Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya talking to Antara indirectly. He says I will go and get the car. Antara says I will go with Raghu. Satya says fine, I m waiting outside. Antara says its good you came with me on lunch. Ruksana says his aim is looking something else. Antara says I will make Raghu’s mood good, but I need your help. Ruksana tells Satya that Raghu and Antara are gone by auto. Satya is shocked and asks why did they leave. Ruksana says I don’t know. He asks why are you here then. She says I have to go to dargah. Satya gets angry. Ruksana sees him and thinks of how he has held Antara’s hand. Raghu asks where is everyone. The waiter says they are gone. Raghu calls Antara and she comes there. Raghu says I thought you left. He asks where is Rukana and Satya.


gets Ruksana’s call and says she reached dargah. She asks Raghu to make her have cutting chai. She says you are my hero, my Raghu. Satya comes to the locality and sees Ishaan and MachMach. He asks MachMach where is Antara. MachMach says she is with Raghu. Satya thinks this was not my plan and gets angry. Antara is having tea with Raghu. He says you are doing this for me to uplift my mood. She says I m doing this for myself. Raghu gets upset and says I m uneducated and don’t know anything like Satya does.

Antara makes him smile and says I want Raghu, not Satya. Raghu smiles. Ruksana comes home. Satya asks her where is Raghu and Antara. She says I don’t know. He says answer me straight. Ruksana says maybe somewhere in their world, go and find them. Raghu tells Antara lets go now. Raghu says Satya is falling in love with you. Antara says what are you saying. He says because he wants everything that I have. He says he always wanted my toys, my things. He used to break my toys, he is mad.

Raghu says I know he took you with him that day. He says I trust you, but not Sahib, he can do anything to hurt me. Raghu and Antara come home. Antara says I have some work, I will go. Raghu holds her hand and says shall we go. She says no, else people will say you are my slave. He says let them say. She says its my work, I will go. He says don’t say like that, say I will go and come. She says ok I will go and come. He says I will wait for you. Satya comes to Antara and puts her in his car forcibly. Ruksana messages Raghu and asks him to come and meet her soon.

Ruksana tells Raghu that Satya was holding Antara’s hand. She says he was asking Antara to make a wise decision. Raghu gets angry. He tells Ruksana that Satya is after Antara, I was quiet because he is Maai’s son. Satya brings Antara somewhere. She says leave me. He brings her to an isolated place. Antara asks him why did you bring me here. He says what do you see in Raghu. He says you don’t have any match with Raghu. Antara says are you the Lord to decide my future, who are you. Satya holds her hand and draws her closer. He says look at me, I m the one who understands your poetry, I m the one who has manners, who can give you what you have dreamed of. He says we are similar. He says you should be in my arms, in my heart.

She asks what do you want. He says I love you and your love and happiness. Antara is shocked. he says change your decision for a better tomorrow, accept me. Antara says Raghu was right about you. Satya says what did you say, Raghu…. He gets angry. He says don’t bring Raghu in between us. Raghu comes there and slaps Satya. Raghu sees Antara. Raghu says I did not come in between, you came in between, you have showed what you are. He says you have everything but you always wanted what I have, Antara is my love and I will not let go away from me.

Raghu says I won’t let take her. Satya taunts Raghu saying my mum took you from a footpath, she is my mum, not yours, its my locality where you live, these are my clothes which you are wearing. He says I took whats mine, like Antara is mine. He says I started loving her before knowing you love her. Raghu removes his shirts and says take your shirt, I don’t want your locality, and Maai will decide about her, and about Antara, come and fight. Antara stops Raghu and says if he is like this, it does not mean we become like him.

She asks them not to fight. Raghu stops. Satya encourages him to fight. Raghu says you won’t understand this. Satya gets angry. Raghu gives him his shirt by throwing it on Satya’s face. He says what is yours is with you and whats mine will be with me always. He kisses Antara’s hand. Satya looks on.

Raghu leaves with Antara. Satya says Raghunath….. and looks angrily. He says the talk is not yet over. Raghu says you are right, its the beginning but Its my promise I will make it end. Antara and Raghu leave. Satya thinks about Raghu’s words and gets angry and shouts Antara.

Satya wants the locality to vacate. Raghu says its not Maai’s plan, its yours.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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