa. Antara asks him to listen to her but he holds her hand tightly and says you said I used your brother and she got to know about my upbringing. He says you are after money and takes advantage of someone goodness. Antara nods no, Raghu asks her to say. Antara’s bangles gets break by Raghu as he turns away. Antara leaves.

As Antara is walking outside, she remembers Raghu words and cries. Raghu stands in the balcony and looks at Antara. He gets angry and hits on the sand pillow.

Antara’s mother prepares tea, Saroj offers to prepare it, but She says she is preparing Kashmiri kaiwa. She sees Raghu from the window and asks him to come for a cup of tea. Raghu says no, but she says you will be lucky to drink the tea made by me. Saroj gets scared. Raghu comes and she gives him tea. She says she will keep a cup of tea for Antara as well. She tells Raghu about Antara and says you met him naa. She says she is very proud of her. She is very talented. Antara comes there and sees Raghu. Her mother offers her tea, Antara says she will go and freshen up. Her mother asks her to drink first or else it will get cold. Antara sits beside Raghu and he feels awkward and moves a little away from her. They look at each other. The episode ends on Antara’s puzzled face.

Raghu tells Antara that she was hired to take care of Aaji and asks about the glass piece. He tells it is your first and last mistake. If anything happens to Aaji then your job is gone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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