Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu telling Ruksana that Satya kidnapped Antara. Antara says leave it. He says why did you leave him, you should have slapped him in the hotel. Antara starts crying. Raghu calms down. Antara says sorry. Raghu says why are you crying. She says because you are shouting on me. He hugs her. He says enough now, I feel like dying when you cry. Ruksana also cries. Raghu asks her too not to cry. Ruksana leaves seeing them together.

Raghu wipes Antara’s tears and says save it for your vidaai as I will take you in the Doli and Satya’s phone? Antara says I returned. Raghu smiles and hugs her. Mera Mahi tu…. plays….. Satya comes home in anger. He thinks about his first meeting with Antara. He thinks of Antara and Raghu’s love. He thinks about Antara’s

and Raghu’s words. Maai is talking on phone. She asks where is Satya. She says I m getting late I will leave. Satya comes home and sees Maai leaving. Satya calls the same number and says Maai agreed to vacate the locality. He says Raghunath Naik. This locality will be vacated today. He says I will erase everything today, I won’t let Antara be yours.

Satya sleeps. He then wakes up. Its morning. Raghu and Antara are walking and having a talk. Antara says I feel something bad is going to happen. He says stop, I m with you, but Satya won’t be quiet, he will do something. Govind Mama comes and Raghu greets him. Antara is happy to see Mama. Mama asks Antara is everything fine. Antara says yes and takes Mama to the home. Antara asks where is Mami. He says she will come in the evening. Antara asks how is your health. He says fine. Satya calls Antara and warns her. He says I m asking you to go to Raghu and spend time with him because who knows this time is not tomorrow. Antara asks what do you mean. Satya says I will show you what it means. Antara is tensed.

She tells Mama she has some work and will be back. She goes to Raghu and tells him about Satya’s call. Raghu gets angry and goes to Satya. He says you called him, why. He says talk to me if you are a man. Satya says shhhh… don’t shout, you will get your answers. The people come to vacate the locality. Satya says heard it, now come I will show you my answer. People ask them to vacate the locality in two hours. Everyone are shocked. People ask how can we go from here. They come to know its Maai’s decision. Raghu and Satya looks on.

People say we won’t go from here. They ask why is Maai wanting us to go from here, we pay rents on time. Raghu says Maai can’t do this, this locality is Maai’s house and these people are Maai’s family.
Satya says its my plan of redevelopment. Raghu asks what. Satya says to build a complex here. Satya taunts him. Raghu says I will talk to Maai and I will see how you do this. Raghu asks the servant where is Maai. He says I will call Maai.

People request Satya for not letting them go. Satya does not listen to them. Raghu tries calling Maai. People cry. Antara and Mama looks on. Antara cries and says did you call Maai. He says Maai is not taking my call. MachMach also tries. Raghu says Maai does not do this, I think its Satya’s plan. Antara says what will we do now, Satya will ruin the locality. Raghu says don’t cry, I will do something. Satya sees Antara with Raghu. He gets angry.

Satya asks everyone to go home and pack their belongings. Satya looks at Antara. People request Raghu asking him to do something. Satya says its Maai’s command. He says Raghu is in love, nw he is useless. Raghu says you are doing this to win Antara. Satya says you keep whats yours, this locality is mine I will do whatever I want. Antara comes and holds Raghu. Satya gets angry further.

The locality is about to dismantle. Satya is ruining the locality…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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