Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya and Raghu taunting each other. Satya laughs and says lets go now. Raghu asks why. Satya tells him that maybe Antara wants to have lunch. Raghu asks whats the matter. He says whats all this sweet talk, I m going because Maai asked me to go, but what do you want. Satya says some love. Raghu looks on angrily. Satya says did Maai not tell you, I want to correct my mistakes, by making friendship with you, I m not that bad that you think of me. Raghu says ok. Satya says ofcourse. He says the truth is yes, I m jealous of you as you share my mum’s love, have grown up thinking that and our egos…. He says I realized that this fight will not end, we have to stay together with Maai, so I thought to start friendship with you. He says I need your help in this. Satya

shows him the mirror and says you are looking like me, lets go. Raghu stops him and says you are looking like me showing the mirror. Satya is angry.

Satya taunts Raghu for wearing the suit for the first time. Satya is waiting for Antara. Raghu says she will take some time. Satya thanks him and says I will teach you how to take girls on date. Antara comes with Ruksana. Satya welcomes them. Raghu smiles seeing Antara. They come to the five start hotel. Satya teaches him some manners. Satya says the food here is really nice and tells them about the cuisines. Raghu gets MachMach’s call and talks to him. Satya asks him to talk nicely as people want peace. Raghu says I will be back and leaves. Satya asks them to sit.

Satya orders for them, and asks Antara to order for Raghu. She says cutting tea. Satya says Raghu did not bring you on a date to such a place. He says if I had a girlfriend like you, I would have taken her on a date daily. Satya says I want a girl like Antara, beautiful, simple and educated. He says Raghu won’t understand the poetry and insults Raghu. Antara takes Raghu’s side. Raghu comes back. Raghu asks for water. The waiter asks which water and questions him a lot. Raghu is irritated and asks Satya to reply. Satya replies to the waiter and he leaves.

Satya says Raghu won’t be able to read english properly and asks Antara what will they have. Raghu says I will have what Antara likes. Antara says we will have Indian food. She orders. Raghu also passes the taunts on Satya. Raghu eats by his hands. Satya says use fork, knife or something. Raghu says the Lord gave us hands. Satya says have some manners. Antara looks on. Antara asks him to use fork and knife and teaches him. Raghu is unable to do it and Antara smiles. The chicken falls on some man, they get angry and say what did you do. Satya apologizes and insults Raghu. The men ask him to give some manners to Raghu and scolds them.

Satys is happy. Antara looks on, Raghu’s modd is off and he gets angry. Satya asks Raghu what is he doing, eat peacefully. Antara tells something to Raghu in his ears. Raghu gets up and she removes his jacket and smiles. Satya says anyway, lets talk something else now. He asks Antara where did you study. She says I did B.A. English Literature. He asks what else do you like and talks only to her. Satys says I love reading love stories, but tragic ones. Raghu and Ruksana feel it odd. Antara holds Raghu’s hands and Satya is jealous. Raghu smiles.

Raghu calls the waiter, Satya asks what do you want. Raghu says are you the waiter. Satya gets angry. The waiter comes. Raghu talks to the waiter and leaves to wash his hands. Satya says Raghu is so embarrassing. Ruksana leaves. Satya taunts her too.

Antara asks Satya what are you doing, what you want to prove. You are insulting Raghu. Satya says I want to show you that you and Raghu are completely different. He says you don’t have anything in common. He holds Antara’s hand. Antara is shocked. Ruksana comes back and sees Satya holding Antara’s hand. Satya asks Antara to change her decision and trust him.

Antara is stopped by Satya. He looks at her angrily and takes her in his care forcing her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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