Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 24th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara and Raghu arguing. Raghu says I won’t let you work here. Antara says why will I work here. Raghu says its my house. Aaji says stop it. She looks at Raghu. Raghu says I told MachMach to bring a good girl and he brought Antara. Aaji says this girl saved my life in the hospital. Raghu says I thanked her, what else should I do. Aaji says Antara stop staring Raghu and look at me, you need work, and I need someone to take care of me. You need money, you will get it, and I will get a smart girl. She says I will give you rs 30000 per month. Antara says don’t misunderstand me. Antara says I m saying from the heart, whenever you need me, you call me, I will come, but I m sorry that I cannot work here.

Antara says please understand me and leaves. Raghu says

Aaji will think right now, I know her well, he asks Antara to get the work. Antara looks at him. Raghu says you don’t want this work, why. Antara and Mami leaves. Raghu says she will need to thank me thats why she is not taking this work. Raghu taunts Antara. Antara hears everything and feels bad. Raghu says I know her traits, she needs money, but she is egoistic. Aaji closes her room. Antara cries. Mami says why don’t you allowed me to stop Raghu. Antara says Raghu hates me, how can I work there. Antara says we won’t get anything there, I can work there who can give me money on time. I need money, but trust me I don’t have problem working for Aaji, I m sad I cannot work there because of Raghu. Mami says Aaji will understand, you don’t worry.

Raghu tries to talk with Aaji. He is about to break the door, Aaji opens the door. Raghu says see what that girl did, why to get tensed. You want someone to take care of you, I will bring someone. Aaji says I want Antara only else leave me in the hospital. Aaji closes the door again. Aaji thinks Raghu will bring Antara in this house himself. Raghu looks at MachMach. Ishaan is studying and he asks Antara why should I study, I m not going to school. Antara says you will go to school soon, work hard. Raghu comes to Antara and says I have to talk. Antara says I don’t want to talk to you. He says come tomorrow to take care of Aaji. She says I won’t come. Raghu says I will give you double money and no need to thank me. Antara says I won’t come I told you. Raghu says if you don’t work in my house, I won’t let you work anywhere. Antara says now I won’t step in your house. Raghu says you will come and ask for work.

Antara says I will never come. Raghu says is it a challenge. She says yes. Raghu looks at Ishaan and says lets play cricket. Ishaan asks Antara can I go out for playing. Antara says now, and permits him. Raghu walks out. Rasika comes to Aaji and says Raghu is right about Antara. Aaji taunts Rasika. Rasika says I will take care of you. Aaji says like this, you brought juice for me, its not even home made. Rasika and Aaji have a discussion. Aaji asks her to go and bring her phone. Rasika leaves. Aaji prays to Bappa to bring Antara here.

Raghu is playing with Ishaan. Raghu and MachMach praises Ishaan. Ishaan says when we get money, then my Didi will send me to school. Raghu and MachMach talk to him. They say don’t take tension, practice here till you go to school, they tell him about Antara’s responsibilities. They say about Raghu’s offer to Antara. Ishaan thinks about this.

Raghu and MachMach say if Antara agrees, she can sent Ishaan to school and pay for her mum’s treatment. They ask Ishaan to talk to Antara. Ishaan says she will get angry on me. They take him in their plan and call him Sachin. Ishaan thinks of talking to Antara. They says don’t tell Antara that we told you to talk to her.

Mami comes to know that Raghu came. Mami says think about your decision again. Mami says ok, as you wish. But you should not be sad, you should be courageous to lead a good life. Antara says yes. Ishaan comes and hugs Antara. He says I want to go to school. Antara says why so suddenly you are talking about school. Antara is worried.

Antara realises Ishaan spoke to Raghu. She comes to Raghu’s house. Raghu and MachMach are sitting in the balcony and see her coming. Raghu says are your 4 hours completed?

Antara says Aaji got heart attack, the doctor confirms it and says you have hired this girl for Aavi, its the right decision..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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