Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 28th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with people requesting Raghu. Satya says I won’t hear to anyone. He taunts Raghu. He says you all have less time, vacant your houses. He looks at Raghu and Antara angrily. MachMach tells Raghu he won’t listen, what should we do now. Raghu stops Satya and says Maai wanted to make the building but not on their tears. Satya says Maai wants it. Raghu says really. Satya taunts him further. He says I won’t feel bad today. Raghu says till I m here, this colony will not break. Satya smiles and says I like your confidence, but you have less time, so do what you want to, if you come infront of my bulldozer, then I will break you along with this colony. Raghu looks on. Satya leaves.

Raghu tries calling Maai. Antara is tensed. She goes to Satya and stops

him. She talks to him. She says why are you doing this, because Raghu slapped you or because I said you no, what will you get doing this. He says because I hate this place where you met Raghu and fell in love and Raghu took away my love from me. Antara says no one snatched anything from me, I was Raghu’s and will be his always. You can’t get me even after breaking this colony. Satya says why are you blaming yourself. She says I…. He says all this is in your hands, all this is happening because of you, save this, stop me. Antara is tensed. He says tell me you are mine, you love me and you will be mine forever. He says then all this will be yours.

He says some poetic lines and looks at her. He says think what you can do, its in your hands. You have to come to me and become mine. He says you have time to think, either this colony or your love with Raghu. He says you have to choose any one from this. Antara looks on. Antara says all this is decided, the fate brought me closer to Raghu, you are not the Lord, you can’t do anything. Satya gets angry and she leaves taunting him. She comes to Raghu and holds his hand. Satya sees it and gets angry. Raghu says don’t worry. Satya leaves.

Rasika comes back and wonders whats going on. She says where will we all go. She says I stay with Maai in Naik Sadan, its not breaking. She gets relieved. Mama is upset and tensed. He says when we want to stay here, they are breaking our house. Antara says everything will be fine. Raghu says I m saying you won’t go anywhere. Antara says we have less time, what can we do. Mama says nothing, just pack our bags. Antara says its my mistake. Raghu says no, if anyone would have been in my life, he would have snatched it, but he does not know you are my life. Antara’s mum comes and bumps into Raghu.

Antara thinks why is Maai doing this. She leaves. Raghu goes after her. He asks Ruksana to take care of Antara’s mum. He stops Antara. Rasika meets Raghu and asks him where are you going, she asks him to rest in the house. Antara says no one will go anywhere till Maai comes and asks us to leave. She says you all know Maai can’t do this, this colony is her house and you all are her children. She can’t see us in trouble, so better wait for Maai. Everyone talk and ask the goons to leave. Antara asks Raghu about Maai. He says Maai is unreachable. She hugs him and Mera Mahi Tu…. plays….

The bulldozer comes and Satya comes with it. Everyone gets tensed and runs inside their houses. Raghu and Antara says wait, face it. They say how we can face it. Raghu says we have much strength if we are united. Raghu says we won’t move. Everyone support Raghu. Everyone walks towards the bulldozer. The bulldozer stops. Raghu says finally you stopped. Satya says why do want to kill these people. Raghu says I m asking you this, why are you after their houses. Satya says I will get what I want. Satya asks everyone to move. They say we won’t move till Maai comes. Satya looks at Raghu.

Satya says this is Maai’s command and you all know what happens if you deny her decision. The people say its your doing Sahib. Raghu confronts Satya. Satya says its Maai’s wish. Raghu says I can die for Maai but this is your plan. Satya says call Maai and talk to her. Satya says Maai wants this to happen. Everyone are shocked. Satya says Maai has sent me to do this work as I m her son. Raghu says Maai’s son, who always thought Maai loved me more than him. Who left Maai for five years. He says people listen to me, not you. Satya says I will break this colony. Antara’s mum comes and Satya pushes her. She falls and Raghu aims at Satya with a gun. Antara is tensed.

Raghu says now you can’t take over all this, I told you I will end all this. Today your chapter is closed. He says someone’s heart is not a thing to win over, love ie about fate, I got what I had in my fate, and I will give you whats in your fate. Satya says you will kill Daya Maai’ son. Raghu says I wish you could become Maai’s son. Maai comes and asks you are Maai’s son, then how can this happen. Everyone looks at her.

Maai asks Satya to kill Raghu. Satya smiles. Antara is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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