Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 30th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaji joking with Raghu. She asks Antara about her kashmiri words. Antara teaches her some Kashmiri. Aaji asks Antara to give the prasad to Raghu. Antara says he won’t take it from me. But Aaji insists and sends her to Raghu. Antara comes to Raghu. She says listen to me, I have to talk to you. Raghu does not listen to her. She holds his hands and stop him. Raghu looks at her. The prasad falls on the ground. Antara and Raghu pick up the prasad from the Raghu and look into each other’s eyes. Antara says I want to talk to you, he says I don’t want to. Antara says but Raghu… He says I don’t want to talk. Antara says give me a chance to speak. Raghu is not interested. Raghu starts leaving. Antara stops him. They both have an argument again. Antara says listen to

me patiently.

Aaji asks MachMach why do these two always fight, go and see what they are doing. Antara says sorry to Raghu. Raghu asks sorry for what. Antara reminds him for what she said. She says I crosses my limit, I did not know what happened with you. She says I did not know about your mum. Raghu asks what. MachMach signs Antara not to tell anything, Raghu hurts Antara. Raghu asks MachMach what he said to Antara about his mum. Raghu slaps MachMach. Antara is shocked. MachMach says I could bear it, so I had to reply to her. Raghu asks him to leave and shouts on him. MachMach leaves. Raghu turns and looks at Antara. Raghu comes closer to her and says I don’t need your sorry. I’m on my own, else I will die or kill someone, Antara cries.

He says he is allowing her in his house only because of Aaji. He taunts her, she feels bad. He says stay away from me. Raghu leaves saying this. Antara sees her hand how Raghu has hurt her. Aaji comes there and sees Antara crying. Aaji comes back to her room and thinks about them. Antara comes to her. Aaji asks for MachMach. Antara says he went out. Aaji says where, it means.. She asks Antara to call MachMach. Antara says I will do if there is any work. Aaji has something in her plan. Antara goes to call MachMach.

Raghu is with MachMach and have a talk. Raghu says it was your mistake, you started saying about my past to anyone. Raghu apologizes him for slapping him. Antara comes there and calls MachMach. She says Aaji is calling you. Raghu says what happened to Aaji. Antara says she called MachMach, not you. Raghu says will you stop me. MachMach says I will go and inform you how she is. MachMach asks Antara what did Aaji say. Antara apologizes to MachMach as because of her Raghu slapped him.

Ishaan is doing his homework. She talks with his mum that he does not pass the entrance exam, he won’t get the admission. His mum helps him out. She tells him your dad will come in the evening, ask him. Ishaan says I will do it.

Mami comes there and cries listening to their conversation. Mama says we will have to keep a tuition teacher for Ishaan. They all agree. MachMach comes to Aaji and asks what happened. Aaji sends Antara saying some work. Aaji says did Raghu apologized, he says yes, its all fine between us. Aaji says you should not forgive Raghu. MachMach asks why, Aaji says don’t talk to Raghu well. Let him be angry, let him say sorry to you. He says why so. Aaji has a talk with him. Antara does her work well. Aaji scolds MachMach. Antara says its time for your medicines Aaji. Antara asks for the prescription. Aaji asks her to go and ask Raghu. Aaji gives Raghu’s number to Antara. MachMach says what is this, what are you doing. He says Raghu will get angry on her. Aaji says we have to think about them, you don’t worry.

She calls him and asks about Aaji’s medicines. Raghu asks him about Aaji. She tells him she is fine. Raghu cuts the call. Antara feels she has hurt him, now he won’t talk to her well.

Raghu asks Antara from where did this glass came, he warns her and says your job will be gone if you do any other mistake.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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