Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 25th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara arguing with Raghu. He asks her to leave. Antara says I will go when I finish talking. She says I always thought you will be in limits, but today you have used my brother Ishaan. Raghu says your brother needs a school. He needs space to fly. He says my Aaji needs you. She says shut up. Antara says I won’t take your help. You have brought a 10 yr old child in my ego fight. You are so cheap. Raghu says say what you want to say. Antara says you used my brother against me. This is wrong. Raghu says I did not say anything wrong. I don’t know to speak sweet like you. He acts like Antara. LOL!!

Raghu says you are spoiling your brother and making him away from the reality. Antara gets hurt and says you don’t interfere in our lives. She says I want to give

Ishaan good values. I want to put him in a good school. I don’t know where you learnt all this things. MachMach asks Antara to stop it. Antara taunts Raghu and speaks bad about him. Raghu gets hurt. Antara comments on him, by personal attacks. Raghu shouts Antara… Stop it.

Antara talks about his childhood. Raghu says stop it, don’t say a word about my childhood. She says why, whats personal. She says now you got it, why it hurts when it comes on a personal level. She says don’t use my brother in our fight. I will not say this again, you don’t bring my family in between us. She leaves. Raghu turns and stands. Raghu asks MachMach to leave. Antara leaves his house. MachMach looks at Raghu and feels sad. Antara asks Ishaan not to meet and talk to Raghu and his friends. She scolds Ishaan and asks him not to use Raghu’s language. She asks him to change his clothes and go to sleep. Ishaan leaves.

Mami asks Antara what happened. Antara tells her everything. Antara gets angry and speaks against Raghu. Mami says did you go there to fight with him. Antara says yes. MachMach says you should have not told him about his parents. Antara argues with him. MachMach says Raghu is hurt by your words. He says what did you say about his childhood, he says Raghu is doing so much favors for you, he has pain in his heart, Raghu knows what it feels like if anyone’s mum is ill. He knows it very well how a child feels their mum is ill, so he took your mum to the hospital for checkup. He could not see you bearing the pain, and you called him heartless, how can you say like that, did you see his pain, you don’t understand why he took your mum. Antara feels bad. MachMach says you don’t know how is life for Raghu.

MachMach says Raghu was a child when his mum was ill, he became Raghu Bhai for his mum’s sake, to earn a living. Raghu thinks about his ill mum and cries. He sees his mum’s pic. MachMach tells Antara about Raghu’s story. Antara cries knowing about Raghu’s pain.
He says Raghu did the first crime to save his mum, but he got caught, he spent his night oin the lockup. He pleaded the police to let him go, but police did not listen to him. He asks Antara to think about Raghu’s situation. MachMach says you have wounded Raghu’s heart, you made him recollect his pains. He tells Mami to explain Antara and leaves. Raghu is crying thinking about Antara’s harsh bitter words.

Mami consoles Antara and says you did not hurt him purposely. Antara says how can I hurt him, I did not hurt anyone till now, and I called Raghu a stone, what happened to me today, what did I do. Mami says no, I understand why you said that, its ok. Antara says I will go and apologize to Raghu, I did a mistake. Mami says go tomorrow. But Antara leaves to see Raghu.

Antara comes upstairs crying. She thinks about Raghu and his words. She sees Raghu from her balcony. Raghu is unable to sleep. She sees him restless and thinks about MachMach’s words. She thinks she made a big mistake.

Raghu gets up and sits still. Antara feels she has hurt Raghu a lot. She did not see Raghu’s pain, how can he hide his pain, he is so weak from inside. She says even I went through this pain, Raghu forgive me if you can.

Antara says Raghu’s Aaji got a heart attack. The doctor confirms it and says you took a right decision by keeping this girl for taking care of Aaji.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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