Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Antara asking Mama to have tea and she will do her work. Aaji is praying. Raghu asks if you don’t like Rasika then why do you act. Aaji says just timepass. She says should I fight with her like you fight with Antara. Aaji says MachMach told you got badly hurt, is it fine now. Raghu thinks about Antara and says Antara helped him. Aaji smiles. Aaji calls Rasika. Rasika calls her old woman, who troubles her. Aaji gives her some work. Raghu asks Rasika to take care of Aaji. Rasika eyes Raghu. Aaji asks her to leave.

Antara walks on the road thinking about Mama’s words. She thinks about her mum’s treatment cost. Raghu is working on the jeep with MachMach. Antara gets hurt. Raghu sees her and says now she will shout. She says I know you will not say sorry,

but you can be quiet. Raghu says why to say sorry, you are not walking right, its your mistake. She says its your mistake. Raghu says its happens sometimes, buy a new good sandal, I will pay for it. She says I don’t need your money. He says oh, so you got a job. Antara feels bad and says I did not get the job. Raghu says why are you shouting on me, I was just saying… Antara says did I tell you anything, stay away from me, I don’t want anything from you, I trust myself. Raghu says leave for Kashmir then, you cannot walk two steps. Antara’s feet gets hurt. Raghu holds her feet and sees removes the glass piece from her feet. Music plays Mahiya Ve…………

Aaji sees them together from the balcony. Raghu says now don’t thank me, I did this for myself. So that you leave early and I don’t need to see your face. Antara leaves. Aaji thinks of something and smiles. Aaji calls Rasika as the food was over spicy. Raghu comes too. Aaji says spicy. Rasika says I made the food as you said. Aaji says will you kill me. Aaji scolds her. Aaji drinks water and says you said you know everything, let me tell this to Daya. Rasika says I will not repeat this mistake. Aaji says I will make you eat chillies if you make food like this.

MachMach comes and sees Aaji. He asks what happened. Aaji says I got saved. Aaji says we have to go to hospital. Raghu says if you say, I will take you. Aaji says I wish there was some girl to look after me. Raghu says if you say, I will keep a nurse. Aaji says not nurse, some girl who is known to us, who can take care of me, do you know someone, who lives nearby and who needs a job. Raghu asks MachMach. MachMach says ok, I will bring few girls infront of you, you decide. Raghu says yes fine. Aaji says Chintu, bring cold milk for me. Raghu leaves.

Aaji asks MachMach to keep quiet, she is doing this to bring Antara here. MachMach says Raghu won’t allow her. Aaji says you have to make Raghu ready for this. Aaji gets happy and says now Antara will come here. Mami asks Antara don’t you get tired fighting with Raghu. Antara says Raghu is very bad, he misunderstood me. Mami calms her down. Antara says I don’t need his help. MachMach is talking to Raghu about Antara. Raghu says don’t stretch the talk. MachMach says Aaji told me about the girl. Raghu asks who is she. MachMach says Aaji told me. Raghu says then go and bring the girl. MachMach says are you sure, then don’t shout on me. MachMach comes to Antara.

Antara asks why did you come. He says Aaji called you. Antara says why. He says come with me. Mami says did Aaji come from hospital. He says yes.

Mami says he will tell the complete story later, as of now Aaji called Antara. Antara thinks Raghu might be planning something. Mami says I will also come with you. MachMach sees Raghu and gets tensed. MachMach sees Raghu coming and brings Antara and Mami from another way. Raghu calls MachMach and asks did that girl came. Raghu is coming towards them. Mami tries to see Raghu. Antara and Raghu face each other and they get angry.

Raghu scolds MachMach. Antara and Raghu argue. Aaji stops them from fighting.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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