Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 29th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya aiming the gun at Raghu. Maai asks him to fire. Satya smiles. She comes in between and says I m with Raghu. Satya is shocked. She says if you shoot at Raghu, the bullet has to go through me. She asks him to fire. Satya looks on and Maai takes the gun from him. Maai says everyone that this colony will not break. Everyone are happy and clap. Raghu and Antara are relieved. Maai says but Antara will not stay in this colony. Antara is shocked along with others. Raghu says Maai…. Maai stops him and looks at Antara. Antara starts crying. Antara starts leaving, Maai says Antara will stay in Naik Sadan. Everyone are shocked and claps for Antara.

Maai says Raghu loves her, go and hold her hand. She says so that no one can snatch her from you. She says Antara

is this colony’s bahu. She smiles. Antara is very happy. Raghu takes Maai’s blessings. Raghu looks at Antara and smiles. She comes to her while everyone are happy and clapping. Antara and Raghu have a hug. Satys gets angry. MachMach plays the dhol. Raghu and Antara smile. Maai looks at them. Satya leaves in anger. Maai says how much your love increases, the pain will be much. She says I will change your fate such that these two hearts can never meet.

Its night, Satya is in his room getting angry. He breaks the mirror by his hands and gets hurt. Manohar sees him and does not understand the reason. Manohar comes to Maai and tells her about Satya. Maai says everything needs a right time and few things got their right time now. She goes to Satya. Manohar leaves. Mama is worried. Mami and Antara plan to talk about him. Mama asks Antara whats all this, will you marry a goon. Mami says Raghu is not a goon. Mami favours Raghu and says he alsways help others. Antara’s mum says I like him. She says he did a lot for Antara, he is the best guy for Antara.

She says Antara’s dad used to judge people by their acts, not by education. She says Antara, you would have told me. She says let your dad come, we will talk about it. She says I like Raghu. Antara smiles. She leaves with Mami. Mama says this does not mean I m ready for this marriage. Antara says my mum told right, even Papa would have liked Raghu. Mama says your Papa won’t say yes for this proposal. Ruksana says I know Raghu since years, he changed a lot. She says he fought today for the people, for the truth, against Maai and Satya. Mami says yes, he changed in Antara’s love.

Manohar tells Maai I told you that Sahib’s mood is off, but you came here to Raghu. She says I know which son of mine needs me. She says Satya will take some time, but now Raghu needs me, as he is in love. Manohar says Sahib is right, you love Raghu more than Sahib. Maai says no one should question me, go and sleep. Manohar leaves. Raghu asks someone why did you not take my call. Maai keeps the letter below Raghu’s pillow. She says I need you so I doing this.

Maai reads Aman’s letter. Raghu tells the man you did a big mistake, but I m forgiving you this time, next time I will fire you from the job. The man says if I took your call, Maai would have killed me. Raghu is coming towards the house. Maai reads the letter. Maai says Raghu you did a big mistake, you killed Antara’s dad. Raghu comes there and does not hear. He greets Maai. Raghu says Maai, I have done a mistake. If I have hurt you, you can punish me. Maai says you deserve a prize and I have given you that as Antara. She says you have won my heart. She says you won my trust too. She says I felt you are going against me. Raghu says I won’t go against you ever. He says I felt that it was not your decision. Maai says Antara understands me too. She says I came to tell you that I will ask the pandit to take out a good mahurat. Raghu says did you talk to Sahib. She says no, I was waiting for you, as I wanted to talk to you. She says I love you more than Satya.

Maai says I don’t know how I did this mistake being a mum, but I don’t regret. Raghu says this son of yours will never make you regret. Maai stops Raghu and acts sweet. Maai says your life is going to change from today. She smiles. Raghu leaves. She says you will be a murderer, not a lover.

Maai gives the letter to Raghu. Raghu reads it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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