Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Ek Jaan 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu eyeing Antara. They have a cute eyelock from their balconies. Antara feels odd as he looks at her. She leaves and goes inside. Raghu turns. The next morning, Mami makes Antara eat the curd and blesses her to go towards success. Mama also wishes all the best to Antara. Noor also gives a taweez to Antara. Ishaan brings a lucky charm and gives it to Antara. Everyone wish that she gets the job. She tells her mum that today is her interview. Her mum blesses her like her dad used to do. She says I used to see you and your dad and as he is not here, I m here on his behalf to bless you. Her mum wishes the best for her. Antara smiles and hugs her mum.

Antara leaves from the house and stands on the road to take an auto. No one stops. She wishes the Lord to help

her. She is getting late for the interview. Raghu is talking with Aaji. Antara calls her Mami, she tells him that you will get the auto. Raghu tells Mami that I m going to hospital and returns the tiffin box and thanks Mami. Mami asks Raghu to drop Antara. Raghu says she will get another auto. Raghu says she won’t take my help. Mami says she will not get the job if she does not get there in time. Raghu agrees. Mami thanks him.

Raghu leaves in his jeep and reaches Antara. Antara sees Raghu infront of her and music plays… They have an eye lock again. He says your Lord heard you, come sit. Antara denies. He says I knew it, I am not doing a favor, I m also going to the hospital, your Mami told me that you are stuck here. Antara does not listen. Raghu says your Mami thanked me, come now. Antara sees the time and sits in the jeep. He asks her to wear the seat belt. They leave and are on the way. He says your Mami is right, you cannot do anything without my help. And I told you that a man is necessary for your life. Antara asks him to stop the jeep. He says stop talking. Raghu breaks the signal. Antara asks him why you broke the signal. The inspector asks him to show his license. Raghu gets down and talks with the traffic inspector. Antara looks on. She too gets down and says don’t be a hero, you have broken the signal. Raghu asks her to sit in the jeep. The inspector goes. Antara tries to take an auto. Raghu says you won’t get the auto, come and sit. She sits back in the jeep with anger.

Raghu looks at her, then drives. Antara says I told you not to break the signal. He says I broke it for you. She says we got more late. They have a talk. Antara reaches the venue and rushes. She hits the horn. She turns and sees her purse left in the jeep. Raghu leaves for the hospital. Aaji is ready to leave the hospital. The doctor requests her not to go. Raghu comes there and sees her. Aaji says don’t believe the doctor and do the packing. Raghu asks where are you going. Aaji says America, I have a meeting there, she jokes and says I am going home. The doctor permits him to take Aaji, and says see she takes the medicines on time. Aaji says don’t include others bill in our bill. The doctor prays that Aaji does not come back again. Aaji asks for her wada pau. Raghu says I forgot, its because of her. Aaji says who, Antara.

Antara comes to know that her interview slot has gone. She meets Mr. Iyer. She apologizes to him. He tells her you should not say any excuses. He says if you cannot come on time for the interview, then how can we expect good work from you, we have hired someone else. Antara cries and thinks of Raghu’s words. She thinks how will she get money for her mum’s treatment.
Antara comes home sad. Mami asks her what to call you now. Mami sees her crying and asks what happened. They say how could you be late. Antara says this happened because of Raghu.

Ratika and her husband have a talk. He asks her what happened. She tells your Aaji is coming back today. He says oh I see. She says they are like stuck in the nose. Aaji comes home with Raghu. Ratika welcomes Aaji. She tells her that she has prayed a lot for her.
Aaji says oh, so I have recovered fast. Raghu asks Aaji to rest in her room.

Antara’s mum says you will get more chances in Mumbai. Antara says everything good happens with good people. Someone knocks the door. Mama comes and asks about the interview. Antara says nothing materialized, I tries. Mama says ok, no problem, I will break my FDs. Antara says we will find out another solution. Mama says we have to start the treatment. Antara gets worried.

Raghu taunts Antara. They both argue, Aaji comes and asks the to stop fighting.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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