Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 26th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaji asking Raghu to bring Antara. Raghu says why are you adamant, I will bring someone else. Raghu is sad. Aaji asks what happened. Raghu says nothing. Aaji says I need her, the girl is good. Aaji says if you don’t want her to work here, I don’t want her. Raghu says I m with you. Aaji says come here, sit here Chintu. Raghu says I don’t want to talk. Aaji takes his head in her laps and caresses him. Raghu gets peace in her laps. Aaji feels pain in her heart. She does not wake up Raghu and drinks water. Her pain increases. She gets up and goes out of the room. She calls Rasika but Rasika is sleeping. Aaji calls her again and again. Rasika hears her but does not get up. Rasika’s husband wakes her up and asks her to go and see Aaji. Rasika flirts with her husband.

She asks him to sleep and she sleeps making him a fool. Aaji comes to the kitchen to take water.

Antara is in her balcony. Aaji is unable to take the water. She falls on the ground. Antara hears Aaji voice, even Raghu gets up by the sound. Raghu looks out for Aaji. Raghu sees Aaji fallen on the ground and shouts Aaji. Raghu tries to wake up Aaji. Raghu calls Kaka. Antara hears everything. Kaka and Rasika come there and are shocked to see Aaji, Raghu asks him to call the doctor. Raghu gets worried. Antara comes to know about Aaji’s condition. Antara asks Raghu about Aaji. Antara thinks Aaji maybe got an attack. Antara rushes to see Aaji. She bumps into Raghu. Raghu calls MachMach. Antara asks about Aaji. Raghu says I don’t know. Raghu and Antara run towards Aaji. Antara asks Aaji do you have pain in heart. Rasika says yes, she told once. Antara says if you can hear me, press my hand. Aaji does so. Raghu asks what are you doing. Antara says I think she got an heart attack. Everyone are shocked.

Raghu says what are you saying, Aaji is fine. Antara asks MachMach to call the doctor. Antara gives some instructions to Aaji. Rasika thinks whats Antara’s doing. Rasika brings water for Aaji. Antara stops Raghu, saying it will be stuck, don’t make her drink. Raghu says Aaji will get hurt. The doctor comes and checks Aaji. Antara says Aaji was getting pain in the heart and she was unable to say anything, I did the first aid. Antara says she got a heart attack. Raghu disagrees. Rasika says she won’t leave Antara if anything happens. The doctor confirms that Aaji got the heart attack, and Antara did everything right. The doctor says Aaji is fine now, thank this girl, she did the right thing, is she your relative, Antara says yes, I joined today as her caretaker. The doctor says you all are lucky to have her. This the right decision that you kept this girl for her. The doctor leaves. Antara thanks him. Aaji wakes up and says Raghu, were you afraid. Raghu says I was going to die, is it enough. Antara smiles at Aaji. Antara says don;t talk much now. She says I will come tomorrow at 7am, do you have any problem now. Antara says I m strict. Aaji says your decision is right, but Raghu will decide about you whether you have to come here tomorrow or not. Raghu thinks about Antara’s harsh words.

Raghu leaves from there without saying anything. Antara looks at him. Raghu says don’t be late, you should be here on time. Aaji smiles and says I knew it. Raghu is sweet. Aaji thanks Antara. Aaji asks why MachMach is worried, everything is happening right. MachMach says if you are happy, vene we are happy. Aaji says Manohar sorry for disturbing your sleep. She taunts Rasika and Manohar. Aaji taunts Rasika. Everyone have a laugh. Rasika leaves. Aaji asks Manohar to go and sleep. MachMach says you take rest, I will also go and sleep. Aaji thinks the Lord also wants to bring Raghu and Antara closer.

Antara talks with Raghu and gives her Prasad. They have an argument. He says I won’t forget what you said. He says Bappa sent you for Aaji, thats my prasad and I got it..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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