Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Satya seeing Raghu and Antara kissing. Raghu smiles seeing Antara and she runs being shy. Music plays…. Raghu could not believe what happened. Antara is in her house, smiling looking at the mirror. Ruksana comes to her and asks what happened. Antara thinks about the kiss and says nothing. She says I m going to sleep. Ruksana smiles. She sees Raghu’s stole and touches it. She thinks its someone else’s. Satya is angry and thinks about Raghu and Antara. he takes Antara’s dupatta and looks on at Antara’s balcony. He comes to his room and keeps the dupatta in his cupboard. Rasika comes to him with milk. She says Sahib and comes inside.

She says Maai asked me to give you milk everyday and asks him to drink it. She sees him angry and asks are you angry.

He looks at her and says good night Kaki. She says so my doubt was right, why are you angry, who broke your heart. She tries to ask him. Satya gets angry and says you have broken my heart, who I left you five years ago, and see now how you are looking. Rasika says nothing happened. Satya asks her to remove her makeup. Rasika leaves. Satya closes the door and sees his suits. He says Raghu and Sahib looking at two suits. He then brings Antara’s dupatta and puts in on Sahib’s suit. He says tomorrow will be the decision for this love story.

Maai is in the kitchen. Satya asks her whats she is doing in the kitchen, is there anything special. Maai smiles. Maai says i m making Mango pickle for you, taste it and tell me how is it. Satya says make me taste it by your hands. Maai smiles and asks how is it. He says perfect. He says but you have to do something for me. Maai says ok, what is it. He says I should have not behaved like this with Raghu, we are not kids anymore. He says I always felt you live Raghu more than me. He says now I understand I was being kiddish, so I want to forget everything and start friendship with me. So I was thinking to gift something to Raghu and Antara. Maai says Raghu and Antara. He says yes, I want to say them that I m happy with their relation. Maai says did you ask Raghu about this.

Satya says if I ask Raghu, he will say no. If you ask Raghu, he won’t tell you no. Maai agrees and says I will talk to Raghu. Maai leaves. Satya smiles. Antara gets Raghu’s message and smiles. Antara comes in her balcony. Raghu sees her and they have an eyelock. Raghu and Antara smile seeing each other. He messages her and she smiles. Ishaan talks to Antara and she asks him to concentrate on his studies. Raghu asks her to return his stole to him. Antara sees Maai. Raghu asks her to smile. Maai comes to Raghu. He greets her. Maai makes him eat the mango pickle and asks how is it. Raghu says perfect for Sahib, less spicy.

Maai tells him to get ready as he will be having lunch with Antara at a hotel. Raghu says thats a five star hotel. She says so what. He says I did not go there till now. She says Satya wants to take you both there. Raghu says I can’t go, I have some meeting. Maai says I have cancelled the meeting. Raghu says but, Antara won’t say yes. Maai says you can make her agree. Maai says don’t break Sahib’s heart. She says think, when Antara comes in this house, will she see you brothers fighting. Maai asks him to go with Sahib. Raghu agrees. Maai asks him to get ready soon.

Raghu says Sahib, me and Antara. Ruksana tells Antara about Maai’s commands. Antara says Raghu and Satya can’t be cool together. Ruksana says Raghu said he will not fight with Sahib. Ruksana says you are going to a five star hotel with Raghu, its great. Ruksana asks her to get ready pretty. Antara asks her to come with them. Ruksana says I can’t come in between you and Raghu. Antara says I will make you ready. Antara insists. Raghu comes and asks Ruksana to come with them. Raghu asks her to get ready. Raghu sasy am I looking bad. Antara compliments him.

Maai asks Raghu to wear a suit. Raghu agrees. Satya thanks Maai. She says don’t thank me again and again. Satya says Raghu, my game starts now, be ready.

Satya embarrasses Raghu infront of Antara.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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