Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu coming to Satya. He says I did not tell Maai that you did this to get Antara, I won’t tell her else you will fall in her eyes and I don’t want that. Satya gets angry. Raghu says I have forgotten everything, if Maai did not come in between us, I would have killed you really, everytime your fate won’t be with you. Satya grinds his teeth with anger. Raghu leaves. Raghu comes to meet Antara and greets Mama. Mama does not like him and Antara sees him. Raghu speaks with Mama and says I heard right that you don’t like me. Mama says this is Maai’s son, the colony’s goon. Everyone are shocked. Raghu says I was about to bring a bouquet for you, so I came with my sweet tongue, please agree. Mama says is it by force.

Mama says Antara’s mum said

yes, so who am I. Raghu says even Antara’s dad would have said the same. Antara smiles. Raghu says I know I worked against the law but for these people. He says sometimes the law is blind and deaf and we need to do something to revive it, but if you think I m a goon, then… He says till now I did not know why am I living, I did not have any aim, my mum dies, then Maai did my upbringing. But when I got Antara, I got my aim, I felt that I will also have my family, I will have someone for whom I will live and do everything. He says its said that if anyone gets what he does not had, they keep it very safe, I will keep Antara very safe and happy. If I fail, then you shoot me, I will bring the gun.

Mama says Antara is my daughter, he smiles seeing Antara. Mama says like I said before, who am I to tell anything. He says keep my daughter happy. Everyone smiles. Ruksana says it means Mama agreed, we need a party now. Mami says a big party. Raghu hugs Mama. Everyone sees them and are happy. Antara says even my dad would have accepted you if he was here. Raghu is close to the letter and chats with Antara on phone. Antara stands in her balcony and is happy. They look at each other and chat on phone. Antara calls him and they talk. Raghu says say it. She says I will wake you at 6am. He jokes. Antara says you will be Raghunath Kaul, I will change your surname. He says fine, you will be Mrs. Naik. She says yes, they have a romantic talk.

The letter flies. Raghu sees it while moving his bed. Maai is in her room, waiting for the news that Raghu may have read the letter till now, then why did he not react till now. She goes to see him. Raghu is talking on phone. He says I love you Gundi and laughs. Antara smiles getting a flying kiss from him. He asks her to send a flying kiss. She does it and he says Haaye…. She leaves. Mera Mahi tu… music plays….. Raghu rests to sleep. Maai comes to him and sees him sleeping. She sees the letter on the ground and picks it up. She thinks Raghu did not read it.

Satya is packing his bag. She sees Antara’s dupatta in his cupboard. He gets angry and leaves. Antara is talking to her dad’s photo. She says Raghu is a nice man, he is like the one like you used to say, who stands with me in every difficulty. She says dad I know you are ready for this proposal, but I want you to make some signal for me, I will understand. Satya comes to Antara to return her dupatta. Antara is shocked to see him. Raghu is shocked to see Maai infront of him. Satya gives the dupatta to Antara. He says I came here to return it. Antara takes it, Maai says someone left a letter for you. Raghu thinks of Aman. Maai gives him the letter. Raghu says yes, Aman gave me. Maai asks him tor read it and leaves. Raghu opens the letter. Maai smiles.

Maai says fasten up, I want the truth to come out soon and your love ending soon. Satya tells Antara I did not come here to tell you anything, but three things. He says I m really sorry, I had your dupatta for so many days, he says Raghu came to me today and he said he would have killed me if Maai did not come in between. Antara gets tensed. He says I don’t have any doubt in that, I m lucky that I’m still alive. He further adds that if I was in Raghu’s place, I would have not done that, I would have killed him even if Maai came in between. He says this is the difference in Raghu’s and my love. He says anyway, best of luck. He leaves. Antara thinks of Satya’s words and gets worried. Raghu reads the letter and is shocked. He says I killed Antara’s dad by a bomb. Raghu is shattered. He is shocked knowing the truth.

Raghu and Satya takes Maai’s blessings and she blesses Raghu. Raghu is upset. Satya is angry and says its Raghu’s engagement today, bless her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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